47 Sexy Hairstyles For Older Men

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Updated 05-12-2021

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Old Man Ponytail

Old Man Ponytail


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Your changing hairline and salt and pepper doesn't have to be a bad thing by any means. In fact, it might even play to your advantage as you explore the top hairstyles for older men.

Hairstyles for Older Men

As a man ages, he may have trouble finding a suitable hairstyle. Your hair may change color and texture. What worked in your 30s might not be an option anymore. Even your hairline might be a different shape. Most hairstyles for older men happen to be shorter. That's probably because about 65% of men have noticeable hair loss at age 60, according to Statistic Brain. Short haircuts create less of a contrast between bald areas and spots where hair is thick. Therefore, you'll end up with a smoother, more blended look. However, that doesn't mean that you can't wear your hair long. If you're one of the lucky ones who moves past mid-life with lush, thick hair, you have some more options when it comes to hairstyles for older men. Here are some of our favorites.

Long Hairstyles for Older Men

Long Hairstyles for Older Men - 1 Instagram: jacquelinekhair

Old Man Ponytail

Long Hairstyles for Older Men - 2Instagram:styled.by.suzy Long Hairstyles for Older Men - 3 Instagram: weneighak Probably, a long male ponytail is the most classic hairstyle for older men. It will never go out of style due to its simplicity and masculine look. If your long hair hasn't fallen out, you should flaunt it with a rugged ponytail.

Pulled-Back Hairstyle with Head Band

Long Hairstyles for Older Men - 4 Instagram:themolom Hair that's pulled back into a bun can hide thinning areas or bald spots, especially if paired with a headband. A clean but slightly unruly men’s beard makes this look even more masculine.

Long Wavy Hair

Long Hairstyles for Older Men - 5Instagram: annawrecksit The category of long hairstyles for men over 50 can’t do without casual long wavy hair falling down. This relaxed look shows that you’re not taking the things too seriously, even the fact you’ve hit middle age.

Stress-Free Braids

Long Hairstyles for Older Men - 6 Instagram:jahsolynbarbering If you find it difficult to style your long hair daily, consider braiding it instead of having it in a bun as everyone does. Such cornrows are more popular with older black men, while a French braid or a half-braid is more common for white men. Hair tip: Make sure your scalp stays moisturized when wearing braids, as braids can cause skin irritation, try using a scalp treatment.

Short Hairstyles for Older Men

Short Hairstyles for Older Men - 1Instagram Trends.By.Taylor

Side Parted with Silver Colored

Short Hairstyles for Older Men - 2Instagram: ruiathenriques The side part is a win-win older men’s haircut for any occasion. Smart and sharp, it works with any hair type and looks especially posh in silver.

The Short Spiky Haircut

Short Hairstyles for Older Men - 3 instagram: tobywhitaker Let your color speak for itself, even if you're going a little gray on the temples and in the beard. Keep the crown a little longer than the sides, and spike it up with a soft-hold product like a mousse.

Anderson Cooper Haircut

Short Hairstyles for Older Men - 4 Anderson Cooper's hair always looks the same but it always looks perfect. What’s the secret? - Keeps your hair short, with the front pushed up and to the side. This trick helps to cover a receding hairline and balding spots.

Buzz Cut Older Man

Short Hairstyles for Older Men - 5 Instagram:o_lenhador_barbearia Wanna something simple? Just buzz your hair close to head and go with it to balance your thinning hair.

Short Cut with Beard

Short Hairstyles for Older Men - 6Instagrambeard__monsters Some men have great thick hair texture even as they get older. If you are not this lucky, you’d better opt for shorter cuts. You can balance the look with a full men’s beard, a goatee, or a brutal stubble.

Best Hairstyles for Men over 50

  Best Hairstyles for Men over 50 - 1Instagram:mr.nordby48 Best Hairstyles for Men over 50 - 2 Instagram:friseur_studio25

The Slick Back

Best Hairstyles for Men over 50 - 3Instagram: thesilverfox_club It’s no surprise that a list of top hairstyles for a 50-year-old man begins with the slick back, as it’s the most dramatic, sharp, and masculine middle-aged men's hairstyles option. Just keep your top long, with the front strands even longer than those in the back.

Side Parted

Best Hairstyles for Men over 50 - 4Instagram: william.read.jr This is another ideal haircut for middle-aged men. Marked by a side part and little texture, this older men’s haircut grows up when you turn 50. Keep it a little longer, and brush it up at the top of the head to mask all the thinning areas.

Tousled Top Old Men Hairstyle

Best Hairstyles for Men over 50 - 5Instagram:orlandosilverfox The tousled top is a perfect solution for thinning hair. To get the sexy hairstyle from the picture, let your hair air dry, add some curl enhancing mousse and run your fingers through it several times. Texture and color cover the baldness and dictate the style.

Side Swept Short Hair

Best Hairstyles for Men over 50 - 6Instagram: douglas.rayj This is an easy-to-do short hair solution for men in their 50s. Don’t care about the disconnected crown, just have the side part shaved in for a style that stays even when you've just woken up. The beard adds a sense of ruggedness to this gray hair men style.

Hairstyles for Men over 60

Hairstyles for Men over 60 - 1

Bald Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Men over 60 - 2Instagram:christopher_andrew_cooke If you've gone bald and you have a shiny dome, there's not much you can do about it except enjoying your mature and hot grown men haircut. Remember not to let the hair around the edges grow too long.

Crew cut

Hairstyles for Men over 60 - 3 Good old crew cut with a spiky twist for senior playboys makes men look young and fresh-faced. You can hardly find a disadvantage of this silver men’s hairstyle for over 60 years old.

Silver Cut with Clean Shave

Hairstyles for Men over 60 - 4Instagram: the_model_chef As your hair turns gray or white, it can get wiry. This can be hard to handle at first, but it creates texture even in straight hair. Keep it short, with the top slightly longer and some salt-and-pepper scruff on the face.

Short and Curly

Hairstyles for Men over 60 - 5Instagram: sangharandy Curly hair usually looks thicker even if you're losing some of it. So do the slack and white strands. Gradually cut the sides and back shorter than the top, sweep the texture and movement on the crown forward.

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 1 Instagram:iamthegaetanjames Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 2 Instagram:miguel.michaelkraemer

Man Bun for Old Guys

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 3Instagram:beardiful_the_gray If you leave the hair on top longer, you’ll win several times: when making a messy side part, a smooth comb-over, and pulling back a high bun. The list of modern hairstyles for older men can’t exist without this super easy old guys hair-do.


Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 4Instagram:therealalessandromanfredini Silver quiff and full beard… wow! Looks like a verrrry hot combo! Keep the sides sharp by making a drop taper fade, the beard clean-cut, and the top - a little bit careless.

Wavy Hairstyle for Older Men

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 5Instagram: the_robertryan You have nothing to hide when you have silver hair and a receding hairline. Just get a medium-length cut, and bring out the texture with some texturing spray or dry shampoo.

Short Messy Hair on Top + Scissor Cut Sides

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 6Instagram:beard_g.o.d Scissor-cut sides work great for men with the oblong, oval, and diamond face shape. If you've already gone gray, short messy hair on top will make the color stand out with confidence.

Caesar Haircut for Balding Older Men

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 7Instagram:whitebeardnyc Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 8Instagram:jkovacshair The Caesar haircut brings the front layers down over the forehead - an ideal way to cover the receding hairline and bald spots on the top of your head. This style tends to be neat and refined. However, you can give it some edge by spiking it up with some hair product.

Pompadour Fade with Beard

Hip Haircuts for Older Guys - 9Instagram: grave_tiger Middle-aged men can still be hip. A pompadour with bald sides and a medium-length beard gives you some urban appeal and looks just crazy… crazy masculine,

Black Men with Gray Beards Hairstyles over 60

Black Men with Gray Beards Hairstyles over 60 - 1 Instagram: darryle_jones

Totally Buzzed With Short Beard

Black Men with Gray Beards Hairstyles over 60 - 2Instagram:guy.beale Here is a hairstyle for older men who are lazy enough to do ANY extra actions with their hair in the morning. The totally buzzed cut looks on-point no matter what, it also looks well-balanced with a short beard, which is so much loved by men over 60.

Short Crop

Black Men with Gray Beards Hairstyles over 60 - 3Instagram:righteouskutz Cut hair shorter than an inch long to enhance its thickness and make it look like you're not trying to hide your bald spots. Add a couple of sharp edgy lines for a cleaner image.

Mohawk with Fade

Black Men with Gray Beards Hairstyles over 60 - 4instagramceddy_v_ Grow a hawk by keeping the top long and styled toward the center. Fade the sides and back down. Such Mohawk with fade will show that you’re not afraid to show off either your style or your age.

Short and Natural

Black Men with Gray Beards Hairstyles over 60 - 5Instagram: thebarbersinc Go clean-shaven with just a mustache above the lip. Crop the curls close to your head so that you have a textured look that can appear thicker than it actually is. Keep your curls tamed with a moisturizing hair product that adds some gloss.

Fade Haircut for Older Men

  Fade Haircut for Older Men - 1Instagram:marcoskonishi

Lumberjack Hairstyle

Fade Haircut for Older Men - 2Instagram:beardboss.in Show off your burliness by going long with the beard. However, if you have an oblong face shape, you should better stay away from this look not to make your head look longer and narrower.

Taper Fade Hair

Fade Haircut for Older Men - 3Instagram:whitebeardnyc The taper fade is a traditional posh men’s’ haircut. It gets a short take with a thick top and well-blended sides. This style is perfectly balanced, so it grows out nicely in between cuts.

Skin Fade with Full Beard

Fade Haircut for Older Men - 4Instagram:whitebeardnyc Wanna play with contrasts and highlight your snowy-white hair and beard? Groom your full beard, textures the crown to cower the thickening spots, and shave the sides clean.

The High Fade Hairstyle

Fade haircut for Older Men - 5Instagram:eclippshaircafe This high fade hairstyle is another example of a win-win classic look, which is versatile, stylish, helps to hide the receding hairline, and makes you look much younger.

Older Men’s Hairstyles Medium Length

  Older Mens Hairstyles Medium Length - 1Instagram: b_for_beards

Messy Medium Hairstyle

Older Mens Hairstyles Medium Length - 2Instagram:thesilverfox_club Ready for some older men’s hairstyle experiments? Try going longer than you're used to. This messy medium hairstyle is relaxed enough not to make you go to the barbershop too often.

Medium Crop

Older Mens Hairstyles Medium Length - 3Instagram:callumstandenmay Here is another variant for lazy guys: this medium crop grows unnoticed so you don’t have to keep it sharp. Also, you can style the crown in different ways: to brush up, to side-sweep, or to disconnect with a texturizing product.

Medium Dreadlocks

Older Mens Hairstyles Medium Length - 4Instagram:allthingsnatural4life Older African Americans with medium and long hair look so stunning with graying dreadlocks. Wanna have the most unique hairstyle for men over 50? Say no more - medium dreadlocks are exactly what you need.

The Medium Length Pompadour

Older Mens Hairstyles Medium Length - 5Instagram:donaldthebarber Most millennials are getting pompadour nowadays because it’s trendy. Your thinning hair will also look on point if you try this classic style. Keep it neat and clean, salt and pepper will do the rest of the work.

Hairstyles for Older Men - Tips For Thinning Hair

What can you do to prevent thinning hair as you age? WebMD explains that there are some treatments that can help prevent hair loss. Others may even help hair grow back. You should probably get advice from a medical professional if you choose to go this route. You can avoid having to mess with hair growth products simply by getting the best hairstyles for older men.   And if you're not over the hill yet, why are you reading this article? Find out what are the best hairstyles for millennial men. If you're over 35, don't stress. Focus on Style claims that 50 is the new 30. When you've hit middle age, you don't need to concentrate so much on what's trendy. Instead, focus on what works with your hair type. As long as you have confidence, you can rock just about any hairstyle.

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