29 Stylish Lob Haircuts and Long Bob Hairstyles in 2024

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Updated 02-11-2024

Piecey Lob

Piecey Lob


Ohhh, these romantic beach-inspired waves! Wavy or curly hair is guaranteed to give that special playful vibe to any long bob.

This relaxed and loose breezy medium hair style can be done with a big-barreled curling iron or large hot rollers. In the end, spritz some salt spray and lightly comb through your choppy lob hairstyle.

Here is an easy how-to video.

Wanna change your image but can’t go out of your comfort zone?Lob haircut is exactly what you need! This one-size-fits-all style is a low-risk solution for straight and curly, blonde and brunette, textured and sleek hair.In this blog post you’ll find:
  • A huge variety of long bob haircut styling ideas
  • The best lob hair idea for your hair type and face shape
  • Some inspiration on how to style your perfect long lob
Lob haircuts are a mixture of a timeless classic with an up-to-date vibe - the style for all hair types everyone should try at least once.

Long Bob with Bangs

Long Bob with Bangs@longbobcabeloAdding bangs is the best way to spice up your lob haircut. With extra hair texture, a very long bob looks on point.All you need to style such blunt lob with bangs is a round brush, a hairdryer, and a shine spray. A curtain fringe will emphasize your facial features, and the long layers in front will balance all face shapes.

Long Bob Side Part

Long Bob Side Part@romeufelipeAdd some drama and volume to your lob haircut by switching your parting to the side. Make a messy incredibly low-maintenance look by disheveling the front strands with a bit of sea salt spray or just pin them back with some embellished clips.

Wavy Lob with Bangs

Wavy Lob with Bangs@ahappyjustinBeachy waves have withstood the test of time from the 40s to nowadays, however, they never look too basic - on the contrary, they add a sexy retro vibe to your image. Incredibly flattering, incredibly feminine, incredibly versatile, they suit women of all ages.

Shoulder Length Lob Haircut

Shoulder Length Lob Haircut@romeufelipeA mid-length blonde lob haircut is more popular than a short layered lob, as it’s less eccentric and more versatile. Also, a medium lob allows for numerous styling options from top knots to elegant updos, unlike an above-shoulder haircut like a classic bob.

Blonde Lob

Blonde Lob@romeufelipeYou can get a lot of volume out of your blonde blunt cut if you take a root lifter. Apply on damp hair and spray on the base of roots, blow dry it with a round brush, and add some soft, messy waves.

Straight Hair Lob

Straight Hair Lob@cortesdivosoficialA simplistic straight lob shows off its choppy layers. With a creative zigzag parting and a touch of carelessness, this cute lob hairstyle looks so fresh. A straighter hair lob haircut works for various hair lengths.P.S. Don’t forget about the heat protectant before applying a flat iron!

Piecey Lob

Piecey Lob@longbobcabeloOhhh, these romantic beach-inspired waves! Wavy or curly hair is guaranteed to give that special playful vibe to any long bob.This relaxed and loose breezy medium hair style can be done with a big-barreled curling iron or large hot rollers. In the end, spritz some salt spray and lightly comb through your choppy lob hairstyle.Here is an easy how-to video.

Textured Lob with Bangs

Textured Lob with Bangs@yukistylistAdd a boho vibe to your soft lob hairstyle with a little bit of hair texture. Let your hair dry naturally and mist with a texturizing spray or run a few waves with a large barrel curler. Curtain bangs will add up to your shoulder-length cut.

Lob for Fine Hair

Lob for Fine Hair@romeufelipeMake your thin hair seem thicker with a blunt lob and some color highlights and lowlights.Consider dying your fine hair to let the lights, mediums, and darks work together with a volume-enhancing haircut for a visual «thickening» effect.

Lob with Side Bangs

Lob with Side Bangs@ahappyjustinSpice up your blonde lob with side-swept bangs. This is a cool and easy trick that helps to visually reduce the appearance of a large forehead or even make you look younger. Use a large round brush while blow-drying your asymmetrical lob to achieve the desired volume even on straight hair.

Curly Lob with Bangs

Curly Lob with Bangsinstagram:hairbyamybeeUnruly curly lob with bangs is one of the most effortless sexy look.All you need is a curling iron and hair texturizing spray. The Spray will add more definition to curls and give them some grit for an effortlessly chic look. To finish up, run your fingers through the curls to get a stylish hair from the photo.

Shaggy Lob

Shaggy Lobinstagram: waxxapeldoornMessy lob is always a good idea, especially for bad hair days. Complement your playful romantic look with a shattered lob with curtain bangs like this.

Angled Lob with Side Bangs

Angled Lob with Side BangsInstagram: hairbyevasfA-line bob has extra graduation in the back, adding natural texture and volume to a traditional long bob. The asymmetry of the hairstyle can be emphasized if you combine your Angled lob and a lob with side-swept bangs. Plus, mix subtle highlights with dark roots and incorporate long layers.

Long Bobs for Thick Hair

Lobs for Thick Hairinstagram: mandiedoesmyhairUnlike typical bob hairstyles, their longer «relatives» lobs can handle very thick hair and make it look elegant like this Asian Lob. Keep a bit longer hair in the front, move the middle part to the side, and play with the hair texture.

One Length Lob

One Length Lobinstagram: smsludhianaFor the lovers of classic edgy looks and symmetry, a Blunt cut or a long bob with no layers is a great idea. With a middle parting long bob will be even more gorgeous and on-point.

Brunette Lob

Brunette LobInstagram: colorme_kkbThis sexy dark lob is a true show stopper! It slims the jawline while looking stylish and classy. Long bobs like this are incredibly flattering for round faces.

Sleek Lob

cute sleek Lobinstagram: hairbylulumashCute lob hairstyles like this require some flat ironing to make sure hair is looking smooth and on point at all times. To get a styled straight look, iron your locks from mid-shaft to ends and move it straight out to the sides. Add some gloss with a spritz of shine spray.

Middle Part Lob

middle parting long bobInstagram:misha_beautyhairA middle parting long bob is the best variant of lob to have your first short haircut.If you’re planning to go for short hair and cut your hair into a bob or a lob, invest in a good curling iron and a couple of hair products like a shining spray, a dry shampoo, or a texturizing spray.Save the pictures of an inverted lob or asymmetrical lob with extra length in the front from this gallery to show your hairstylist and get your perfect long bob.

Celebrity Lob

Sexy and stylish, a lob couldn’t bypass the red carpet of Hollywood. Kendall Jenner along with all the Kardashian/Jenner clan are fans of sharp long bob haircuts. Lucy Hale and Olivia Culpo lob haircuts are other examples of a celebrity lob low-maintenance hairstyle.

What Is a Lob Haircut?

The definition of «lob haircut» is a long bob, meaning a super-versatile cut with hair length between the collarbone and chin - somewhere above the shoulders, at shoulder level, or just below them.Since lobs are neither too short nor too long, they allow for numerous styling options from a sharp and sleek lob to beach waves. Also, it’s possible to make an elegant updo for a special occasion.What Is a LobInstagram: nylonhairartists

Lob vs Bob

Lob - 2Instagram : agence_salonIf you’re considering a brand new look but can’t choose between lob hair and bob cut, it all depends on where you are now.If you’ve got long hair and want to experiment, you should better try a lob first. If you’ve already had a lob, go for a bob - even if you don’t like it much, your hair will soon grow back into a lob, which is your safe tested zone.Also, when choosing between these two hairstyles, bear the next in mind:
  • Length
A lob is usually shoulder-length, while bob is cut at jaw-level. A lob can be styled into an updo, a braid, a bun, or a ponytail, while bob is too short to make something more complex than a half-up.
  • Texture
Both lobs and bobs work great with sleek, straight, choppy, textured, wavy, and curly hair.However, for extremely thick hair, a long bob is the only option since cutting it too short makes hair frizzy, unruly, and puffy. As for very thin hair, a bob will give it extra pump and volume.
  • Face Shape
Lobs work for all face shapes, while bobs can make a round or square face bigger.
  • Maintenance
Whichever you choose - lob or bob - you will have an easy-maintenance, stylish and sexy hairstyle that can harmoniously complement any outfit of yours.

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