37 Perfect Hairstyles and Haircuts For Round Face Women

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Updated 04-10-2023

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2. Shaggy Short Cut With Bangs

Shaggy Short Cut With Bangs@erickinvisible

A short razor cut with bangs is one of the chicest hairstyles for women that can be styled in minutes. Edgy highlights can make this a look that is all your own. Bangs can be done a lot of ways, with some choosing to go blunt cut while others like a more textured approach. If you like to curl your bangs, then allow just a little extra length when getting a cut.

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We all have our unique beauty. The key to looking good is knowing yourself and fine-tuning your look around what makes you the person that you are. Round-face women have many gorgeous and flattering looks to choose from. Here are our picks of 37 perfect hairstyles for round face women. These looks are approachable, realistic, and are guaranteed to please!Disclosure: there are some products we feel so strongly about, that we can't help but promote them with affiliate links. This blog post contains some of those fantastic products, and we may receive a small monetary compensation - at no extra cost to you - if you decide to check out these products we love.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for a Round Face?

The first thing you need to remember is that the universal perfect and gorgeous hairstyle for women with round faces doesn’t exist. The choice of the best haircut for you depends on your hair texture, facial features, color type, not only on your face shape.However, there are some basic elements and tendencies that give the desired face-elongating effect, and most haircuts for round faces feature one of these:
  • Longer hair length
  • Keeping the parting off center
  • Adding bands
  • Choppy layers along the length
  • Textured hair styling
Avoid blunt and extremely short haircuts. Ask your stylist to implement several of the features listed above in your new face shape flattering hairdo, and show them a photo reference from our gallery.

How to Style Your Hair When You Have a Round Face Shape

Remember that the main task is to give more lightness and movement to your haircuts for round faces. Asymmetry always balances a round face shape. Style your hair with side parting, shaggy long bangs, apply texturizing spray to shag the layers, try soft waves.

Exploring Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Round Faces

A lot of the Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces that you have just seen can be done with little input. With the right cut, you can likely change hairstyles often by braiding, updos, and clip in extensions.

1. Side Swept Face Slimming Lob

Side Swept Face Slimming Lob@danimourthairA classic for a reason, this is sure to be go-to for most women at some point. Not much is needed for styling, but some people do add a lot of color to this look.

2. Shaggy Short Cut With Bangs

Shaggy Short Cut With Bangs@erickinvisibleA short razor cut with bangs is one of the chicest hairstyles for women that can be styled in minutes. Edgy highlights can make this a look that is all your own. Bangs can be done a lot of ways, with some choosing to go blunt cut while others like a more textured approach. If you like to curl your bangs, then allow just a little extra length when getting a cut.

3. Long & Highlighted Layers

Long & Highlighted Layers@touchedbyalex_This hip look is becoming on round faces because the length and texture add a lot of non round dimensions. The more layers, the better and as far as length, below the shoulders for longest layers is best for the full effect.

4. Mid Length Layers With Side Part

Mid Length Layers With Side Part@glamzzzbyannetteMid length is good for women that want manageability, great condition, and style options. Soft wispy layers help reduce weight and add body. You can braid hair, put it up, do a half up or down. Hair is short enough that it is easier to keep it shiny and in great condition.

5. Mid Length with Natural Curls

Mid Length with Natural Curls@jsl.essentialsSome women mistakenly think that only straight hair is capable of turning into a flattering haircut for round-faced women. However, textured hair, including wavy hair and naturally curly hair can give that desired slimming effect to round face shapes if cut with longer layers and styled wisely.

6. Round Face Framing Layers

Perfect Round Face Framing Layers Instagram:laurenpaynehairThis cut is always a popular one. Center part is chic and the fact that it is easy to keep looking good as it grows out to make this a cut that a lot of women go back to time and time again. This is an ageless cut in that you can look good in it regardless of how old you are.

7. Longer Shaggy Pixie Cut

Longer Shaggy Pixie Cut@jomcintyrehairThis is ideal for round faces that prefer a shorter cut. The face-framing front longer pieces are good for balance. Make sure to tell your stylist you want to part hair to the side, so the cut is done right. Some ladies leave parts in the front that go to the chin and frame the face.

8. Soft Longer Curls

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 8 Instagram:jenna_pothierSoft long curls are gorgeous, and you can get them without chemical styling if you use steam rollers or a good large barrel curling iron. We suggest using a 1.50 to 1.75 barrel like this T3 one. This look bridges the gap between wave and full on curl.

9. Bangs

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 9 Instagram:_littlebittlehairBangs help cover up the forehead so they distract from a round face plus they are fun to have and style regardless.

10. Chin Length Side Parted Curls

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 10 Instagram:styles.by.cynthiaCurly hair with a lot of texture is even more stunning when a creative side part is used. Stacked layers in the back are another option if you are inclined.

11. Updos

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 11-1 Instagram:angelicaguzmanhairstylePerfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 11-2 Instagram:abby_hairministryAn updo creates volume on top of the head, so it balances out a round face. Just make sure to do a side part and not a middle part if you can.

12. Long Balayage Layers & Side Part

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 12 Instagram:hairbyjillianCan you say gorgeous? You will be traffic stopping in long layers and side part Balayage color adds more depth and dimension and is a better choice for women that do not want to rely on a salon for root touch-ups every 4-6 weeks like with some color services. Balayage costs more upfront then traditional color and the session is going to take substantially more time than the color services you are used to, but the results are longer lasting and less costly overall.

13. Voluminous Thick Long Layers

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 13 @karthik_vurve_officialMake sure that your long hair falls down your shoulders in a playful weightless way thanks to the multiple lengths layers styled towards the face with a large round brush. Keep the parting off center - asymmetry visually elongates round face shapes.

14. Loose Half Up & Down Pony Tail

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 14 Instagram:bloomhairloungePulling all your hair away from your face can accentuate some roundness but going halfway with the look can be a good way to keep hair manageable and good looking.

15. Messy Bun with Bandana

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 15 @dosedeilusaoRound faces can benefit from similar messy updos mixed with a bandana, a hairband, or another accessory. A messy bun implies various curtain bangs, carelessly side-swept bangs, loose curls falling down the sides of your round face shape. They inevitably draw attention and visually make a flattering hairstyle for round faces.

16. Top Knot

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Faces Instagram:indilonghairA very high on the head top knot is hot and easy to get. A bun maker styling accessory can make it as easy as sticking your hair in and rolling it up. For those that like to work out or that are super busy, this is a realistic look that can be dressed up with head bands, gems, or other accessories for a special look.

17. Head Bands

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 17 Instagram:gluecksmohnA well-placed head band can be a pretty accessory and be very flattering on rounder faces. Don't just go to any drug store and grab a headband. Purchase bands that are suitable for your sense of style at a beauty supply store or search online.

18. Straight & Smooth Long Cut

Perfect Hairstyles Fo18r Round Face Women - Instagram:hair.by.vanbellaWearing hair long and straight is easy and approachable and gives you that girl next door look that is hard to resist. Coarse hair may need some help with a keratin straightening treatment, or a gloss treatment will be enough for a lot of ladies.

19. Very Short Pixie Cuts

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 19 Instagram:estetica_russiaIf you don't mind a lot of attention paid to your face, a well-done pixie can be very flattering. You can leave some extra length in the front if you want with good results.

20. Low Braided Pony Tail

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 20 Instagram:westvibeThe low Braided ponytail look is fabulous for long hair fans that want to look elegant and put together. A jeweled clip or hair elastic can take a look up a notch.

21. Over The Shoulder Pony Tail

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 21 Instagram:nouvahairsAn over-the-shoulder ponytail with a teased crown part can be a majorly cute look. You don't have to have super long hair to do this; shorter hair will work too. This is a good look for showing off fancy hair accessories since you can use a large clip-style barrette for a low ponytail.

22. Big On Top Hair

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 22 Instagram:nouvahairsAny hairstyle that adds a lot of fullness on the top or the bottom will help with round facial features.

23. Page Boy

page boy round face hairstyles Instagram:hairbyrobbin1This super short with blunt bangs look is flattering and looks good with a lot of classy little hats. If you are not afraid of super short, then this is a retro look that should be on your future hairstyle list. The asymmetrical lines towards the chin can create interest as well.

24. An Interesting Part

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 24 Instagram:tiffanymhairThere are a lot of ways to part your hair. Having a part that is a bit different can make a big difference in the way your hair lays. This can take some time, but there are styling accessories you can use to get a zig-zag side part or similar. Special combs and even patterns can be bought if you want some help getting a perfect part.

25. Long Layered Heavy Babylights

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 25 Instagram:nouvahairsAnything that creates the appearance of flow is going to be a major help when it comes to making the most of a rounder face shape. Heavy Babylights are something you will have to get at a stylist for best results.

26. The Super Teased Up Asymmetrical Bob

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 26 Instagram:morganhairlockerBackcombing and some product are going to be needed to get your hair to do this, but it can be cute and manageable. This is edgy yet not so much that it is not a work friendly look anywhere you are.

27. Wispy Layers

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 27 Instagram:hairbyraquelrIf you do not love the choppy razor cuts that are so popular, then wispy layers may be the answer. As your stylist for soft layers and you will get what you need. These layers are usually achieved with a fine set of scissors and can take a few minutes longer at your stylist depending on just how layered you want to go.

28. Hot Color Pop

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 28 Instagram:gerilynghaisarzadehIf you like some of the fun colors that are increasing in popularity then what is stopping you from trying them out? If you can't commit to a bold color try a semi-permanent one first, This works best on pre-lightened hair.

29. Braids Perfect Braids For Round Faces

Instagram:Hairstyle_bbFrench braids or braids that create a lot of volume on top can be pretty and help balance out your face. Learning to braid is not as hard as you might think especially with the huge amount of tutorials out there.

30. Half Up Half Down with Waves

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 30 @hair.ashleighDon’t grab all the hair above the ears to make a half-up for round faces. Leave more soft waves near the face to elongate the round face shape and soften the whole look of this feminine hairstyle.

31. Clip It Back

Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 31 Instagram:themakeupbarlondonWe all need styles that we can get fast at times. If you have shoulder length hair or longer, then putting a few a large clips a teasing the top a bit for volume is a casual and fun look that you can get away with anywhere. If you want a neater look, then you might consider using a smoothing serum or a holding spray to get you through the day.

32. Braided Hair Crown Perfect Hairstyles For Round Face Women - 32 Instagram:estetica_russia

Creating braid crowns on your hair with pins is so easy it is a surprise that more women don't do this. Simply make a braid the size you want it and then wrap and pin. You can do this as much as you want, even going so far as to make a crown of hair flowers. This is a look that is doable for shorter hair as well; you just have to have enough to create a small braid to get a little flower.

33. Messy Bob

Messy Bob@immallorybrookeMessy hair textures make not only a trendy hairstyle but also voluminous and asymmetrical, which is perfect to turn short hair into a flattering hairstyle for round faces as well as to draw attention to your best features.

34. Curly Updo

Curly Updo@stylingbellaaCurls can be dangerous for round face shapes, adding width and weight to the look. But if you pull them into a high updo and leave medium-length curls in front, you’re gonna hack the curls and adjust them for round face shape needs.

35. Straight Bob

Straight Bob@bobspirationStraight hair is a win-win option for round-face shapes. No matter if you have fine hair or thick hair, a straight shoulder-length bob with side parting will work magic.

36. Loose Waves

Loose Waves@un.rootedThe main task when dealing with long hair for round faces is to achieve a visually lightweight hair texture. Wispy bangs, choppy layers, balayage coloring techniques, soft waves will make the most flattering hairstyles for women with long hair and round faces.

37. Angled Bob

Angled Bob@_paris_hair__Short haircuts can be risky for round faces since they can put on extra weight, width, and volume, especially on thick hair. An angled bob is a great solution since it implies a shoulder-length haircut in front that gradually rises into a super short haircut at the back.


What Characterises a Round Face?

Round faces feature almost equal width at the cheekbones and the length. The hairline is wide, the forehead and the jawline are roughly the same. Generally, a round face shape has soft features, without defined parts.

Which Haircut Looks Good on a Round Face?

All types of slimming haircuts with shaggy layers and curtain bangs, wavy medium-length hair and a messy long bob. Haircuts with off-center parting and long bangs.

Do Round Faces Look Better with Shorter or Longer hair?

The longer your haircuts for round faces, the better. Still, there are some secrets on how to make a short haircut work for round faces as well.

What Hairstyles Make Round Faces Look Thinner?

All hairstyles for round faces either partially cover the sides of your face making it look thinner, or give extra volume on top visually elongating the face.

Do Bangs Work with Round Faces?

Absolutely! All kinds of long bangs work just magic: curtain bangs, straight bangs swept to the sides, wispy bangs, longer curly bangs. Baby bangs can work too if you add layers falling to the face from the sides.

Is Layer Cut Good for Round Face?

Sure, a shaggy haircut with choppy layers will benefit women with round faces if the cut’s length looks proportional.

Where Should I Part My Hair for a Round Face?

In most cases, the stylists recommend keeping your parting off center. Thus, a side part is your win-win choice.

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