5 Popular Hairstyles for Asian Men 2017

Asian countries such as Japan and Korea are at the forefront of fashion and brand new hairstyles.

These 5 hairstyles range from K-pop trendy to wild and unique. Check them out!

1. The K-pop Hairstyle

korean mens hairstyle

This is hairstyle features a side swept fringe with neatened up sides. Very similar to the angular fringe hairstyle with shaved sides spiking in popular recently.

2. Samurai Bun


With the extreme popularity of the man bun hairstyle, it's only fair we go to the origins! The samurai bun looks great if you have the angular features to pull it off.

3. College Boy

asian college haircut

This is one of my favourite current hairstyles. A mid length fade with long top and short sides. The top of the hair is brushed to the side, very similar to an undercut.

4. Messy Medium



This is the signature Korean student look. It's a medium length messy hairstyle. Using products such as Gatsby hair wax is essential to getting this desired hairstyle.

5. Wild Child

sung kyu haircut

If you like your hair to be more edgy and not so simple, this hairstyle is the one for you! An angular fringe with short sides is the hottest hairstyle of 2015. Pictured here is Korean star Kim Sung-Kyu rocking the style effortlessly.