44 Fabulous Female Celebrities Hairstyles

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Updated 09-26-2021

When it comes to celebrity style, there is a lot out there. We have carefully selected these 44 fabulous female celebrities hairstyles just for you. Prepare to be inspired!

1. Adele’s Curly Updo
Adele’s Curly Updo

If you love big hair, then Adele's looks are for you. The soft side-swept layers and major volume
are enviable.

Adele’s most iconic images are with loose big curls, however, in recent years, she tends to wear updos pretty much as well. So, get inspired by this one.

2. Sophie Turner’s Long Layers

Sophie Turner’s Long Layers


It’s simple yet stunning use of layers is what this style is all about. A center part gives this a girl-next-door look that a lot of women will look gorgeous with.

3. Avril Lavigne’s Rainbow Hair

Avril Lavigne’s Rainbow Hair


Avril stays true to her rock and roll roots with blond and rainbow long layers. This is a daring look, but if you want an edgy style, then it can be really pretty.

Hair extensions can help you out in the length department, and you can add hot color streaks using clip-in extensions if you don't want to commit to long-term color changes.

4. Blake Lively’s Classic Half Updo

Blake Lively’s Classic Half Updo


Now here is a look that you can get with a lot of different hair lengths. Simply put part of your top hair into a ponytail, and you have it. Curly-haired girls may need some help combating frizz to get this look to work well for them.

5. Maisie Williams’ Shag

Maisie Williams’ Shag


Arya Stark is a rebel, so is this shaggy hairstyle of Maisie Williams. Since shag cuts with layered bangs are extremely popular today, celebrities don’t miss a chance to experiment with them too. If you’re looking for a bold, low-maintenance style, this one is the latest fad to try!

6. Gigi Hadid’s Bubble Braids

Gigi Hadid’s Bubble Braids


Inspired by the look of Disney princess Jasmine, bubble braids and ponytails have become another win-win solution for hair experiments. All you need is some elastic bands to tie the front strands of your loose straight locks like you see in this photo.

7. Double Buns by Cardi B

Double Buns by Cardi B


We love the glamorous scene looks of Cardi B, but this double bun Reebok x Cardi Collection updo is something completely new and different. Besides the style, you can also copy the color: these bright maroon highlights work magic with coal-black hair.

8. Demi Lovato’s Short Shag with Fringe

Demi Lovato’s Short Shag with Fringe


Demi Lovato is often associated with iconic edgy red color and long curls. However, recently the actress has changed her look dramatically, so now the fans can incorporate this brand new shortcut with a retro vibe to their image.

9. Emma Stone’s Lob

Emma Stone’s Lob


There is a lot of different color shades mixed in with Emma's look. To get this lob, grow shoulder-length hair, and braid the thick bangs to one side. This is a simple yet seductive look.

10. Emma Watson’s Waves

Emma Watson’s Waves


Ms. Watson has come a long way since Harry Potter fame. With this look, she proves that you can do a lot with a simple side-swept wavy hairstyle.

11. Gennifer Goodwin’s Pixie Cut

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Gennifer Goodwin

The pixie cut may not be for everyone, but Gennifer shows that it can work for some. Her
eyes are portrayed beautifully thanks to this look. Some highlights could add extra dimension
interest to this style.

12. Gigi Hadid’s Long Spirals

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Gigi Hadid

Long yet somewhat loose spiral style curls are extremely appealing and look oh so natural. The
dark blonde color is all her own or it isn't then who could ever tell?

13. Gwen Stefani’s Hollywood Glamor

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Gwen Stefani

Gwen has always been able to rock the vintage glamor look. Her pale complexion pairs
perfectly with this curly platinum bob.

14. Heather Locklear

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Heather Locklear

It is rare to find a celebrity that has managed to keep the same iconic style for years and totally
own it. Heather's bangs and long blonde layers are by now a complete classic.

15. Hillary Duff’s Side Swept Long Locks

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Hillary Duff

This look is pretty common, but there is a reason for that. The beachy just got out of bed texture is easy for a lot of women to get and wear.

16. Holland Roden’s Long Wavy Red

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Holland Roden

Big waves and sweeping bangs to the side are the major facets of this style. Choosing a red shade of hair color can be tricky and Holland chooses a more ginger color.

17. Janet Jackson

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Janet Jackson

Kinky curly hair looks amazing on Janet and those that have the natural curl to pull this off
would do well to go with it.

18. Jennifer Lawrence’s Half Up Half Down

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer's look is great because it is simple yet beautiful. To get the same look just pull the top of hair up into a loose ponytail and secure. Some texturizing spray can help get a bit of wave to your look.

19. Jessica Alba’s Slightly Ombre Bob

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Jessica Alba

This Bob goes from darker to lighter, but the effect is a lot more subtle than a lot of ombre looks. The side sweep adds some extra style. Check out Jessica Alba hairstyles here.

20. Jessica Biel’s Wavy Center Part Layers

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Jessica Biel

Jessica chooses a casual style with this cut, and it works well for her. We love that this is a simple a style that the rest of us can get.

21. Jessica Simpson’s Golden Bob

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Jessica Simpson

Lightest blonde hair and a side sweep combined with smoky eye makeup create a seductive
overall look. If your hair is darker, getting this shade of blonde and keeping it can be a bit of a
challenge. Regular touch-ups are required.

22. Julia Robert’s Auburn Waves

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Julia Roberts

The auburn waves of Julia Roberts are pretty and approachable. What else would you expect
from a woman that has sworn to never get or desiring plastic surgery unlike many of her

23. Kaley Cuoco

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Kaley Cuoco

The texture of this long and layered look is simply to die for. The side swept bangs and layers
are simple and casual, but we can see how this look goes with anything from an evening gown to a dressed-down pair of favorite jeans and a t-shirt.

24. Karen Gillan

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Karen Gillan

This red 1960s flipped out bob is undeniably cute and works well for those that enjoy a vintage
look. We love the out of this world deep red color.

25. Katherine McFee

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Katherine McFee

Big layered curls to the shoulders have the volume that many of us only dream of. If your hair is
not thick enough or long enough for this look, then consider adding some extra hair in via
extensions. You an even get extensions that already have the curl pattern so you get a style
quickly and for less money than you might expect.

26. Katy Perry

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Katy Perry

While many of us are used to seeing Katy with far out there hair, this return to a more normal
look is refreshing. To get this level of straightness and shine a lot of us will need some help via
deep conditioning treatments or keratin smoothing treatments that offer lasting results.

27. Kelly Clarkson

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Kelly Clarkson

The contrast between the straight and side-swept bangs along with the cute curls make this a
bob that will have you running to your hair stylist for an appointment pronto!

28. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly gets her fun style honest via her rocker Dad and her mother, Sharon. This girl is never
afraid to try a different look. This violet beehive style updo makes us want to reach for the
Manic Panic right away.

29. Kiera Knightly’s Dark Brown Layers & Caramel Tips

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Kiera Knightly

Kiera’s look takes from the trend of having some contrasting hair, even if it is just on the tips. This look is a lovely change from some of her shorter bob haircuts and totally changes her look.

30. Kim Kardashian’s Long Layers & Blunt Cut Bangs

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Kim Kardashian

Long black layers and blunt bangs with caramel highlights is one of our favorite looks from Kim. This is a look she is likely to go back to at some point because it is just beautiful.

31. Kristen Stewart’s Messy Long Hair

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Kristen Stewart

Kristen does a good job of making even messy hair with visible roots look stylish. Part of it is just how you wear it and the condition it is in. With the current two-color trend, hardly anyone notices if hair is more than one shade or if the shades contrast a lot.

32. Lady Gaga’s Platinum Hollywood Glamour

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Lady Gaga

This long platinum look reminds us of vintage films. This super light shade is going to require heavy processing for most of us to achieve. This type of color is best left to a professional that will make sure the right toner is applied to reduce the chance of brassiness.

33. Lisa Kudrow’s Stick Straight Long Locks & Bangs

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Lisa Kudrow

This long and sleek look suit’s Lisa well and it can serve as style inspiration for a lot of us. This is a lot of hair and that means options when it comes to updos, braids, and more.

34. Mila Kunis’s Center Parted Wavy Long Cut

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Mila Kunis

Mila always seems to have fabulous hair, but this long center-parted look is her base for all of the styles you see. While she chooses to go wavy, this look can be straightened for a glam event on the red carpet or put into an updo with ease.

35. Minnie Driver’s Below The Shoulders Curls

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Minnie Driver

For a look that is approachable for work or a night out, Minnie’s look is a solution. This is a style that can be worn by women of any age for a fabulous look.

36. Nina Dobrev’s Updo

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Nina Dobrev

Nina’s princess style updo makes good use of a pretty braided bun. This is not a hard look to get even without going to a stylist and that is just one of the many reasons to love it.

37. Reba’s Red Shaggy Bob

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Reba

When has Reba not rocked the red locks? This shaggy bob is fun and frames her face perfectly and it can do the same for you.

38. Reese Witherspoon’s Side Swept Golden Curls

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Reese Witherspoon

Big blonde curls are gorgeous, but this look is for any hair color. While it may look gorgeous this is not a look that is out of range of something you could wear every day.

39. Rihanna’s Long Curly Balayage

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Rihanna

Rihanna is always changing up her look, but we love this long balayage color look on her. There are a lot of hair extensions that can help with this look if you don't have the length at the moment.

To get this look with a different length, ask your stylist to design a custom balayage color for you and add in some waves.

40. Selena Gomez’s Cherry Coke Auburn Long Layers

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Selena Gomez

The color of these layers is enviable and we love the thickness and volume. A body wave or using rollers can help you get this volume as well.

41. Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Long Dark Red Auburn Flip Cut

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Sophie Ellis Bextor

The 60s are back, and we love it if it means hair trends like this. This gorgeous rich color and smooth style is an ideal look for any occasion.

42. Taylor Swift’s Basic Top Knot & Bangs

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Taylor Swift

The long blunt bangs and simple top knot give Taylor a ballerina or princess quality that is impossible to ignore.

43. Toni Braxton’s Orange Chocolate Layered Curls

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Toni Braxton

The color of Toni’s curls is unique and inspiring. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist about not so typical highlights that go with your complexion.

44. Vanessa Hudgens’s Long Wavy Hair & Big Braid Crown

Female Celebrities Hairstyles Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa's take on the crown braid is gorgeous. Not many styles are seen where the braid is direction on the hairline at the bangs, but it is without a doubt a lovely look.

Having Fun With Celebrity Hairstyles

The female celebrities hairstyles in this article are a lot of fun, and hopefully, you have found some that can work for you.
Just remember that even if you cannot get a style with your natural hair, there are a lot of wigs out there that perfectly replicate your desired style.

In fact, many of your favorite celebs regularly make use of them so they can change up their look in minutes.

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