11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

With the holidays around the corner, you may be wondering how you're going to manage to find a hairstyle that's both Instagram-worthy and easy to do. Keep calm and read on while we take you through eleven gorgeous holiday hairstyles that'll help you step out of your comfort zone and keep people talking enviously long after the holidays are over.


Jennifer Lawrence's Side-Swept Faux Bangs

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Jennifer Lawrence | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Jennifer Lawrence has been a hairstyle chameleon since she debuted in a minor TV role in 2006. Fans have seen her hair straight and blonde with fringes, brunette with her signature Katniss braid, in a tousled bob, and with a classic pixie cut. But perhaps her most versatile style that works perfectly for the holiday season is this updo. Spoiler alert, "Hunger Games" fans - she doesn't actually have bangs.

Blake Lively's Braided High Pony

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Blake Lively | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Blake Lively has always been known to rock slicked-back updos, especially the braided high pony. This look gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those new earrings at your next holiday party or family gathering, and it looks stunning with a pop of color on your eyes or lips. To replicate Blake's holiday hairstyle, simply pull your hair up into a high pony, smoothing out all bumps before you secure it with a clear elastic. Then braid the pony straight down and fasten with another clear elastic. To create the thick, messy look, gently loosen the braid.

Selena Gomez' Classy Low Bun

Another updo that looks breathtaking during the holiday season is Selena's low bun. It looks effortless and is super simple to achieve on your own. Just part hair down the middle and smooth back into a low pony. Then shape into a bun and pin in place with bobby pins. If there are pieces that fall out, no worries - it'll look intentionally messy.

Julianne Hough's Updo

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Julianne Hough | Hairstyleonpoint.com

What Julianne achieves with hair makes women with thin tresses swoon. She pulls a few clever tricks to add impressive volume to her hair before sweeping it up. Julianne uses a large round barrel hairbrush while she's blow-drying her hair, doubling her hair's volume. Then, she braids back a section of her hair and loosens it to make it appear thicker. The remaining hair is pinned up to create an elegant holiday hairstyle.

Kerry's Voluminous Curls

Kerry Washington hair

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If you're rocking a shorter cut like Kerry Washington, you might try to replicate her voluminous curls this holiday season. This simple, yet elegant look can be paired with a fancy evening gown or a casual sweater. Just use a 1.25-inch curling wand and some texturizing spray to complete the style.

Chrissy Teigen's Textured Ponytail

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Chrissy Teigen | Hairstyleonpoint.com

If you have thick or wavy hair, you may struggle with how to create some complexity with your curls. Chrissy Teigen achieves this complexity by accentuating her hair's natural texture. She applies a styling cream, brushes her hair back, throws it in a ponytail, and lets the waves flow down her back. Remove the fuss over the details and keep your schoolgirl charm with this relaxed, timeless style.

The key is to make sure you place the ponytail in the right place for your face shape. Rounder faces need high ponytails. Square faces work better with soft, loose ponytails, piled for volume at the crown of the head and heart-shaped faces need ponytails that are below the crown to tone down full cheeks and a prominent, pointy chin. All ponytail styles work well with oval faces.

Michelle Keegan's Loose Mermaid Braid

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Michelle Keegan | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Michelle Keegan has never had a problem achieving volume, whether she's sporting a blown-out lob or beachy waves - and her loose braid is no exception. This flirty, feminine holiday hairstyle is perfect for a party or a casual night with friends and family, and the best part is - once it's styled, you won't have to worry about it falling flat.

Candice Swanepoel's Romantic Curls

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Candice Swanepoel | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Curls are meant to give both a coquettish and glamorous look, and it's obviously working for Candice Swanepoel. In fact, many women choose big, loose curls exclusively around holiday times because they look so enchanting. Loose curls add texture and depth to otherwise straight and flat hair. Streaks of highlights or pulling the curls to the side and over one shoulder keeps the crowd thinking that you are the life of the party.

Shay Mitchell's Ballerina Bun

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Shay Mitchell | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Want a no-hassle holiday hairstyle? Look no further. Shay's high bun is red-carpet ready, but you don't have to be invited to an award show to replicate her look. But we know what you're thinking - everytime you try to create a bun like Shay's, it looks like a floppy mess. We've all been there, but we have a few surefire ways to ensure your messy holiday bun is a success. First, use a texturizing dry shampoo at your roots to create instant volume. Then tease around your hairline before smoothing out and pulling into a high pony. To get a full, thick-looking bun, tease the ponytail first before pinning it into the bun - this is an absolute game changer.

Lily Collins' Half Up Style

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Lily Collins | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Channel your inner Lily Collins with this angelic half-up style. Its simplicity is stunning, and this is one holiday hairstyle that works on hair of any length and thickness. For a festive touch, tie your hair back with a red bow or clip in some gold barrettes. Hair accessories are huge this winter season.

Oliva Culpo's Bubble Braid

11 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles | Olivia Culpo | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is never afraid to try a daring style, and we think her bubble braid is absolutely perfect for the holiday season. It's sleek, yet funky and is one of the easiest holiday hairstyles to replicate. Simply pull hair up into a slicked-back pony. Then take clear elastics and tie them down the pony, about two inches apart from each other. Gently loosen the sections with your fingers to achieve thicker "bubbles."


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