New Red Hair Ideas & Red Color Trends for 2023

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Updated 02-21-2023

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Short Cut with Sideburns

Short Cut with Sideburns


Similar to the previous cut, this one exhibits striking bangs hanging to the side. However, it’s the sideburns that truly distinguish it. They outline the cheekbones, giving them a higher, edgier, and almost regal appearance. It’s amazing how just one small thing can make so much difference.

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Natural or dyed, long or short, straight or curly, the vibrancy of red hair is not to be underestimated. Gone are the days when people looked down on redheaded stepchildren; nowadays, red hair is celebrated for its beauty and brilliance.There are so many ways to cut and style it, too. If you feel inclined to explore how this gorgeous shade has been presented, we invite you to peruse our list of 47 photos of red haircuts below. Let us know if there’s anything that you would add.

Short Cut

Short Cut@avacorinnehairFirst, we have a splendidly executed short cut. The strands crossing the forehead are notable for their smoothness and volume, giving a dash of character to this style. It’s a simple and elegant classic.

Short Cut with Sideburns

Short Cut with Sideburns@pixiesonpixiesSimilar to the previous cut, this one exhibits striking bangs hanging to the side. However, it’s the sideburns that truly distinguish it. They outline the cheekbones, giving them a higher, edgier, and almost regal appearance. It’s amazing how just one small thing can make so much difference.

Windswept Short Cut

Windswept Short Cut@cabelocurtooficialWhat’s fun about this cut is that the bangs start off on one side of the face and then get swept to the opposite side, broken up in strands. It gives the impression of perpetually standing in the wind, which is an intriguing look.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut@jejojejo87Everything about this cut says that it’s from a fantasyland you’ve never seen. The bright ombre coloring, the way the hair points forward and looks big and full, the divided strands that each act like an arrow—now this is a pixie cut.

Two Layers, Straight

Two Layers, Straight@the.maverick.studioWith this cut, you can see two main layers. The first stops at the chin while the second extends almost to the shoulders. The result is a cut that seems to press itself to the head and neck while appearing full. It’s cute yet modest.

Two Layers, Wavy

Two Layers, Wavy@bearcathaircraftThis cut has the same idea as the previous one, except that the hair is wavy instead of straight. It gives the overall style a rounder and softer appearance. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, this look could probably work for you.


Multilayered@__hannahvTwo layers just aren’t enough for some people. Here, we see a cut that features multiple layers, all of them overlapping each other and several of them flipping outward. If you’re the kind of person who has flair, this cut will show it.

Curly Afro

Curly Afro@sofiaelhajConsisting entirely of ringlets, this afro makes a perfect circle the head, marking its wearer as someone with a bright and outgoing personality. Its remarkable spherical shape alone is enough reason to admire it.

Bob with Bangs

Bob with Bangs@kawaicat_salonSass exudes from the layered strands, flipped ends, and long bangs of this bob. It would be an awesome choice for anyone who enjoys being cheeky but doesn’t want to be high-maintenance about it.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob@luminousegalWith one side longer than the other and draped over half of the face, this is a bob that emits an air of mystery. After all, one side is not like the other, much like the sides of our personalities. If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep people guessing, trying doing it like this.

Extra Short Bob Undercut

Extra Short Bob Undercut@tombhairThe copper color in this extra short bob injects a bit of whimsy into the overall mystery of the look, but the riddle is still there.

Graduated Bob

50 Photos of Red HairThe strands at the front reach the chin, but then they inch higher as they go to the back of the head. Like the ups and downs of life itself, this cut is endlessly interesting.

Extra Short Graduated Bob

50 Photos of Red HairThis bob has the same concept as the previous one; it’s just a bit shorter. For those with straight or wavy hair, ending the front strands above the chin is a lovely way to frame the face, especially since the rest of the hair disappears behind the ears, unable to disrupt the effect. 

Layered Bob with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairAs we’ve established with earlier hairstyles, layers always add entertainment and depth. However, this layered bob also has bangs, which gives the cut a sense of attitude that it might not have had it otherwise.

Wavy Bob

50 Photos of Red HairWhat makes this bob gorgeous is how size and fullness of the waves, providing a natural bounce. They’re big and shamelessly luscious. Those waves make up both the body and soul of the cut.

Extra Short Wavy Bob

50 Photos of Red HairWithout the weight of longer hair, the waves in this short bob can move more freely, which is often fun for everyone. In this case, they’ve twirled behind the head of the wearer, implying that she is always moving forward.

Wavy Bob with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairAs we mentioned earlier, bangs put a pinch of attitude into a cut. However, despite the shortness of this bob, you can detect a hint of a natural wave. Seeing it in the bangs somehow manages to make the wearer look deceptively demure as well as fierce. This look is not easy to pull off, but if you can do it, go for it.

Curly Bob

50 Photos of Red HairFlouncing and bouncing, twisting and turning, swirling and whirling, the curls in this bob are liberated from gravity. The result is a fabulous style that looks both untamed and sophisticated all at once. Curls can be unpredictable, so make sure that you have total faith in yours before trying this one.

Curly Graduated Bob

50 Photos of Red HairWe’ve seen how intriguing the graduated bob can be; the curls add even more pizzazz to it. It is no easy task to figure out how to position those ringlets just so that they can depict that incline. Those are curls that can twist and shout.

Curly Bob with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairIt’s not just the sprightly curls or the addition of bangs to this bob. Here’s what we love about it: The bangs are straight, but the bob is not, at least not completely. The juxtaposition gives this cut a unique and memorable character.

Semi-Curly Bob

50 Photos of Red HairThis bob is cut straight across the bottom, and it doesn’t have layers. So what makes it interesting? Why, the curls, of course. The bob isn’t totally decked out in curls, but there are enough to infuse some jovial life into it the cut.

Tousled Bob

50 Photos of Red HairThere’s a certain charm to appearing as though you’re just a little too vivacious to keep your hair perfectly neat, and pulling it off without just looking messy takes an artistic touch. A bob like this accomplishes the feat nicely.

Tousled Graduated Bob

50 Photos of Red HairOn the other hand, this bob went in a different direction with the same concept. Combined with the organization of the graduated bob is a sense of being above order, which is quite fascinating.

Vintage Bob

50 Photos of Red HairA huge loop at the front and leaping curls around the chin—this bob is undoubtedly inspired by the beautifully precise styles of decades long past. You don’t get much more chic and dignified than this.Hungry for more ideas for short hair? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Straight Medium Cut

50 Photos of Red HairThis one features a straightforward cut across the bottom, nothing going over the top. That’s fine. Cuts like are simple but gorgeous, not to mention easy to manipulate however you want.

Medium Cut with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairHere come the bangs again, speaking sass in a way that only bangs can. Straight on the top and da bit wavy on the bottom, this cut seems to be all about expressing itself with contrariness.

Peekaboo Medium Cut

50 Photos of Red HairThe quickest way to take a turn for the enigmatic is to use the peekaboo style. After all, if you’re hiding half of your face, what else are you hiding? So the logic goes! Seriously, though, you can’t go wrong with something that achieves complexity with such ease.

Multilayered Medium Cut

50 Photos of Red HairHere, we see an extended version of the multilayer short cut that we saw before. Every layer in this style jazzes up the others without any of them overtaking each other while each strand faces inward, resulting in a look with a lot of calm intensity. 

Layered Wavy Cut with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairWith two main layers, dazzling bangs, and fluffy waves thick enough to shroud the face, this is a look suggests that the wearer may appear softer than she is. The sheer energy of this cut is exquisite and magnetic to the mystery lover.

Semi-Curly Medium Cut

50 Photos of Red HairThe way that the hair starts out smooth and straight and then transitions seamlessly into graceful curls on the bottom half of this haircut—it’s a lovely effect, and the contrast is alluring.

Curly Medium Cut

50 Photos of Red HairAn array of big, bright red ringlets flowing freely and swirling around the shoulders—what’s not to like about this one? It’s the stuff of which fairy tales are made.

Tousled Medium Cut

50 Photos of Red HairLike we discussed earlier, the tousled look is uniquely lovable. Because of the way the waves meander toward the shoulders, tangling lightly with each other in the process, this one looks like a cleanly, neatly organized, slightly messy cut—and it’s enticing.

Graduated Medium Bob

50 Photos of Red HairBobs are normally known for hovering above or right on the shoulders, but this is a similar style at a medium length. With all the individual waves overlapping each other, this cut looks attractively delicate, and it can be shaped into various styles.

Graduated Medium Bob with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairNow, we’re looking at another bob-like cut at a medium length, but this one has bangs that put a new spin on it. The slight curls beneath the chin are also engaging and fun.

Semi-Curly Medium Bob

50 Photos of Red HairWhat can be said about this one? It’s simply gorgeous. The wide, sweeping ringlets—if they can be called so—just brush the shoulders. The volume suggests a magnetic power in the personality of the wearer. A beautiful choice indeed.

Straight Cut

50 Photos of Red HairThere’s nothing at all wrong with simplicity. As you can see, this hair is cut straight along the bottom, allowing it to be free, flowing, and versatile. You can do whatever you want with this hair, or you can simply let the breeze magnify its beauty for you.

Two-Layered Long Cut

50 Photos of Red HairAlthough the braids are adorable, we want to focus on the fact that there are two main layers to this hair. We’ve seen this effect in shorter styles, but it’s got a different character with long hair. In this case, the top layer ends just above the shoulders while the rest falls almost to the waist. The result is high-spirited and light-hearted.

Semi-Wavy Cut

50 Photos of Red HairBalanced perfectly between the worlds of straight and wavy, this long red hair is subtle in its beauty and ready to easily become whatever you want it to be.

Peekaboo Semi-Wavy Cut

50 Photos of Red HairNot only does the peekaboo style add a particular thrill—as always—but the fact that the waves are so obviously prominent in the front strands is uncommonly intriguing.

Wavy Cut

50 Photos of Red HairLook what happens when you let wavy hair grow out nice and long. It ebbs and flows with a grace that cannot be taught or forced. It also practically begs to be manipulated into all kinds of beautiful up-dos. Cuts like this make legends possible.

Wavy Cut with Bangs

50 Photos of Red HairWith straight bangs and wavy locks, this is another haircut that employs the fusion of two different styles to create a compelling effect.

Two-Layered Long Wavy Cut

50 Photos of Red HairHere, we see another cut with two distinct layers, one looking as though it would end around the chin while the other cascades down toward the waist. Hair with so much dimension cannot help but fascinate everyone who sees it.


50 Photos of Red HairThe golden red color of this hair makes it easy to imagine that the curls poking from between the waves are like tendrils of flames reaching into the air. It’s an impressive and brilliant look.

Half-Curly Cut

50 Photos of Red HairLike the vibrato of a superb singer, this hair starts out smooth and wavy at the top and then flawlessly transitions into curls that spill to the waist. It’s lavishly dazzling.

Curly Cut

50 Photos of Red HairOf course, there’s so much to admire about a cut that simply embraces the full power of curls. Letting them grow to this length represents a certain beautiful wildness and raw, rare honesty to the personality.In fact, this whole list has only hinted at the many possibilities for curly hair. You can easily find more on our website.

Long with Large Ringlets

50 Photos of Red HairThis cut features large ringlets that produce a similar effect as the previous one but also exudes elegance, sophistication, and discipline.

Vintage Curls

50 Photos of Red HairElegant and incredibly classy, this long cut features the huge, controlled ringlets now considered vintage, creating a look that fabulously enjoins the old with the new.From this list, we hope that you’ve seen how red hair can transform any and every type of haircut, giving them all a certain warmth or feistiness that you won’t see elsewhere. If you have red hair, love it and be proud of it!

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