4 Key Tips for Great Looking Hair

1. Genetics

This is something you can't change. Some people are just more blessed than others when it comes to having great hair genetics or a hair type that suits a certain style. If you have naturally curly hair you probably will never be able to pull off a hairstyle meant for straight haired guys and vice versa. The trick here is to play to your strengths and go for hairstyles that compliment what Mother Nature gave ya!

2. Healthy Diet

healthy diet
Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet rich in vitamin c and biotin not only gives you a great body but it also helps immensely with the health of your hair, skin and nails! You can have the best genetics in the world but if you're not maintaining a healthy diet you're wasting your hair potential.

3. Barbers

Finding a proper barber or hairstylist is key to achieving great looking hair. Finding the right barber requires a bit of research, use the internet to your advantage! Look up barbershop reviews in your city on websites such as yelp, look to see if barbers in your city have social media accounts where they show off their hair cutting work. And remember, hair grows back, so don't be afraid to try out a new barber! You might just find a barber for life.

4. Hairstyling Products

Finding the best hair products to suit your hair can be a tough choice with so many options out there. You need to consider what kind of hairstyling product do you need? Pomade like Mister Pompadour is great if you're going for a modern pompadour look. Suavecito is another great brand if you're looking for a shiny slicked back look. The key here is to read reviews and watch videos, and of course experiment with your own hair! You will find the right hair products for you in no time.