3 Fashion Essentials for College Guys

Looking to rehaul your wardrobe or just looking for some essential items to start you off on the right foot? You can't go wrong with these 3 items every guy should have in their closet.

Basic T-Shirts

Every dude needs at least a couple of basic T's for casual/every day wear, but guys make the mistake of going down to Wal-Mart and picking up a pack of 20 white shirts. Don't make this mistake, choose your basic T's carefully and consider things like colour, neck style (V neck? Round neck? Crew neck?) And most importantly, fit. The basic T's you get in packs usually have poor fit in my experience.



Some of my favourite places to buy plain T's are Top ManExpress  and H&M
(Hint: Check out our deals section for Express Coupons)

Dark Blue Jeans

Dark blue jeans should be a staple in every dude's wardrobe, there is no end to the amount of outfits that simply look better with dark blue jeans rather than light blue. Put simply, dark blue jeans match great with anything regardless of colour. You can't go wrong with some nice Levi's. If you have a larger budget Nudie Jeans and 7forallmankind are nice options to have.

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Versatile Sneakers

This is where opinions clash with a lot of people. Personally I'm loving the clean and athletic look of the Nike and New Balances that have been trending for awhile now. I know some dudes prefer boots but a nice pair of sneakers is an absolute necessity for a college guy.

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