Trendy Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

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Updated 12-20-2021

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Straight Blunt Lob

Straight Blunt Lob


The long bob, or the lob, is a favorite cut because it is flattering on every face shape. Here the model has her tresses in a blunt style. The hair falls in A-shape creating an edgy look that she compliments by keeping it super smooth. To achieve a similar look, use straightening hair products, a smoothing serum, and a little hair oil on wet hair before blow-drying it with a flat paddle brush. Finish off by running a smoothing iron over your strands to lock in the lines.

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When it comes to finding the perfect hairstyles for women, sometimes we feel a little bit like Goldilocks. One option is too short, another's too long, and we’re always searching for one that’s just right. These 38 medium length hairstyles and haircuts are right in the sweet spot between short and long. With enough length to add curls, body, or be pulled up in a ponytail, but not so much that the weight drags down your locks, each of these options is darn near perfect.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Haircuts for Medium Length Hair - 0 Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, or you're searching for a cut to compliment your face shape or natural texture, you're sure to find an option here that will have you heading to the salon.

Shoulder Length Hair with Layers

Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers @salonbugatti These shoulder-length strands fall artfully thanks to lots of layers that seamlessly transition from one to the next. This style has a lot of movement and bounce and can be worn with loose messy waves like you see in the picture, or blown out smooth for a more glamorous vibe. Just look how much you can benefit from those layers!

Volume and Side Bangs

Volume and Side Bangs @hai.stylist This slightly shorter mid-length option also features a lot of layers, and it incorporates sideswiped bangs to give shape and definition to the form of the model's face. To get this kind of volume, you'll want to blow dry your hair with a large round brush and use a volumizing hair product.

Straight Blunt Lob

Straight Blunt Lob @keunenamerica The long bob, or the lob, is a favorite cut because it is flattering on every face shape. Here the model has her tresses in a blunt style. The hair falls in A-shape creating an edgy look that she compliments by keeping it super smooth. To achieve a similar look, use straightening hair products, a smoothing serum, and a little hair oil on wet hair before blow-drying it with a flat paddle brush. Finish off by running a smoothing iron over your strands to lock in the lines.

Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers

Shoulder Length Haircut with Face Framing Layers

Shoulder Length Haircut with Face Framing Layers @haum_h One trick of the trade that stylists will often use is to cut lots of layers around your face to enhance and balance out your face shape. This can create an alluring cut that doesn't sacrifice any length in the back. It's one of the most popular hairstyles. The photo demonstrates that the layers are a real game-changer.

Waves and a Side Part

Waves and a Side Part @reyhairstylist One of the easiest ways to transform your cut is by changing up how you part your hair. Here we see a traditional layered long bob, but the model has added some texture and parted her hair on the side. The side part both adds volume and creates a charming silhouette.

Shoulder Length Hair with Messy Waves

Shoulder Length Hair with Messy Waves Instagram:@romeufelipe There isn't any specific definition for medium length hairstyles, but this mid length haircut definitely qualifies. Much like the style above, the deep side part and carefree waves give this classic cut volume and a unique personality just like the woman wearing it.

Long Front Layers

Long Front Layers @addictedtobalayage Your stylist can work with you to determine how to frame your face with your layers effortlessly. Here, she’s opted for longer layers in the front to give some weight to her hair and hit right at her jawline which draws attention away from her high forehead and to the lovely lines of her face instead.

Blonde High Volume Layers

Blonde High Volume Layers Instagram:timpascoe_hair Another style that sports long layers in front to create movement and lift away weight that might otherwise weigh hair down, this tredy cut is perfect for someone with fine or thin hair. To make this carefree bouncy look your own, try blow-drying with a large round brush lifting from the roots as you go. Hair Hack: Blow-dry in 1/2 the time using Blow-dry accelerator on damp hair and style as usual.

Money Pieces

Money Pieces @glamourbyambar The “Money Piece” Face framing highlights brighten up the face and draw more attention to your beautiful facial features. It is one of the biggest hair trends in 2021, especially in bright such colors like pink.

Medium Length Haircut with Blunt Edges

Medium Length Haircut with Blunt Edges @mediumhairstyles

Short Side Swept Bangs

Short Side Swept Bangs Instagram : michelle.bodlovic This lob has a few layers near the bottom to lighten up her tresses, but the real interest lies in the cute, side swept bangs. Not only do they offer a little bit of glamor, but they also help to balance out her high forehead to create a flattering look.


V-Cut @gina_charee Similar to the taper cut, but a bit more extreme, the V cut has your hair shorter in front and longer in back. If you have a V cut and you sweep your hair off your shoulders and behind you, the layers will form a precise V that comes to a point in the center of your back.

Medium Length Haircut with Center Part

face framing lob on round face Instagram: reneelalondehair This face framing lob looks beautiful on her round face with the simple center part. The model is very symmetrical, and the center part highlights her features. Her smooth strands have lots of body, and she achieved that look by blow-drying with volumizing products and a large, round brush.

Inverted Lob

Inverted Lob Instagram:danadoeshair01 This is one of our favorite hairstyles of 2020, The inverted Lob is essentially the opposite of a V cut. Here, your layers will be longer in front and get gradually shorter in the back. This cut is popular because it will still allow you to pull your hair up into a ponytail on hot days, but it takes some of the weight off the back of your neck making it a cooler option for hot summer months.

Natural Curly

Natural Curly Instagramclaytonhawkins Women with coarse black hair can play up their luscious texture with a medium length cut. This afro pulls in some copper colored highlights to add dimension to the model's perfectly styled curls. We suggest a Hair diffuser. They are wonderful for drying and enhancing naturally curly hair by removing excess water without causing frizz and excess damage.

Shoulder Length Bob

mid Length Bob Instagram:hairbyjannyy This cut has a few styles mixed together. It has enough length to fall into the medium category, but it's a bit short to classify as a lob. It's inverted, has delightful face framing layers, and she wears it super smooth for a dazzling blunt look.

Line Bob

Line Bob hairstyle Instagram:mxfoxyroxyfullamoxy This line bob falls a little longer than the style above but has several similar elements that we also love. Here, you can see that her layers are cut very precisely, creating beautiful lines of movement that carry through the style.

Blown Out Layers

Blown Out Layers Instagram:deilestockholm To create big, bouncy layers with gently curled ends as you see here, you'll need to spend some quality time with your hair dryer. Start by applying a volumizing product and something to give you some hold to damp hair. Then, separate your hair into sections and start drying it using a big, round brush from the bottom up. Focus on pulling the brush from root to tip and make sure every layer is completely dry before moving on.

Graduated Lob

graduated lob hairstyles Instagram:bobhaircutcomm This trendy, stacked long bob is a great option for straight, wavy, or curly hair. In this cut, the front layers fall longer than those in the back, which creates delightful lines and a nice contrast. You can add gentle waves like the model did by using a curling iron, or a smoothing iron with rounded edges.

Center Parted Waves

Center Parted Wavy hair Instagram:nicolemariesalon This longer cut changes up what we traditionally see in wavy cuts. Where more women would opt to add volume at their roots, celebrity hair inspiration Rachel Bilson saves the volume for the lower half of her tresses. This frames her face in a really unique way that's part of her stunning signature style.

Short Textured Layers

Short Textured Layers Instagram:sagestudiosalon This cut features short, textured, choppy layers that are played up with illuminating highlights. The result is a hip cut with lots of volume and charm.

Shag Cut

Shag cut This shag cut cut incorporates lots of different length layers, and the stylist may have used a dry cutting technique to create the perfect choppy effect.

Blunt Fringe Bangs

Blunt Fringe Bangs Just like changing how you part your hair will change up your style, so will adding bangs. Here, Hollywood darling Emma Stone showcases her gorgeous medium length haircut with a thick, blunt fringe that is equal parts sexy and perfect.

Shag with Bangs

Shag with Bangs Instagram:alex_haircraft This look is a bit reminiscent of the 1980's hairband shag cuts, but with a decidedly trendy, modern feel. With the right highlights and lowlights, and her amazing styling technique, this model has made this cut into something that's very right now.

Layered Bob with Bangs

Layered Bob with Bangs Instagram: thedappergirl This long, layered medium bob has perfect bangs cut in to give it a unique shape. You can wear them blunt across your forehead, or sweep them to the side to change up your tresses without actually changing a thing.

Asymmetrical Bob with Sideswept Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Sideswept Bangs This choppy asymmetrical bob is longer in the front and shorter in the back and includes cute school-girl style bangs to complete the look.

Layers with Piecey Bangs

Layers with Piecey Bangs Instagram: michaelminuccihair

Naturally Curly Hair Layers

Naturally Curly Hair Layers Instagram:angelbella_phylicia Gals with naturally curly hair can pull off a medium length style with the right products. Use a curl-defining serum or mousse on wet hair and then let it air dry or give it more shape and volume by blow drying with a diffuser. If you have a few unruly strands, run a curling iron over them, or try pinning them back to add a little structure to your style.

Shiny Layers and Side Swept Bangs

Shiny Layers and Side Swept Bangs Instagram: hairshaftmiguel Adding bounce to your layered long bob can take a smooth, classic style up a notch for a dramatic night on the town (or the red carpet). Complete with side swept bangs, this blow out is basically made for the Hollywood high life.

Chunky Twist Out

Chunky Twist Out Instagram: vibeandbeauty An excellent way to give your ebony curls shape and definition beyond a traditional afro is with a chunky twist out. We suggest using a Curl Defining Cream it helps by sealing hair cuticle to prevent frizz and conditions curls at the same time.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Instagram :frenchpharmacie This medium cut has so many fabulous things going for it. The blunt edges and thick hair bangs create exquisite lines, and the pop of color gives it a showy finish. It's so good; you might not even care that you can't see out of one eye when you wear it.

Razor Cut

Razor Cut Instagram: indoladach Blowdrying your hair to flip up and out is very 1990’s, but that’s not to say you can’t pull it off today.  It’s too soon to call the style retro, but if you want to give this classic a try, use a large round brush or just do the flip with your smoothing iron.

Ombre Bob

Ombre Bob Instagram:justinedeal You might believe that, when it comes to haircuts, a bob is a bob. This model shows us that isn't so. By adding dramatic ombre color to her style, she takes the classic cut up a notch into bombshell territory.

Feathered Shag

Feathered Shag Instagram :rachelwstylist Feathered layers and outward bouncy curls may seem more pin-up era than today, but Salma Hayek proves us wrong. Her long layered bob is perfectly styled and looks as ravishing as she does.

Shoulder Length Hair with Blunt Bangs

houlder Length with Blunt Bangs Instagram mushky_hairandwigs Blunt, single-length cuts that are complimented by blunt bangs have such an effortless quality about them. They're a cross between sexy and sublime, and with the right hair texture, are the perfect medium length haircut.

Modern Shag

Modern Shag Hairstyles like this shag are cute all on their own, but it can also be the perfect transition look if you're growing your hair out from a short crop into a longer style. You won't sacrifice your length to get this shape, and it's as delightful to look at as it is trendy.

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