43 Black Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

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Updated 06-14-2023

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2. Big Bun & Braid

Big Bun & Braid


This huge low bun makes the ultimate curly updo for a wedding. The large braid wrapped around hides anything that is helping hold all the curls in the bun.

The result is an almost impossibly perfect bun for a black woman that will hold up throughout a long day and evening.

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A wedding is a cause for great joy and celebration, but if you've ever been a bride-to-be, you know all the little details can be stressful.From finding the perfect wedding dresses and shoes to choosing the right black wedding hairstyles. We're here to help make the planning process a bit easier with these stunning wedding hairstyle ideas for black women.From long loose curls to short hair pixie cuts and weaves, from a box braids updo hairstyle to a low bun elegant style - there's some wedding inspiration for every bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest.

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Here we have 43 wedding hairstyles for a black woman that will ensure your African hair looks its best.

1. Barely There & Veil

Barely There & Veil@afrobrideclevelandPlenty of ladies choose to shave all their hair very short at one time or another. This look can be attractive with contrasting hair color and a veil of your choosing. A stylish hat and veil combination is another option that is easy to do.

2. Big Bun & Braid

Big Bun & Braid@solis.hairsThis huge low bun makes the ultimate curly updo for a wedding. The large braid wrapped around hides anything that is helping hold all the curls in the bun.The result is an almost impossibly perfect bun for a black woman that will hold up throughout a long day and evening.

3. Big Luscious Shoulder Touching Curls

Big Luscious Shoulder Touching Curls@_e3shThese cascading curls have some fabulous volume and are super glamorous. To get this long hair, you can use a weave or extensions or even a wig if you don't have the natural volume.This might just be a look that you want to keep after the wedding day.

4. Big Curls & Smooth Side Sweep Updo

Big Curls & Smooth Side Sweep Updo@weddingsonpointThis sweet updo is so lovely for a bride. The well-defined curls, side sweep, veil, and ribbon hair accessories make for a stunning wedding photo. All eyes will be on you with this look.

5. Full Braid Updo

Full Braid Updo@kaiyinbeautyA braid is one of the most basic and beautiful things you can do to get a hot wedding hairstyle. This side-swept big braid is romantic, and although this braid is somewhat plain, you can braid a lot of different ways and incorporate all types of gems, pearls, etc. into your look. A bridal tiara can also be used to add major sparkle.

6. Braided Pompadour Updo

Braided Pompadour Updo@kaiyinbeautyThis elegant take on the pompadour keeps natural hair beautiful and in place. You can add in some pearl or gem tipped pins for a more sparkling effect. This look might seem a bit complicated, but it is not, and you can easily add in some hair to get the volume needed.

7. Cornrows To Curly Updo

Cornrows To Curly Updo@wellglambeautyCornrows can be a gorgeous take on an updo and help hair stay together. This is a pretty look that is ideal for any special occasion. There is also room for a crown or tiara veil if that is the look you ultimately want.

8. Slicked Back Hair With Crystal Crown Veil

Slicked Back Hair With Crystal Crown Veil@su.reina.bridalThose with natural hair cropped short may see that this is a good solution to their bridal look. For this hair is slicked back and a dramatic crown and veil are used. While this crown is quite high, there are plenty of more delicate options out there in a variety of patterns.

9. Side Swept Curl Bob

Side Swept Curl Bob@noivanegraThis cute bob can go anywhere. Super smooth waves and a side sweep results in a vintage look that can be worn no matter if you are the bride or a lucky guest. We love that this look is short enough to be manageable but long enough that you can change it up a bit when desired.

10. Curl Chignon

Curl Chignon@chatelnoire_bridalThis stunning and smooth take on the chignon bun is elegant on a lot of levels. The defined flow to the back is captivating, and it does a lot to open up the face and show off eyes.

11. Curly Locks

Curly Locks@arquimidesgCurls are hot when combined with elegant accessories. This shoulder-skimming look is just oh so pretty.

12. Long With Curly Ends & Rhinestone Chain Head Piece

Long With Curly Ends & Rhinestone Chain Head PieceThis ultimate princess look is stunning in so many ways. The headpiece is a fantastic alternative to a traditional tiara and the long straight hair to the waist is as feminine as it gets. This is one of the most simple yet beautiful long hair looks for your big day.

13. Feathers & Gemstones Bun

Gemstones Bun@glammbyireneFor a look that calls back to the 1920s and 30s, there is this easy-to-do Afro hair loose braids bun with absolutely gorgeous gemstone adornment.There are a lot of hair jewelry types that can be used. For an elaborate look, you can use white gemstones hair accessories or even some that are dyed whatever color you desire.

14. Hat & Lace Veil With Natural Hair

Hat & Lace Veil With Natural Hair@theblackflower92African American brides with naturally textured curls will love this look. Ultra-feminine hat hair accessory with lace in combination with a low elegant updo is a downright beautiful bridal hairstyle that is also very budget-friendly and not at all time-consuming to put together.

15. Major Flower Power

Major Flower Power@theblackbridetobeIf you love flowers then why not show them off in your beautiful black wedding hairstyle? Ladies with lovely natural texture will not have a hard time pulling off this African American women look.You can let your creativity flow with this natural black hair look. If you don't want to use large floral accessories, then a series of smaller ones can be majorly beautiful.

16. Dutch Braid Updo

Dutch Braid Updo@noivanegraCan we just say this is such an amazing and intricate wedding hairstyle? Dutch and french braids always turn a relaxed hair updo hairstyle into a work of art in itself.Braided hair takes some more talent to get compared to just incorporating popular hair accessories, so make sure you go to a very good stylist if you want this wedding hairstyle.This is not a loose buttery curls kind of style that you can get quickly so be prepared to spend a little time in the chair for this one.

17. Natural Kinky Curls & Flowers

Natural Kinky Curls & Flowers@bianca_danielleThe way the flowers are concentrated around the face makes for a stunning wedding theme. If you want to let your beautiful curls shine naturally, then this is one of the best beautiful wedding hairstyles that can do it for you.

18. Gold & Curls

Gold & Curls@theblackbridetobeThis ethereal wedding hairstyle is simple but very lovely. Wearing hair in a high bun but natural can be a little tame for a special occasion like a wedding but those unique gold hair accessories draped around the pin curls high bun makes it special.If gold is not your color, then silver would work great for a wedding day high updo as well.

19. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down@noivanegraA pretty yet basic perfect wedding hairstyle that you can adorn any way you want - that is what characterizes this loose curls half-up bridal hairstyle.

20. Long Curly Sideswept Dreadlocks

Long Curly Sideswept Dreadlocks@tanayajmakeupBlack brides with short hair, medium-length hair or long hair dreadlocks may consider getting loose curls for their big day. We love how this wedding hairstyle involves a big side sweep and the maroon highlights set off this black wedding hairstyle.

21. Long Straight Hair & Sequined Band Veil

Long Straight Hair & Sequined Band Veil@malikadanae_photographyHere is another simple yet stunning princess wavy hair wedding style that will make heads turn towards you for sure and allow for some pictures to treasure.

22. Loose Waves With Side Swept Bangs & Snow Flake

Loose Waves With Side Swept Bangs & Snow Flake@a.wilks_beautycollectiveLong loose waves are romantic and pretty. The large snowflake style hair comb adds some wedding day elegance to this perfect hairstyle.And if long hair is just in your dreams, don’t worry and opt for sleek hair extensions that will make this absolutely gorgeous black wedding hairstyle your reality.

23. Natural Curls & Flowers

Natural Curls & Flowers@tweekesweddingsThis simple messy look for black brides is pretty and bohemian. Just put your hair up however you want and use some extra bridal hair accessories with flowers or other pretty adornments on top of them. These charming loose curls are gonna last long, look natural, and allure your partner with those magnificent hair flowers.

24. Natural Pulled Back Tight Curls

Natural Pulled Back Tight Curls@blackweddinghairGoing natural is easy and gorgeous. This is a good wedding hairstyle for black women if you are choosing to wear a headpiece of any sort. The Afro puff at the back is well-secured with crown braids that keep that hair thickness away from the face making the natural hairstyles much more practical. With the wedding theme accessories, the options are pretty limitless.

25. Braided Bun With Orchid

Braided Bun With Orchid@canvaseetyThis perfect bridal hairstyle is curled into a bun, and a pretty orchid is all that is needed to send this style over the top with charm and beauty. A low bun classic wedding updo is the type of bridal hairstyles that works for any hair texture and type. Undoubtedly, this versatile and long-lasting hairstyle sits perfectly on loose curls as well.

26. Smooth Pixie Cut & Encrusted Headband

Smooth Pixie Cut & Encrusted Headband@jorissa_wilsonSometimes all you need is a basic look and the right accessory to look good. This pixie cut is simplicity and beauty all in one. It's one of the best wedding hairstyles for black women with round faces! Also, this pixie is an interpretation of a regal finger waves updo combined with a hair clip that falls like a veil.

27. Chin Length Burgundy Bob

Chin Length Burgundy Bob@topbeautybarwigsThe reason why so many ladies love this hair color is that it is flattering on a lot of different complexions. The multifaceted color and well-defined hairline are a look that you might want to wear for a long time. This is a great hairstyle for medium length hair. Such bold and bright black women’s wedding hairstyles are for the ladies who love it when all the eyes are on them.

28. Curl Updo With Large Crown

Curl Updo With Large Crown@blackweddinghairYour wedding day is one of the few days where you are going to have a great excuse to wear a sparkly floral crown so why not go with it and have some fun? Wedding themes are all about crowns, hair flowers, wedding gowns, and veil veils - grab the chance with black wedding updo hairstyles like this.

29. Retro Inspired Natural Pompadour

Retro Inspired Natural Pompadour@gadartistryllcThis style for natural hair combines cornrows and a retro roll style that is different and very appealing. A pretty hair comb or a few jeweled pins can add some sparkle effect. This roll updo works like a high bun and guarantees your comfort throughout the wedding day.

30. Low Smooth Elegant Double Bun With Rhinestone Comb

Low Smooth Elegant Double Bun With Flowers and Bows@tarestopiaThis double bun effect is different, and we love how the thin ribbons are shaped like a bow. This style offers a pretty and sophisticated wedding day updo. You can object that the textured updo in the photo is done on naturally straight hair. However, we wanna ensure you that similar double-bun elegant wedding hairstyles work magic for Afro hair as well.

31. Floral Updo

Floral Updo@tweekesweddingsThis beautiful long curls updo has a lot of floral detail to it in the front and a smooth side part. A pretty flower hair clip sets it off. This is a somewhat time-consuming look, but it is well worth it overall. And how do you feel about such hair clip bridal ideas?

32. Shoulder Curls

Shoulder Curls@beatbymoBig, medium loose curls that are allowed to lay loose are pretty, and they are one of those elegant wedding hairstyles that anyone can wear well. When it comes to curls, keeping down the frizz factor is one of the most important things to keeping things looking good so using the right products should be a priority.

33. Side Curl Bun

Side Curl Bun@gadartistryllcThis take on the low bun bridal hairstyles is just cool. Instead of a traditional back-of-the-head bun, this low bun is rolled to the side while bangs are swept in the same direction. Side-swept hairdos, low textured bun messy updos, and deep side part afros like this are better to secure with a decent hair clip, pin, or even a head scarf.

34. Curly Ringlets With Subtle Highlights

Curly Ringlets With Subtle Highlights@gadartistryllcAnother classic swept to the side look that looks outstanding, is curly ringlets with just a hint of highlights in them. You will look out of this world with this hairstyle. Layered loose ringlets will keep the natural texture in order and a shiny hair comb will complement the wedding dress.

35. Silver Flower Crown Braid & Braided Bun Updo

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Silver Flower Crown Braid BunThis updo with silver flower crown is braiding at its best. Braiding makes an easy wedding style choice and always turns out to be a fab choice.

36. The Smooth ‘N” Low With Veil

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Smooth Low With VeilA low bun can be very elegant when the flow of the hair is this great. We suggest a keratin treatment get this level of smoothness to coarse hair. This treatment will work for months at keeping hair smooth. A small veil is a solid choice for ladies that love the traditional but don't want a long veil that hides a lot or gets in the way.

37. The Forward Swept Updo

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Straight To Curl UpdoPlenty of updo hairstyles is oriented towards the back or exactly on top of the head. This straight to curly look is purposely pushed towards the front. The size of the curl is up to you but we love this medium curl look.

38. Classic Locks Updo

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Tight Locks UpdoShiny and sleek dreadlocks can make an eye-catching updo. This look is so neat and pretty and the side sweep achieved is phenomenally good looking.

39. Box Braid Updo

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Tiny BraidsThese beautiful box braids are taken to another level of style when put into an updo with a glittery hairpiece. We love how the braids are so artfully draped to form this style.

40. Curly High Top Style Updo With Rhinestone Jewelry

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women UpdoThis updo has a lot of height centered on the top of the head. The pics above show the different looks you can get by simply changing out accessories. The versatility of this style makes it worthy of any list.

41. The Up Tuck

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Up TuckRolling and tucking hair under is a beautiful alternative to a bun. A long and lovely adornment adds fashionable glamor to the up tuck. Side-swept bangs look fab with this style.

42. Very Short Natural Curls & Flower Head Band

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Very Short With FlowerThese short curls combined with the flowery head band makes this a fresh and youthful look that shows off natural beauty.

43. Twin Victory Rolls

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women Victory Roll UpdoIf you love the vintage jazz queen hairstyles, then the twin victory roll is the style for you. Smooth hair is rolled with care and secured. The smooth lower sides could allow for some jeweled pins or another adornment.

Tips For Narrowing Down Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Picking out just one bridal hairstyle means considering a lot of factors. Having your wedding outdoors may influence your natural hair wedding style choices.Getting a few good friends together to help you pick out several most appropriate beautiful black wedding hairstyles for your unruly African hair can be a major help.We hope this list of Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women will guide you towards a gorgeous wedding day choice and help your wedding preparations.


How to style your hair with an off the shoulder wedding dress?

With an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, it’s better to opt for all sorts of updo black women wedding hairstyles: from low flat twists to messy updos (like a textured faux hawk or a high textured updo). Such wedding hairstyles won’t interfere with the sleeves or cover up the romantic silhouette of the neckline.

How do you style thick hair for a wedding?

All types of wedding hairstyles are appropriate for thick hair. The key point is that your stylist should style it with stronghold hair products so that your wedding hairstyle for black women stays in place during the whole celebration.

What Are The Best Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women?

Most often, black women choose to use their natural hair texture to their advantage and combine their soft natural Afro with smooth and neat elements of the style. A messy updo, a low textured bun or high bun, and twisted updos with braids are among the most favored. Another recent tendency is just to wear a teeny-weeny Afro variation and add some floral accessories on top.

What Makes African American Hair Types Special?

African American hair produces a lot of protective oils aka sebum, which keeps the hair healthy. Still, due to the tight curls, the oil can’t spread evenly along the locks - that’s why the hair becomes more brittle, and it results in coarse texture in turn.

How To Care For African-American Hair Type Before The Wedding?

In order to make your natural loose curls easier to style on your big day, you have to prepare your natural hair in advance. Discuss your care routine with the hairstylist and let them give you specific recommendations based on the wedding hairstyle you choose, especially when you should wash your hair before the wedding, if you need to condition your hair more than usual, etc.

When should you get a haircut before the wedding?

Get your pre-wedding trim 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

How can I make my wedding hairstyle last all day?

A stronghold hairspray is a must. Also, voluminous black women wedding hairstyles last longer. Another life hack is that for many hairstyles, it’s better that you don’t wash your hair right before the styling. What else you can do is prepare a couple of hair accessories that you can add during the day in case you need to enhance your hairstyle or secure it.

Can the mother of the bride wear flowers in her hair?

Traditionally, the floral corsage is pinned to the mother’s dress. But nowadays, flowers in a hairstyle are not taboo for anybody of the guests. So, just get it if you like it.

How many hours before your wedding should you get your hair done?

Just to keep things going smoothly and stress-free, make sure that you start your wedding hair and makeup at least 2 hours before you need to be completely done and ready to put on your dress.

Should a bride wear her hair up or down?

A bride should wear her hair the way she enjoys and feels comfortable. Still, with a strapless dress, it looks better to wear the hair down or in a half-up-half-down style to show off the neckline.

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