35 Best Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

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Updated 07-17-2022

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If you have thick hair, you’ve probably learned by now that it takes a knowledgeable stylist to cut it. The best men’s haircuts for thick hair look great straight out of the salon. These cool hairstyles for thick hair also grow in well between barbershop visits. Tame your thick hair, or wear it wild. Thick hair is actually incredibly versatile. These are the best haircuts for men with thick hair.

Long, Spiky Skin Fade

Long, Spiky Fade


If your thick hair sticks up anyway, why not emphasize its natural tendencies? Keeping long thick hair on top looks great if you have an edgy mid-bald fade on the sides and back. Encourage your coarse hair to come down over your face for added edge.

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If you have thick hair, you’ve probably learned by now that it takes a knowledgeable stylist to cut it. The best men’s haircuts for thick hair look great straight out of the salon. These cool hairstyles for thick hair also grow in well between barbershop visits. Tame your thick hair, or wear it wild. Thick hair is actually incredibly versatile. These are the best haircuts for men with thick hair.

Long, Spiky Skin Fade

Long, Spiky Fadeiamthebarber132If your thick hair sticks up anyway, why not emphasize its natural tendencies? Keeping long thick hair on top looks great if you have an edgy mid-bald fade on the sides and back. Encourage your coarse hair to come down over your face for added edge.

Thick Hair, Short Beard

Thick Hair, Short Beardjohnny.vintagencyIf you have a short, groomed beard, you can keep the thick hair on your head a little longer. Part it on the side, and train the thick locks upwards. A few lines shaved into the taper fade sides will add to the tight-edged thick hair men’s hairstyle.

Structural Thick Men Haircut

structural-thick-hair-for-men-haircut A fade haircut can be tough to maintain if you don’t want to have it trimmed frequently. Keep the sides longer with a structural cut that allows the hair around the ears to lie flat. Cut the top longer than the sides, but don’t go too tight around the head. You can quickly blow-dry this cool style as you run your fingers through it. Work a pomade through it after it’s dry.

Classic Modern Buzz And High Skin Fade

harisbarbershopIf you have thick hair, trying a shorter haircut is always an easy way out. Buzz the top, keeping it short with a well-defined hairline. If you have a beard, keep the edges impeccably razored. Although this short men’s haircut is simple, it requires consistent maintenance. A short hair style that’s 1/8-inch long now will look completely different in one month. This is the thick hair men cut to get if you’re ready for regular trips to the stylist.

Medium-Length Textured Hair

Medium-Length Textured Hairkool_kuts_for_menIf you want a trendy hairstyle for thick hair that grows out well, keep it a medium length. Medium-thick hair invites you to play with the thick texture. The coarser your hair, the better it will stand up. If it flops over, you might want to try a shorter cut. Blow drying it while holding your head upside down will help this cut get the lift it needs.

Wavy Fringe With Short Sides

Wavy Fringe With Short Sidesiamthebarber132Thick wavy hair benefits from slightly longer sides. You’ll get lots of hair texture without even trying. Keeping the front long encourages your natural texture to shine through. For even more shine try using dry oil spray and a hair balm on your hair. Keep an edge at the hairline so this textured crop doesn’t get too unruly.

Curly Mid-Fade Thick Undercut

Curly Mid-Fade Thick Undercutiamthebarber132If you can’t stand your long curly strands, lop them off. Your short curly hair should still have a slight wave at this short/medium length. The haircut features a fade that isn’t super tight, so it still has time to grow in before you have to head back for another full head trim.

Crew Cut Men’s Hairstyle

Crew Cut Men’s HairstylemattjbarbersThe crew cut is a classic way to keep a rein on your thick hair. It’s also one of the top 50 short men’s hairstyles. Keep your short crop high and tight with a bald fade, and you won’t have to do anything but get up and go. You can brush your short thick hair forward or to the side. Keep the thick hair fade haircut in place with some styling product like a light cream, gel or hair wax.

Combover And Low Fade

Combover And Low Fadecoup__asumaThe combover is popular for thick hair that has a little wavy texture to it. If your thicker hair lies somewhat flat and you don’t want a lot of height, this wavy hair is relatively easy to maintain. You can keep the fade longer on the sides if you prefer for a personal style.

Short Textured Urban Haircut

Short Textured Urban Haircutiamthebarber132All of the best hairstyles for men with thick hair don’t have to involve a fade. This classic loose sweep is textured and medium length all around the head. The ends are thinned out, so it will tend to lie flatter than a haircut for thick hair with blunt edges. You can work in as much texture as you want with a round brush, blow-dryer, sea salt spray, or another texture spray, making a spiky style or a more subdued one, like this look for men with thick hair.

Longer Crew Cut

Longer Crew Cutkool_kuts_for_menThis crew cut isn’t long, but it’s got more length than the one we mentioned earlier. This is another solution for men with thick hair that wears well between salon visits. Ask for textured ends so that this classy short haircut has a nice shape.

The Pompadour Long Hairstyle

zayin-malik-pompadour-haircuts-men-thick-hair The pompadour is more versatile than you might imagine. This long hairstyle takes its inspiration from the Elvis look and has its roots in 18th century France. However, it’s still among the trendiest hairstyles for thick hair with a typical high skin fade.

Textured Crop Thick Curly Hair

textured-cropped-curls-mens-thick-hairstyle If you have curls, think texture. This textured style is great for summer and keeps your head warmer in winter. The thick curly hair is laid back, and it doesn’t make you look like you try too hard to be on-trend. What’s more, such cool hairstyles for thick hair take cues from your hair’s natural wave, so you can work with your thickness instead of against it.

Classic Modern-Day Side Part

mens-thick-hair-side-part The epitome of handsome might have started with the classic side part. This is an easy look for thick hair to try out if your hair is medium length or longer. If you’re not used to parting your hair, put a little styling product in it while it’s wet. Blow-dry hair while brushing it away from your part with a comb or paddle brush. Add some putty or clay to keep it styled after it’s dry.

Short Afro With Skin Fade

short-afro-with-fade-men-thick-hair If you have coarse, black hair, keep it under control with short haircuts and a high skin fade. The sides go even shorter with a bald fade for a crisp appearance. Keep the top as long as you want - just cover with some styling creams and blow dry.

Long And Floppy

long-and-floppy-thick-haircut-men Here’s another haircut that works for thick wavy hair. Straight hair might just stick straight out in such hairstyles for thick hair. However, if it’s somewhat curly, you can keep it rather long around the head. Have the ends pointed so that you can texturize them. Otherwise, your hair will lie flat and may make it look like you’re wearing a helmet.

Classic Textured Fringe

classic-textured-fringe-mens-thick-haircut The classic men’s haircut looks great with a little texture and fringe in the front. This short haircut for thick hair can be done entirely with scissors. You can also use a razor for pointier ends and a shaggier look. Just don’t go too short in the front.

The James Dean

james-dean-hairstyle-men-thick This wavy hair taper haircut is officially called the quiff. Imagine James Dean in his heyday. The back is soft, and the sides are relatively short. Number four is the perfect length for the sides. The top of the hair is long and swept back. You don’t have to make it look perfect, though. This one looks ideal when it’s a little messy.

Shoulder Length Thick Hair Men

shoulder-length-thick-haircut-mens If your medium-length hair isn’t too bushy or too straight, you may be able to get away with wearing it loose, just having styled it with a blow-dryer and adding some edge with a hair spray. Cut it at the base of the neck, and let it do its thing. Blow-drying hair this long can make it frizz. There are several ways to tame frizzy hair if you have a shoulder-length cut, however. Work in some dry shampoo or sea salt and let it air dry after shampooing it. Pay attention to the conditioner, too. You’ll want to keep long hair moisturized.

Lush Textured Top and Facial Hair

long-textured-top-thick-hair-mens When you think of running your fingers through your thick hair, is this what you envision? The top is slightly longer to the sides, and the hair has some natural wave and lift at the top. Try using some spray wax for a tousled look.

Slicked Back Medium Length

slicked-back-medium-thick-hair-for-menIf your hair has some length to it, you can slick it back. Long thick hair may rebound, so don’t go crazy with the gel. You want a look that’s somewhat sleek but a little rough around the edges. This might not work if your hair is too short or too long.

Brushed Up Thick Hair Men

brushed-up-mens-thick-haircuts If your thick wavy hair doesn’t seem to look sleek no matter what you try, then brush it up. This looks good on hair that’s about 2 to 4 inches long. This short haircut for thick hair version keeps a longer cut on the sides.

Long Layers

long-layers-thick-hair-mens-style Longer hair may be more likely to stay where you put it. A few layers at the nape of a shoulder-length cut can add movement to a longer style. Sweep it back to keep it out of your beard.

Undercut Long Combover

long-combover-undercut-men-thick-haircut Not sure if you want long hair? Part your medium-length hair on the side, sweep the long layers over, and shave the other side. The longer length is relatively easy to keep in place.

Messy Man Bun

messy-man-bun-thick-hairstyles-men You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? This may be the easiest way for men with thick hair to maintain their haircut between visits to the barber. It only takes a few seconds to put up and makes any bad hair day a little better.

Ivy League Haircut

ivy-league-haircut-men-thick-hairstyles The Ivy League haircut is a different take on the crew cut. It combines the classic look of the crew cut with a side part. You can go as slick as you want with this look or play with the length of the sides.

Spiky Mohawk Undercut

spiky-mohawk-undercut-mens-thick-hair Did you ever know the Mohawk could look so clean cut? This one isn’t too long, and the sides are cleanly faded. Skin fade, low fade, mid fade, or taper fade - you choose the perfect match to your best hairstyles for thick hair.

Wet Look

wet-look-mens-thick-haircut When nothing else works, wet your hair. A combination of water and gel will keep short hairstyles for thick hair in place. Use a heavy hand so it looks like you mean it. Our current favorite gel gives major hold and wet shine.

Long Top Haircut With Shaved Sides

long-top-shaved-sides-mens-thick-haircut Keep the top long, but don’t worry so much about the volume. If you keep the hair slicked back, you can show off the sleek sides or a skin fade. You might want to avoid this haircut if your face is very long and narrow.

Highlighted Pompadour

highlighted-pompadour-mens-thick-hairstylesIf your hair is very thick, it can look like a solid mass on your head, especially if you use a lot of product. Add some depth with highlights dispersed throughout this best haircut for thick hair.

Dreadlocks Mid Bald Fade

dreadlocks-men-thick-hair-cutsIf your hair is coarse enough, twist it into dreads. This look doesn’t have to make you look like a hippie. Keep the dreads shorter to make a contemporary fashion statement. Make sure to condition your dreads to keep them long and healthy.

Shaggy Brush Cut

shaggy-brush-cut-men-thick-hairMake your texture pop by working pomade into the ends. Pull the front pieces toward your face, and style the rest of your hair with a blow-dryer in alternating directions.

Short Sides With Curly Top

curly-top-short-sides-mens-haircut-thickIf there’s nothing you can do about your tight curly or wavy hair, keep them on top of your head. Prevent the whole thing from looking like a clown’s hairstyle by keeping the sides tightly cropped with a fade haircut.

Tapered Pompadour Low Fade

tapered-pompadour-mens-thick-hairstyleThis is one very clean haircut. The tapered pompadour blends the long hair from the front with shorter hair in the back. The sides also taper cleanly down. This is one style that looks better when it’s polished, not when it’s messy.

Medium Shaggy Layers

medium-shaggy-layers-mens-thick-haircutsIf you’re more surfer than hipster, keep your hair longer and get lots of layers. Long fringe can be pulled down and to the sides. Texturizer will help the ends look spiky.If you’re wondering how to style thick hair, consider a textured, slightly messy style. Your hair probably doesn’t want to do exactly what you coax it to do. Therefore, if you keep it a little on the bedhead side of things, it will look great no matter what (even if you did just roll out of bed).Gel can be tough to work with if you’re not going for the wet look. Instead, try a thicker product, like a putty or clay. Work it into dry hair so you can tell how much you’re applying. Make sure that you understand the differences between pomade, wax, clay and more. The right products can make the best hairstyles for men with thick hair look perfect.

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