30 Trendy Haircuts for Women Over 30

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Updated 01-5-2024

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Sleek Shoulder Length Side Swept Cut


Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 2Instagram:somasalonandspa

We love shoulder-length hair because it is easy to keep looking sleek and gorgeous but is long enough to do a lot of fun stuff with. Add some fabulous highlights for drama and an edge that cannot be ignored.

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Style options when you are over 30 are plentiful. While we have a stunning list of styles here for you to look over, there are a lot more variations to try out. We believe our list can inspire you to realize what style is most suitable for you and your brand of beauty and fashion sense. Now for our list of trendy haircuts and hairstyles for women over 30!

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30

Mid-Length Wavy Bob

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 1 Instagram:annnikkiiiThis bob is great for those of us that don't want a lot of hassle in the morning but want enough length to be able to style and go from the office to out on the town. Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence have been seen with a variation of this look when making public appearances.

Sleek Shoulder Length Side Swept Cut

 Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 2Instagram:somasalonandspaWe love shoulder length hair because it is easy to keep looking sleek and gorgeous but is long enough to do a lot of fun stuff with. Add some fabulous highlights for drama and an edge that cannot be ignored.

Silky Balayage

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 3 Instagram:mastersofbalayageThis is popular with younger people but done well you can wear this in your 30s. A work-friendly version may avoid some of the brighter hair colors you see out there. Blonde and brown streaks look really good on a lot of women without being too far out there. If you want some fun color without commitment, then clip in extensions can help you with this.

Short Pixie Cut

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 4Instagram:erickohairShorter pixie cuts can be a major help to busy gals. You can wear a lot of fun earrings with this cut and make good use of carefully placed streaks of color. Pixies are seen on a lot of celebrities, and they can show off eyes. Carefully done makeup will help bring out your best features with this cut. Using a Hair pomade gives your pixie cut some controlled texture.

Long Layers

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 5Layers always have a place in a list of hot and approachable hairstyles. If you are growing your hair out layers will make it look good throughout the whole process. Ladies with thick hair should familiarize themselves with layers for more comfort.

Razor Cuts

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 6Cuts that are shaggy and hip right now are fine-tuned with a razor comb. This inexpensive device makes it easy to maintain this look at home or as your hair grows out and you add more layers. If you plan on using a razor comb a lot, get one with replaceable blades.

Straight Shoulder Length With Bangs

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 7Instagram:thehairboutique.njBangs are a trend that is here to stay. This lovely cut is perfect for those that want a length that they can use for an updo. Bangs draw others to your eyes and help hide wide foreheads and balance out a rounder face at the same time.

Stacked Bob

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 8Instagram:hiusbakkariThe stacked in the back look is a trend that has hung on for a long time. You don't have to go to a top salon to get this as it is simple to get. A lot of ladies add in highlights and lowlights that are custom designed for them.

Asymmetrical Just Below The Chin Cut

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 9Keira Knightly is amazing with this cut. This side-swept style looks fabulous on those with straight and shiny hair. The longer in the front layers draws you in for sure! If you are busy and want something cute and face-framing, then this is the look for you.

Balayage Blonde

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 10Instagram:yuri.h.styleBalayage is a method of highlighting that blends in as your hair grows out. These natural-looking highlights blend into your hair as it grows out, so it looks stunning for a long time. The range of highlights and lowlights is amazing when you see it.

Wavy Lob

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 11Instagram:wellaeducationThis is a look that can take you from soccer mom to glam. Great color makes the style hipper, and you shouldn't be afraid to push the envelope of color. Waves can be had through heat, rollers, or iron.


Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 12Instagram:ariasalonspaThis casual Topknot look is easy, and you can adorn it with hair accessories such as a happening set of hair sticks if you want. This is an fab look for the weekend and hanging out with friends or when running errands.

Hot Color Ombre

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 13Instagram:jasminakokkonenThe ombre look can get taken to a whole new level when you incorporate hot colors into the look. A lot of stylists have experience with this type of color now so while pink might not be your color, there are a lot of colors in the rainbow for you to try out.

Very Long With Bangs

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 14 In your 30s there is no reason to stop rocking long hairstyles for women. Those that crave super long but can't seem to grow it out can turn to hair extensions for a super long look. Bangs add definition to gorgeous eyes.

Ponytail with Bangs

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 15Instagram:. wilshirewigsThis style is one of the best trendy haircuts and can help control hair while still creating a stylish and sexy look. Curls make it more voluminous, but with some texture spray, you can achieve a similar effect without the curl.This look can be used for special occasion looks when you are in a hurry and can’t utilize a stylist.

Big Braid Updo

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 16The Big Braid Updo is a wonderful solution for those with long and luscious hair. This reverse French braid is sure to keep hair out of the way and to look beautiful during those long days. This can be worn casually, or it also makes a good style for more formal events.

The Undercut Design

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 17Instagram:brodiethebarber_One thing about the undercut is that when you need to look more conservative, it is pretty easy to do. The design is under your hair so unless it is up, not may people will notice it. This style gives you amazing creative freedom and doesn't cost a lot at the stylist. This can be a very edgy look, but 30s age ladies can totally pull it off!

Go Red

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 18Instagram:boho_krdThere are far more shades of red out there than you might realize. When you go for red hair, the results can be amazing. If you have naturally dark hair, then a very dark and gothic looking red can be stunning when applied by a good colorist that understands where to deposit the color and where to leave it alone. Hair color tip : Since Red color fades the fastest, We recommend using a color-safe shampoo to keep color lasting as long as possible.

Medium Shoulder Length Layers

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 19An easy style that gives you options is all a lot of us ask for when it comes to hair. This look is inexpensive but flattering. Updos are possible but leaving it down is super manageable, and you can just wash and wear if you are not feeling it some days.

Very Long Asymmetrical Cut

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 20Instagram:Jaqui.SwanThe asymmetrical look is not just for shorter cuts. Longer hair can be alluring it can help take some weight off of thick tresses so you have better body and bounce.

Half Up

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 21Those that are trying to control thicker and longer hair can look beautiful simply by pulling half of the hair back. The way you pull it back is up to you. Higher pony tails create more volume and an almost bouffant look. Try using fun scrunchies to add some extra glam to this look.

Side Swept Long With Hair Gems

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 22Rihanna is hard to ignore when it comes to hot hairstyles. This look is simple to get if you already have some length to your hair, but you can get a similar effect with just sweeping shorter hair to one side and securing with your favorite hair gems or clips.

Low Messy Bun

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 23The go-to style for any busy woman should be the low messy bun. Teamed with some great earrings like those on the model, no one will know you were really in a hurry. Add in some hair accessory, and you will look like you put even more thought into your look in little time at all.

Double Messy Ponytail

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 24This is one of the most gorgeous trendy haircuts. Since this hairstyle only requires a few hair elastics and it looks good, you need to make a note of it if you have longer hair that you sometimes want just to look good in a hurry. Put bangs back in a pony and then make another larger pony tail out of all your hair. Tease hair and spray for extra hold if you want. Texturizing products can be a big help when fine tuning this look.

Spiral Perm

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 25Instagram:permsfeedThe spiral perm might have been popular in the 1990s, but it has been making a major come back. This is a way to get fantastic volume, but you are going to lose some of your lengths in the process. We suggest using a leave-in conditioner to help prevent any damage or excess drying to the hair.

Rounded Bob

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 26Instagram:CostcuttersThe rounded bob is one of the most popular trendy haircuts for women over 30, but it's also a great women's hairstyle for older ladies. This is a basic cut but we love it for how face-flattering it is and that it goes with a lot of different lifestyles. Plus if you have damaged hair and wanted to grow it back out, this can help you transition if you get this look and then start on a better haircare path.

Slicked Back & Long

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 27If you have long hair, this is one of the best trendy haircuts. All you need to do is get a good gel or pomade and comb hair back as you would like. If you want to find tune the look more, you can use a few clips or pins to secure some more unruly parts.

Long Braids

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 28Instagram:eautiful_life_hairstylesMid-length to long-haired women can do well if they play with braiding their hair in various places. If you want to draw attention to a certain area of your face, then a braid can help. There are so many different methods of braiding, and since it is free minus your time, it is a good way to get a lot of styles without a lot of expense and trips to stylists.

Heavily Highlighted Beachy Waves

Hair Tip: To make those highlight pop Try using a purple shampoo to enhance the icy blonde tones.Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 29Instagram:colorbymarina

Gray Bob with Colorful Shadow Root

Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 - 30Instagram :karyssadoeshairGray hair can be gorgeous. Plenty of younger women are going with Opal or Gray hair color. Some women do gray a little sooner than others, and this is one way just to go with it and still look fantastic. Opal hair color is often a good compromise if you don't want all gray. This type of color is best left to the pros so book an appointment with an experienced stylist

Trendy Haircuts and Style Choices In Your 30s

While you may be in your 30s, that doesn't mean you still cannot wear all the fashionable looks. There is no pressure to cut off all your hair either. Long hair can be easy to manage if you have a style of long hair that is right for your lifestyle.Regular trips to a stylist are not required for all looks, but it is good to plan a visit at least a few times a year. While you can trim some at home to extend the time between visits, at some point, it is good to let a professional get your hair just right. Also if you are making major style changes, it is always good to give yourself some time to consider different looks.

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