Hairstyles for College Guys in Their 20's

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Updated 01-21-2023

Finding a hairstyle as a 20-something year old man be a challenging task. You're no longer a teen and want something more mature but at the same time you're not an old man and want something trendy. You might now have your first job in a professional environment and can't go too crazy with your haircut,  or you're starting college and want to look good. Whatever your situation, we got you.

Haircuts for 25-year-old guys are meant to be on-trend yet versatile. Find your unique style within this gallery of haircuts for 20-year-old guys:

1. Tapered Slick Back


Surprisingly, a skin fade is not a must in haircuts for 22-year-old men. A classic haircut with tapered short sides makes a cool look of old-school slicked-back short hair with a modern twist.

2. Longer Hair on Top with Volume

Longer Hair on Top with Volume


It’s become a classic look to combine cool faded sides and voluminous, luscious, longer hair on top of young men’s haircuts. With or without facial hair, this hair length plus naturally or artificially graying hair makes a go-to 21-year-old hairstyle.

3. Mid Length Fade with Spikes


This trendy and edgy style for a 25-year-old man requires medium length and some hair product. As for the styling tips, damp hair needs to be swept up with hair gel, the sides have to be kept neat and clean in a low fade. The hard part is optional and should be located to flatter your face shape.

4. Dapper Side Part


Whether it’s a hairstyle for 25-year-old man or for an older teen, short haircuts with a distinctive side part are the way to go. No matter how long the top hair is, it’s swept to one side, and the side part is placed individually to flatter the face shape.

5. Short Sides Long Top

Short Sides Long Top


A mixture of several hair lengths like long layers on top and a skin fade haircut on the sides is a go-to easy hairstyle for college guys. Such haircuts for men work magic both with a smart college outfit and with a casual Sunday look. Equally good for straight hair and textured hair.

Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for finding a hairstyle for a 20-something year old guy.

Hairstyles Perfect for College Guys

With the ever-changing men’s hair trends out there, you want the best hairstyles to help you stand out among your peers. Some low-maintenance haircut that looks sharp and stylish but not too extreme, some cropped haircut that is trendy but not like what everyone else has, right?

We've got more awesome hairstyles with a fresh twist that are just perfect for guys in college! Make sure to also check out our great hairstyle inspirations such as the man bun or the undercut!


College Bleached Straight Hair

College Bleached Straight Hair


Any medium-length hair type will benefit from this contrasting style. Thick hair will look more lightweight and relaxed, while thin hair will look more textured and deeper even without extra hair products.

Buzz Cut Short Haircut

Buzz Cut Short Haircut


Color is exactly what turns a boring buzz cut into a really cool cut to spice up the college guy’s style. No blow-dryer, no hair products, even no combing your hair – just keep your hair short, clean, and neat with regular but quick barbershop visits

Curly Hair Forward for a 22-Year-Old Man

Curly Hair Forward for a 22-Year-Old Man


This fresh and youthful style features a low fade at the temples, unruly curls falling down on the forehead, and a dramatic color gradation: from natural hair color at the vertex to medium brown hair on top, and blonde ends. Properly layered hair will make this style more manageable.

Messy Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Messy Medium Length Hairstyles for Men


Such thick hair men’s hairstyles will speak for college guys showing off their hot blood and rebellious nature.

Edgy Long Hair Straight Cut

Edgy Long Hair Straight Cut


This geometric long hair style features soft straight layers combined with an edgy cut.

High and Textured College Hairstyle

High and Textured College Hairstyle


The little things that take this college style to an absolutely different level are a short straight fringe, longer curled strands at the temples, and a geometric shape made of a rather soft curly texture.

Man Bun Hairstyle for 25-Years-Old

Man Bun Hairstyle for 25-Years-Old


Welcome this new youthful interpretation of popular men’s haircuts. Shaved short sides like in an undercut, protective twists styled with hair gel, and a basic elastic fixing that thick hair at the back of the head.

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