30 Haircuts For Women With Bangs to Try in 2023

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Updated 05-22-2023

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Shag Bangs

Shag Bangs


Who said bangs have to be short? Wear curtain bangs long and cut with a razor, let them blend into your thicker hair face-framing layers. You can also separate them out like center-parted bangs for added definition.

Blow-dry your wispy bangs under with a round brush, and then run your fingers through them as you draw those long curtain bangs to the sides.

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Haircuts for women with bangs have gone in and out of style over the years. Bangs hairstyles can make you look younger, highlight your facial features, hair texture, or even visually correct your face shape.Cute bangs can make your hairstyle look more versatile. You can blend your piecey bangs in with the rest of your hairstyle or make them a focal point. You can wear side bangs, baby bangs, wispy bangs, feathered bangs, curtain bangs, choppy bangs with trendy, curly hairstyles or straight haircuts.Whatever you do with your bangs, having fringe is a great way to look like you styled your hair without having to do much to it. Remember to deal with your bangs as soon as you get out of the shower.

How to Make Your Bangs Look Good?

If you wanna get and keep the haircuts with bangs of your dreams, follow these tips - you won’t regret them:
  • Know your face shape. Before adding bangs, your wishes and reference photos should be matched with your face shape. Haircuts with bangs should balance and complement your appearance, so the win-win fringe style depends on your facial features and face shape.
  • Get your bangs trimmed regularly. Keep your fringe bangs on point and edgy with regular bangs trims in between your haircuts.
  • Wash & style your bangs every day. Otherwise, you’re risking getting a sloppy hairstyle with bangs instead of iconic and flattering bangs hairstyles.
  • Dry shampoo can come in handy daily to help your bangs go through the day without greasiness, no matter what your hair type is.

Long And Wavy Bangs

Long And Wavy Bangs@rachelwstylistYou can still have wispy side bangs even with wavy hair texture. Keep elongated bangs, part hair in the center, and sweep the long fringe to the side. A blended balayage throughout your tousled waves makes this side bangs hairstyle look sunkissed.

Shag Bangs

Shag Bangs@yokii.sanWho said bangs have to be short? Wear curtain bangs long and cut with a razor, let them blend into your thicker hair face-framing layers. You can also separate them out like center-parted bangs for added definition.Blow-dry your wispy bangs under with a round brush, and then run your fingers through them as you draw those long curtain bangs to the sides.

Brunette Fringe That Brushes The Brows

Brunette Fringe That Brushes The Brows@corazonsagrado_Sleek but laid back, these wispy bangs are thinned out at the ends. Bring the straight bangs beyond the brows so that they don’t look too short. The rest of this medium-length style has shiny waves of natural hair with highlights and a few layers for texture. However, it still retains its natural shine and draws attention.If you have natural curl pattern, create wave with a straightening iron to seal the cuticle and prevent frizz in your gorgeous hairstyle. Run the straightening iron quickly down the bangs to keep them from sticking out in all directions.

Straight Texture Bangs

Straight Texture Bangs@yokii.sanEach strand is emphasized in a style that has a few layers and lots of volume. An angled part gives you a tousled look. With this low-maintenance hairstyle, you don’t want to see the part at all. Grab alternating 1-inch sections along with the crown of the head and pull them to the opposite side. This creates a zig-zag part with plenty of volume. Thin out the layers with a razor for a hair texture that swings when you move.

Long Layers And Bangs

Long Layers And Bangs@joeyperrottiMake sure that your long curtain bangs start far enough back to make this look successful. You won't really have to create a part when each strand of hair starts at the center of the top of your head. The longer the hair length is, the more layered hair you can get. Thanks to layers your hair won’t fall flat, which is great for fine hair types.

Bangs To The Lashes

Bangs To The Lashes@yokii.sanThis messy fringe grazes the eyelashes to bring attention to the windows of the soul. Add a little interest to the rest of the style with some balayage at the ends of the hair. Just keep those edgy bangs dark. Such wispy bangs along with the shag haircut have a fleur of a retro vibe, still, such haircuts with bangs have made a comeback.

Growing-Out Topknot

Growing-Out Topknot@dommiecoleYou can’t see the bangs in this style. That’s because they’re drawn up into a knot at the top of the head. This is a great way to get bangs off of a sweaty forehead in the summer.You can also disguise bangs that are growing out by teasing them into the hair above your head. If they keep falling down, use powdered shampoo before blending them in with your longer layers.

Lob With Long Bangs

Lob With Long Bangs@edosalonandgalleryAlthough you don’t have to sport bangs with a lob haircut, elongated bangs add shape as a shorter layer around the face that highlights facial features. You can part your hair on the side and sweep the bangs to the opposite side.You can also create a center part and have the textured bangs frame the face with texture. Highlights in all the right places emphasize the shape of this shoulder-length hair type.

Shaggy Short Fringe Bangs

Shaggy Short Fringe Bangs@edosalonandgalleryThe shaggy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look gets a little polish with some fringe. Short bangs that end just below your eyebrows can be tousled with the rest of your hair.If your bangs are sticking out when you wake up in the morning, just blast them with a hair dryer to tame them without making them look too perfect. The beauty of this style lies in its imperfection.

Full Pointed Fringe

Full Pointed Fringe@nancymelendez_Thick bangs that are pointed at the ends are the perfect complement to lots of wavy layers. Not quite straight and not quite wavy, these bangs create a textured frame to the face and bring out the eyes. A few highlights around the face will lighten up the look so that it doesn’t get too heavy on medium-length hair.

Striped Shag With Bangs

Striped Shag With Bangs@yokii.sanChoppy layers can look even better with dramatic lowlights contrasted with bright highlights. Normally, colorists tend to shy away from coloring the feathered bangs. However, with this unique chin-length bob with natural curls hair texture, you can color the hair all over your head. This includes the curtain fringe.Don’t make the bangs too blunt, and use plenty of volumizer and texturizer to get a tousled look. A straightening iron is your friend when you have this natural texture hairstyle with bangs.

Super Thick Bangs

Super Thick Bangs@florence.hairHairstyles with bangs look amazing on very thick hair. When your hair is coarse, you can’t be noncommittal about your bangs. Don’t get a wispy fringe, or it will look like you were a little undecided when you got bangs.It won’t match the rest of your style. These thick bangs look best surrounded by long layers of the wavy bob. If the layers on the sides of your head are cut too short, you might end up with a bowl haircut effect.

Long Blended Bangs

Long Blended Bangs@lyallwhitworthBangs that blend into the layers that flank them make a long, layered haircut look styled at all times. Thin out the ends instead of cutting straight across, and you’ll be able to sweep them to the left and the right.A few pieces of layered hair will fall in the center of your forehead. This narrows the look of a wide forehead or a triangular face balancing up the facial features in these face shapes.

Caramel With Volume

Caramel With Volume@jadeannlovesThe height is strong all over with these caramel-toned side bangs. The thick classic fringe is softened at the edges. The sides taper nicely into the rest of the haircut.Major layers create volume and hair texture around the head, but the layers aren’t cut into the shape of the fringe. Dark roots also create visual volume. This is a great medium-length haircut look for face-framing bangs that you just started growing out.

Strong Side-Swept Fringe

Strong Side-Swept Fringe@nomoreboringhairPull back your hair and let your bangs speak for themselves. Side-swept bangs angle down into long layers around the face giving it a more oval shape.When you pull your hair into a ponytail, these layered side bangs will hang free and give you a carefree look. You can lightly curl the layers for extra movement and softly sweep them to the side. Play with those deep side bangs for different hair lengths.

Long Hair, Short Bangs

Long Hair, Short Bangs@monique.monroeDon’t be afraid to cut cute baby bangs even if you have long locks. Make the ends of your straight bangs edgy so that they don’t blend even if you sweep them to the side a little bit.Train your blunt fringe to fall down by aiming the blow dryer at it as you brush it in that direction with a paddle brush or just style it with a flat iron. Don’t use a round brush if you don’t want to look like Shirley Temple.Remember that an edgy micro fringe will make you visit your hair stylist more often than a long layered fringe or wispy bangs. But this stylish and unique hairstyle with bangs is worth all the fuss.

Choppy Bangs With Straight Hair

Choppy Bangs With Straight Hair@xxh_dwIf your hair is long and straight, choppy bangs can add a lot of interest to what might otherwise be a bland style. Have the ends cut bluntly and keep the blunt bangs straight.The thin hair bangs can cover your eyebrows. Your blunt bangs should start in the center of the top of your head. Sweep the fine hair bangs down and don’t overdo with pomade or wax to keep them in place.

Short Bangs With Volume

Short Bangs With Volume@amberrenesalonThis vintage look is ideal on dark hair. Super short bangs are only an inch or so long. They’re slightly layered.These baby bangs work well with a shag and shoulder-length hair. If you have long layers, you can throw them into a messy updo to complement your fringe.

Perfectly Sleek Bob

Perfectly Sleek Bob@enmira.izmBlunt bangs that have a dramatic, sharp edge are beautiful with an angled bob. If your hair has no hope of curl, it will hold its shape well in this style. If you do have wavy hair, straighten it before sealing with an anti-frizz serum.

Messy Bob With Short Bangs

Messy Bob With Short Bangs@caroline_eggwhiteIf you have extremely curly hair, the shortest bangs might be your best bet. Crop the cute fringe close to the hairline, and keep the rest of your short hair bob messy. Don’t forget to tousle the front along with the back, or your short straight fringe won’t match the rest of your wave.

Bright Red Pixie

Bright Red Pixie@thecutlifeShort bangs sometimes beg for a pixie cut to set them off. Sharp angles around the sideburns and lots of texture throughout the hair make this style look dramatic. Go intense with your color for hair that turns heads.

Elfin Layers with Bangs

Elfin Layers with Bangs@haircutcandiA cross between a pixie and a shag, this haircut can bring volume to fine hair. It can also thin out thick, wavy hair. It’s super choppy from front to back. The longest layers are in back and brush the collar.The front has shorter fringe along the forehead and choppy layers that come to the earlobes.

Layers In Front

Layers In Front@behindthechair_comWhen you have tons of long layers, you can bring them out in the front of your hair. The outer layer of your hair can stay long so that you can sweep your bangs to the side.Underneath, have some short fringe cut in that peeks out when the hair is side swept. It’s like having two sets of bangs in one.

Asymmetrical Texture

Asymmetrical Texture@tonytony1226Heavy bangs don’t have to be cut straight across. Nor do they have to be long and side-swept. They can be heavy and asymmetrical. Have the ends cut on the diagonal, and build in lots of layers. The result is a thick, feathery fringe with lots of movement.Follow with an asymmetrical cut throughout the hair. The side near the shorter end of your bangs can be cut shorter, getting longer as you move around the back of the head to the other side. This looks feminine but has edgy appeal.

Short Boho Hairstyles With Bangs

Short Boho Hairstyles With Bangs@davidwbullenBohemian hair doesn’t have to be long. If you have a lot of waves to your hair, have the ends thinned out and cut your hair into a modern pageboy.Keep the bangs long, and drag them to the side. They’ll flip and twist with the rest of your hair, adding to your laid-back image.

Long Bangs, Short Hair

Long Bangs, Short Hair@shorthaircutcomYou might imagine a pixie cut with short bangs. However, you can have long bangs in front and a short, shaggy cut around the rest of your head. Keep it very layered so that you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a helmet. Have the bangs thinned out so they look wispy and can be styled to the side.

Chunky And Sleek Bangs

Chunky And Sleek Bangs@elkeseekanWhether you have short or long hair, you can cut chunky bangs with pointy ends. Keep sections of the bangs together by securing them with a sticky texture product. Sweep them to the side throughout the day for added movement. Keep the rest of your haircut sleek. If you have a short cut, you can comb gel through your hair. If you have longer hair, you can pull it back into a ponytail or tidy bun.

A Center Part Hairstyles with Bangs

A Center Part Hairstyles with Bangs@taya.hairIf you just can’t part with your long, bohemian hair, you don’t have to. Long bangs can go along with your look. Just extend your part through the bangs and have your stylist blend the ends into your length. This is another great cut for women who have highlights throughout their fringe.

Zooey Deschanel Bangs

Zooey Deschanel Bangs@zooeydeschanelWhat dark-haired woman hasn’t wondered if she would look good with this fringe? The bangs are thick and come down to the eyelashes. The ends aren’t completely blunt, but they’re not totally thinned out either. This is a fairly balanced look that works with long layers, a bob and everything in between.

Long Shag with Bangs

Long Shag with Bangs@rachelwstylistA textured shag can be cut into long length. This can create shape to hair that’s straight or slightly wavy. Don’t be afraid to have the top layers cut shorter than ear level.The Final FringeHairstyles for women with bangs can help soften the face, draw attention to the eyes and change the shape of the hairline. Bangs work with so many different hairstyles and face shapes. You can wear bangs with a hairstyle for round face women or with a haircut for narrow faces.Ask your stylist if you can have your bangs trimmed for free between cuts.You may also like:40+ Popular Party HairstylesStylish Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Girls

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