35 of the Top Men's Fade Haircuts

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Updated 04-13-2021

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Cool Faded Sides Haircut for Guys

Cool Faded Sides Haircut for Guys - 1
instagram credit : barberician

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Fade haircut probably, one of the most popular and always up-to-date hairstyles for men - and for good reason. Every decade showcases a new fresh version of a fade haircut. Fade hair looks super neat and clean: extremely sharp and edgy lines, artistic blend on the back and sides, the possibility to experiment with various trendy hairstyles like a comb-over, crew cut, Mohawk, pompadour, side part, and many others. The only drawback of these top fade haircuts is the fact they are very high-maintenance: most men with fades have to go to the barbershop every 2-3 weeks to maintain a clean look.

What Is a Fade Haircut?

Fade Haircuts photo Shutterstock So, what does fade mean in haircuts? Barber fading is the way the haircut gradually blends from long to short as it moves down the side and back of the head. Faded sides work great with all men’s hairstyles, for any taste and any occasion. In our gallery, you’ll find the best pictures of latest fade haircuts for straight and curly, slick and textured, short and long hair, for a white man and for an Afro guy.

Different Types of Fade Haircuts

Different Types of Fade Haircuts instagram credit: hefadeguy923 What types of fade haircuts are there? Today, there are 7 different types of fades that make the hairstyle look different. Let’s take a look at the gallery below:

Classic Fade

Classic Fadeinstagram credit : _jordanarellano Classic Fade instagram credit : _jordanarellano There is nothing extra - just a classic drop fade with a sharp hairline and a fade beard as an option for a classic gentleman look.

Taper Fade

Taper Fade instagram credit : the_shed_salon Taper Fade is a blend only on the neckline or sideburns. It's very much like a typically blended fade haircut, but here, the fade is only in those two areas, and the rest of the hair is the same length.

Bald Fade (Skin Fade)

Bald Fade instagram credit : modernfreshfades Bald Fades or zero fades are generally only performed by barbers since this desired clean look requires the use of a straight razor.

Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade instagram credit: real_barbers_ The hair gets progressively longer up to the crown. Chunks of hair are gathered with wax, creating a textured look at the top. This gives an edge to what would otherwise be a clean, sleek style.

Low Fade

Low Fade Instagram credit : omar_lbv The shave of this low fade doesn't get super close until it almost hits the ear. In the back, it is cut like a V. The side-swept crown creates a simple look with some edge.

Burst Fade

Burst Fade instagram credit : southtexblendz Burst Fade idea Instagram credit: jeffreycash_ Burst Fade is very similar to Drop Fade: it copies the shape of the hairline but the Burst Fade features a half-circle shape by ear.

Drop Fade

Drop Fade Instagram credit :iam_breezythabarber_ Drop Fade hairstyle idea instagram credit : patroncutzpexx Drop Fade drops down in almost U shape following the hairline instead of traditional straight across. Works as Afro fade and white people fade equally well.

Mid Fade

Mid Fade instagram Credit :barberwilliams If you want some movement to your hair, keep the wavy top directed away from your face. Add some natural highlights to emphasize the hair's texture.

High Fade

High Fade instagram credit :curso.de.barbeiro High Fade - 2 instagram credit : magrao_hair_cut A high fade blends quickly into short hair on the sides, making up a classic Caesar look with bangs or an eccentric slick-back.

Scissor Fade

Scissor Fade instagram credit :molliehammond1990 For a softer look and less maintenance, barbers and hairstylists use a cutting comb and sheers instead of using clippers and a straight razor.

Short Hair Fade Haircut for Men

Short Hair Fade Haircut for Men - 1 instagram credit :vireibarbeiro buzz cut Fade Haircut for Men instagram credit : tpt_the_pad_technician The short fade cut usually implies a close buzz cut on top blending into zero skin faded sides and back. In short all around fade haircuts, barbers tend to use chalk to emphasize their clean and edgy lines. They also sometimes opt for the Hair fiber spray to define the hairline and the areas of the hair that may be more sparse in a short top fade.

Cool Faded Sides Haircut for Guys

Cool Faded Sides Haircut for Guys - 1 instagram credit : barberician Cool Faded Sides Haircut for Guys - 2 instagram credit : pretoducortte Cool Faded Sides Haircut for Guys - 3 instagram credit :chaaloud.art_barber A men's side fade haircut can look super fresh if you add some cool shaven patterns or lines on the faded sides. This uptown fade hair solution allows for numerous experiments with your typical look. Also, creative and eccentric guys love this full fade idea for the possibility to highlight their unique authentic style.

Good Fade Haircut with Part

Good Fade Haircut with Part - 1 instagram credit :hairlovebychrissy Good Fade Haircut with Part - 2 instagram credit will.barberr This men's full fade incorporates several different techniques. The front is a bit longer than the back, the hairline is sharply cleaned up, the top is swept to the side and sleeked with a sticky hair product. But the most outstanding detail of these fade haircuts is the clear side part. If you want your part more defined like this, ask for a «hard part», which is made with Razor or trimmers.

Regular Fade Haircut

Regular Fade Haircut instagram credit : southsmoo Here is another example of a simple, balanced, and versatile long top faded sides haircut. Side fades with the long hair on the crown make a safe combination, and a full beard with a smooth transition is a stylish «extra» for the style.

Long Fade Haircut

Long Fade Haircut instagram credit : angel01.7 This long top faded sides haircut makes the front pages of fashion magazines and tops the charts of trendy men’s haircut guides. If you’re looking for a stylish combo of fades with long hair that rocks, such pompadour is your win-win option. Brush the hair upwards, keep it there with wax, create the texture with a comb, and fix it with a holding spray.

1 2 Fade Haircut for Guys

Fade Haircut for Guys - 1 instagram credit : chris.hairxson Fade Haircut for Guys - 2 instagram credit : thefoundrysalon While dark hair and full beard add brutal and masculine vibe to the image, the fades with light-colored hair appear much softer because of the contrast on skin. The fade beard starts from the fade around the ears. If your long hair gets unruly, try keeping them slicked back or make the layered texture.

3 4 Fade Haircut

fade haircut instagram credit : krispykona Thick hair makes a great fade, especially when kept pretty short. Crop the hair close in the center of the top, keep it longer at the front, and taper down the sides. Have the hairline edged for a sharp look - perfect for people with a low hairline.

Box Cut Fade Hairstyles

Box Cut Fade Hairstyles - 1 instagram credit : barbersince98 Box Cut Fade Hairstyles - 2 Instagram credit: lovelycuts Wanna add some height and brightness to your fade hairstyle? Men with naturally curly Afro hair are lucky to try this high top fade hairstyle AKA boxed hair cut.

Fade Design Haircut

Fade Design Haircut - 1 Instagram credit: barber_indacut Fade Design Haircut - 2 instagram Credit : chop.da.barber Fade Design Haircut - 3 instagram credit :color_and_cuts_ Fade Haircuts with Lines are an example of hair art through which you can express your vision and identity. Hair designers can make various patterns from ordinary lines to complex pictures. Children especially appreciate this barber art.

Scissor Fade Haircuts

Scissor Fade Haircuts - 1 instagram credit : hoppedndrewed For a more careless, disconnected, and rebellious look, ask your barber to switch a razor to scissors to make not so «perfect» and natural fade.

Fade Back Haircut for Men

Fade Back Haircut for Men instagram credit : hegenuine_barber Make sure that the back of your fade suits your head shape. Ask your hairstylist to choose between low, high, or V-shape, the best option personally for you.

Blurry Fade Hairstyle

Blurry Fade Hairstyle instagram credit : barbers_soul To make your fade look softer and more blurry, play with crazy colors like blue, pink, yellow, or green.

Taper Fade for White Guys

Taper Fade for White Guys - 1 instagram credit: kelsiedwardsscissorhands Taper Fade for White Guys - 2 instagram credit :shearparadise_salon Taper Fade for White Guys - 3 instagram credit : hairbyvolante Despite fade hairstyles look not so dramatic on blonde hair, men with dark hair need to have their hair cut more often. That’s why white guys love taper fade so much.

Shade Haircut Fade Hair

Shade Haircut Fade Hair - 1 instagram credit :theprince.barbershop This high fade looks like a shade of the side-swept glossy crown. It makes a cool visual effect that most guys love. WikiHow offers instructions for cutting a fade haircut by yourself. However, we recommend that you go to a professional for the best results. Esquire explains which products are the best to use for your hairstyle and type. Combine a fabulous cut with the right products for a look that maintains its appeal over time.

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