The Most Famous Celebrity Hair Stylists

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Updated 10-17-2022

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Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson


Based out of New York, David Gibson works with Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana, among others. His work has appeared in major publications as well as New York Fashion Week. Gibson contributes regularly to “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show.

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Do you ever wonder how celebrities get that perfect hair? Celebrity hairstylists are responsible for everything from creating the perfect cut to coaxing out the ideal texture. The best stylists work with the stars’ personal fashion sense and individual style to develop color and cuts that become part of their signature look.We’ve all taken notice when stars have dramatically altered their look by chopping their locks or going from black to blond to red. These are the most famous celebrity hair stylists behind those genius moves.

David Mallett

David Mallett Although originally from Australia, David Mallet works out of the Salon de Coiffeur in Paris. His clients include Diane Kruger, Liv Tyler, Julianne Moore and Marion Cotillard. He is known for creating the light, bouncy styles embodied by many actresses and supermodels. Mallett has created his own line of styling products, including Volume Powder, a lightweight, concentrated product that makes hair look thicker and gives it more height.Today, you can approach and taste David Mallett’s art also in New York - not just in Paris.

Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson@tedgibsonBased out of New York, David Gibson works with Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana, among others. His work has appeared in major publications as well as New York Fashion Week. Gibson contributes regularly to “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show.

Serge Normant

Serge Normant Serge Normant styles the tresses of Christy Turlington, Reese Witherspoon and Gisele Bundchen. However, he may be best known for his longstanding relationship with Julia Roberts’ hair. He plays with his own line of products and the celebrity’s individual fashion sense to create long, sweeping looks and sophisticated updos.Serge Normant@sergenormantIt is a new chapter of the legendary Sex and the City HBO series that has become the recent loudest project with the active participation of Serge Normant.

Hiro Haraguchi

Hiro HaraguchiHiro Haraguchi provides styling and hair care products for celebrities such as Vera Wang and Lisa Kudrow. He has been considered one of the top ten hairstylists in the world by The Richest.According to his website, Hiro Haraguchi prides himself on creating a comprehensive personal look for each of his clients. He began his career in Japan and now works out of a salon in New York City.

Tracey Cunningham

Tracey CunninghamDo you covet the vivid perfection of the hair of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Anya Taylor-Joy and Jessica Biel? Tracey Cunningham is an expert colorist behind their light-reflecting locks.Based out of Los Angeles, Cunningham carefully crafts the ginger tones of Emma Stone’s hair and Gwyneth Paltrow’s lemon tresses.

Marie Robinson

Marie RobinsonAre you familiar with Michelle Williams’ perfect blond hue? The color is the genius of Marie Robinson at work. Robinson’s infatuation with hair color stems from her artistic interests. She felt that coloring hair delivered a more immediate result than drawing or painting on paper.She’s a fan of maintaining your natural tone, but she loves playing it up to its full potential. Robinson’s other celebrity clients include Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman, Heather Graham, Naomi Watts.

Andy LeCompte

Andy LeCompteMadonna, Chloe Moretz, Katie Holmes and Megan Fox go to Andy LeCompte in West Hollywood for world-class styling. LeCompte’s first salon was opened in 2008, and it quickly became a hotspot for celebrities.The one-of-a-kind artwork and furniture make the salon feel like a private gallery. Personalized treatments help transform clients’ hair into works of art. Recently, Andy LeCompte has been a stylist for Tom Ford. GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone have published his works.

Mark Townsend

Mark TownsendThe guru behind Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s beach hair, Mark Townsend gives clients effortless style. In a town where fashion tends to be over the top, Townsend is down to earth. He is all about working with the clients’ natural style to deliver texture, interest and movement.He gets his inspiration from vintage fashion shows and clients’ own personalities. Recently, he has been working with Dakota Johnson a lot. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Lea Michele, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore are also parts of his portfolio.

Harry Josh

Harry JoshIn 2013, Harry Josh came out with the Pro Tools Blow Dryer, which got tons of attention from other celebrity stylists. The 80-mph wind speed created by this dryer blows thick, frizzy strands into absolute perfection.Josh is notorious for blowing out Gisele Bundchen’s long layered hairstyle. He has also worked on the ‘dos of celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Rose Byrne and Cindy Crawford, Kate Bosworth, Karlie Kloss, Miranda. He has also created a line of award-winning Pro hair tools.

Oribe Canales

Oribe CanalesOribe Canales has been responsible for designing the locks of high-profile divas like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz, Britney Spears, and Rihanna for more than 30 years.Many other hairstylists use Oribe professional hair products. The dry texture spray is one of his trendiest products to date. Oribe may be best known for his famous relationship with Jennifer Lopez or his bold fearlessness when it comes to being his true self.

Dan Sharp

Dan SharpDan Sharp has styled the mermaid-like waves on A-listers like Liv Tyler, Hillary Swank, Kate Winslet and Charlize Theron. He often uses the T3 Bodywaver to create large, curling waves. He and his wife, fashion photographer Dana Menussi, own Danka Panka salon in Brooklyn, New York.They opened the salon next to their apartment so they can work close to home and maximize their time with their family. It’s a modern space with a backyard that invites clients to gather, relax and connect.

Oscar Blandi

Oscar BlandiOscar Blandi’s celebrity clientele list includes Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Robin Wright, Ivanka Trump and Jimmy Fallon. Blandi is a fan of medium-length hair because he believes it works on almost everyone.He was responsible for chopping off Nicole Richie’s long locks in 2006 to give her the wispy bob that so many women still request today. His first salon was inside the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City. He now works out of an 11,000-square-foot salon on Madison Avenue. It’s the largest salon in the city.

Kyle White

Kyle WhiteSpeaking of Nicole Richie, Kyle White, the colorist at Oscar Blandi’s salon, has talked about how to create the perfect blue hue, like the one Richie sported recently. His trick is to get the hair as white as possible before transforming it into a brighter tone.Any yellow or orange tones that appear when the hair is bleached will make blue-toned hair look green once it has been colored.

Sally Hershberger

Sally Hershberger@sallyhershbergerPerhaps most famous for giving Meg Ryan her adorable shag haircut in 1996, Sally Hershberger was one of the first celebrity hair stylist to offer her pricey services to the public.Although the shag haircut was hugely popular in the ‘90s, it will probably never go out of style. Hershberger believes hair should have movement, and she cuts dramatic layers into women’s hair to give it the perfect texture and shape.

Edward Tricomi

Edward TricomiTim Burton was inspired to create his famous Edward Scissorhands movie after having his hair artfully snipped by Edward Tricomi. Tricomi considers himself an artist who sketches a haircut in much the same way that an illustrator designs a drawing.He typically works out of his Plaza Hotel salon in Manhattan. However, Tricomi also has salons across the United States.


GarrenGarren has created iconic hairstyles on superstars such as Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Victoria Beckham. Many of his signature styles have graced the cover of Vogue Magazine.Garren was the stylist who straightened Farrah Fawcett’s signature waves in the ‘70s, giving her a new look. Fawcett’s transformation launched Garren’s career.

Frédéric Fekkai

Frédéric FekkaiFrédéric Fekkai operates several salons in the United States and one in the Caribbean. Unlike many celebrity hairdressers, Fekkai eschews layers in favor of one-length hair.He has created elegant looks on Kim Basinger, Claudia Schiffer, Debra Messing, Renee Zellweger, Hillary Clinton and Dianna Agron.

Adir Abergel

Adir AbergelAdir Abergel has styled the tresses of Kirsten Dunst, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel.In 2017, he partnered with hair accessory company Lelet NY to create a collection of sculptural and artistic hair accessories. Bling is in, and the mixed-metal collection of accessories is designed to be worn on the red carpet and in everyday life.

José Eber

José Eber@joseeberofficialJosé Eber’s hair is as long and flowing as that of Victoria’s Secret model. He has been a favorite in the world of celebrity hair since the 1970s and has authored two books about beauty.Eber excels at creating sexy, unstructured styles and has famously styled the hair of Farrah Fawcett, Cher and Elizabeth Taylor. Eber has helped define feminine beauty for more than four decades.

Chris McMillan

Chris McMillan@mrchrismcmillanOne of the most notorious hairstyles of all time was “The Rachael,” Jennifer Aniston’s famous layered cut that she revealed on the TV show Friends in 1995. Chris McMillan crafted that soft, blended style.He still tends to Aniston’s mane, although she favors a less structured, beachier look nowadays. McMillan is also the brainchild behind Michelle Williams’ effortless pixie cut.

Sherron Baylock

 Based in Chicago, Sherron Baylock has styled Ta’Rhonda Jones’ hair since before she landed the part on Empire. The two have collaborated on many of Jones’ sculpted looks.

Nicky Clarke

Nicky ClarkeBritish Nicky Clarke has been a hair stylist for Cindy Crawford, David Bowie, Princess Diana, Helen Mirren, Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller. He has famously commented on Dutchess Kate’s hair, saying that she could be more adventurous with it and criticizing her grey roots, as reported in a Daily Mail article.

Orlando Pita

 Orlando Pita is known for permeating his runway model clientele’s hair with volume. He has also coiffed Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna His line of products, Orlando Pita PLAY, allows everyday people to get the same kind of volume and shine that most people only see in fashion shows.

Frank Galasso

 Frank Galasso builds up women’s hair with massive, sexy volume. He is responsible for Kim Kardashian’s signature style. In order to get that signature look, he has designed a collection of hair extensions that blends easily with any hair color.

Cervando Maldonato

 Felicity Jones, Kirsten Dunst and Elizabeth Moss are all clients of Cervando Maldonato. Sally Hershberger was one of Maldonato’s mentors. He now works out of Los Angeles and is passionate about the world of fashion.

Brant Mayfield

 Brant Mayfield works at the Chris McMillan salon. One of his most of-the-moment clients is Ruby Rose. He has also worked with Miley Cyrus and Courtney Cox.

Robert Ramos

 If you want to know where Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling get their hair done, it’s at Robert Ramos’ Estilo Salon. Jessica Alba is another one of Ramos’ famous clients.

Jon Reyman

 Some celebs are just too busy to spend a lot of time at the salon. Jon Reyman is renowned for giving 15-minute haircuts. He’s all about cutting the hair while it’s dry to give it optimal texture. He has worked with Christina Milian and Sienna Miller and styles models’ hair for runway shows.

Chaz Dean

 Chaz Dean is legendary for creating the Wen line of hair care products. He has helped deliver healthy hair to clients like Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna, Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields. Celebrity hair takes a lot of abuse, and it’s Dean’s mission to give women a straightforward hair care system that makes the most of their natural beauty.

Vidal Sassoon

 Vidal Sassoon is something of a legend in the celebrity hair industry. He was born in 1928 and infused the modern woman’s haircut with effortlessness in the ‘60s. He cropped the pixie cut that Mia Farrow wore in Rosemary’s Baby. He ended up building an empire of beauty schools, salons and hair care products. Sassoon died of Leukemia in 2012.You may not be a celebrity. However, you can copy many stars’ hairstyles just by visiting their stylists. Many own salons that are open to the public. You’ll definitely have to shell over more than what you pay at Supercuts, but many celebrity hair stylists offer reasonable options. Some work with a team that can mimic celebrity cuts and color. Don’t be afraid to have your 15 minutes of fame. Learn celebrity hairstyle secrets directly from the people who know the best.


Who is the most famous hairstylist?

It’s hardly possible to choose only one genius of the beauty industry among famous hairdressers. Top hair stylists are counted in dozens. However, we would single out these celebrity hair stylists: Jen Atkin, Chris McMillan, Frederic Fekkai, Kim Kimble, and Ted Gibson.

Who was the first famous hairdresser?

The first famous hair stylist was unsurprisingly a man named Champagne. He was born in Southern France, started his own salon, kicked off the hair industry in the 17th century, and styled hair of wealthy Parisian women, creating hair inspiration for less affluent ladies as well. As for female celebrity hair stylists, it was Madame Martin who moved the focus from natural hair to incredibly tall hair styles going along her career path.

Who is the highest-paid hair stylist?

Here are some of the richest celebrity hair stylists of Hollywood who earn big bucks by doing celebrity hair for every occasion from the red carpet to a Sunday brunch: Ted Gibson, Kim Kimble, Lacy Redway, Chris McMillan, Adir Abergel, Jen Atkin, Chris Appleton.

Bottom Line

Being a cutting-edge celebrity hairstylist is not just about knowing Katty Perry in person, being published in Harper’s Bazaar, and using exclusively Paul Mitchell product line. Being on a list of the best hair stylists mostly means to bring innovative ideas, create iconic looks, set the trends,and be open to experiments.

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