29 Ways to Style a Lob Haircut

The beloved lob (long bob), AKA the low-risk hairstyle we all choose when we want a change, but we're too scared to part ways with our long locks.Why should we have to, anyway?Flattering faces both round and square, hair both curly and straight, the lob is truly a one-size-fits-all haircut.It's the style that every celeb has rocked at one point or another and the one that we never seem to get tired of. Maybe it's the versatility that we love or the way it has withstood time. Either way, we are all in for Team Lob and can't wait to share the top ways to style a lob haircut.

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29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Textured Lob | Hairstyle on Point

A textured, natural mane adds a boho vibe to your lob haircut. To get the look, let your hair dry naturally, and then mist with a texturizing spray.  If you need some added volume, spray a bit of dry shampoo (Batiste, every time!) at the roots and tousle with your fingers.

Quick tip: If your natural hair is stick-straight, use a large barrel curler to run a few waves through it.

Straight Hair Lob

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Straightened Lob | Hairstyle on Point

A sleek, straight lob shows off its choppy layers. Be sure to use a heat protectant before flat ironing and a serum after straightening to tame fly-aways and increase shine.

Piecey Lob

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Wavy Lob | Hairstyle on Point

Loose piecey, beachy waves are one of the most popular ways to style this choppy lob haircut. You can achieve this breezy style with a big-barreled curling iron or large hot rollers.  Start by blow-drying your hair with a round brush to maximize volume, and then wrap strands around the curling iron briefly to create loose waves. To finish off the beach-inspired look, spritz some salt spray and lightly comb through with your fingers to keep the curls from looking overdone.


Pair Undone curls with a lob for a effortless sexy look. Achive this look by Using  a 1 inch curling iron and  Hair texturizing spray . when Hair is all curled Run fingers through curls, Spray hair texturizer to get a long lasting and stylish Look.

Long Lob with Side Part

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Side Part | Hairstyle on Point

Switching your part to the side adds drama to your lob. If you have bangs, try sweeping them to the side and clip them back to hold them in place. If you have longer layers in the front, leave them loose for a carefree look.

Shoulder Length Lob

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Voluminous Lob | Hairstyle on Point

By combining a root lifter, thickening cream, and a solid blow drying technique, you can expect to get a lot of volume out of your lob. After applying the volume-boosting products to damp hair, blow dry with a round brush to pump it up to new heights. Finish off by adding soft, messy curls.

With Braids

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Braids | Hairstyle on Point29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Braids | Hairstyle on Point

Adding a braid or two to your lob is an easy way to get your hair away from your face and add a pretty, dainty element to your style.

Pinned Back

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Pinned Back Lob | Hairstyle on Point

Achieving this sweet style is as easy as it gets. Try taking a few pieces from the front and pinning them back in a simple crisscross design. If you have bangs, you can try pinning those back or to the side to show off different angles of your face.

In a Knot

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Half-up Bun | Hairstyle on Point

To spice up relaxed, loose waves, add a knotted bun. This chic style looks effortless and is one of the highest trending looks on Pinterest.

Half-Up Top Knot

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Half-up Top Knot | Hairstyle on Point

For a funky twist on a half-up style, try positioning a top knot high on the crown of your head. Start by pulling half of your hair up into a high ponytail. Next, take your tresses and twist them around the elastic, securing them with bobby pins as you go. Don't worry if it's a little messy or lopsided; a less than perfect top knot is totally on trend.

Long Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

lob with fringe

Another fun way to make you're lob a bit more sheek is to add Bangs! This Blunt Lob with bangs haircut is very easy to style, Use a round brush when blow-drying to curl and add volume to Fringe and Spray hair with a shine spray for a sleek new look.

Aline Lob

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Stacked Lob | Hairstyle on Point

The Aline Lob is an above shoulder haircut, but with added graduation in the back adds natural volume and versatility to the traditional lob.


With an Undercut

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with an Undercut | Hairstyle on Point

To the ladies who work a day job but love rocking a bold style, try a creative undercut. This funky twist on a lob allows you to maintain a professional, polished look when you need to and only expose your edgy side when the time is right.

Celebrity Lob - Textured Lob with Bangs

Celebrity Lob

The Hollywood Lob, So many celebrities like Michelle Willams, Kendall Jenner and Lucy Hale have gone for this stunning look. To achieve these beachy textured waves use a hair waver to style and don't forget to use some hairspray afterward for a long-lasting look.

Lob with Side Bangs

Spice up the lob with some side swept bangs. This is a great way to reduce the appearance of a large forehead or make anyone look more youthful.


Brunette Lob

This sexy brunette lob is a show stopper, The aline cut slims the jawline whiling looking stylish & classy.

Half-Up High Ponytail

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Half-up High Pony | Hairstyle on Point

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This throwback style is straight from the 80s, but in the best way possible. For a sleek look, use a clear elastic and wrap a thick strand of hair around the band, but for a more youthful, trendy style, play around with a bright-colored scrunchy.

Messy Low Knot

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Messy Low Bun | Hairstyle on Point

A loose, messy low knot is an effortless-looking way to style your lob haircut.  To give the updo a romantic touch, use a large-barreled curling iron on any pieces that fall out of the knot.

Retro Waves

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Retro Waves | Hairstyle on Point

The lob was a total bombshell in the 40s and 50s, and we're so glad these retro, sexy waves have followed us into 2018.

Fully Braided

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Fully Braided Lob | Hairstyle on Point

The lob is a cut with a lot of structure, so it lends itself beautifully to a braided style.  You can achieve the length naturally, or ask your stylist to use extensions to get these lovely lob-length braids.


29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Pastel Hair Color | Hairstyle on Point

Not sure which hair color to pair with your lob? If you want something daring, we're obsessed with this pastel pink. For other unique hair color ideas, check out our thoughts on metallic hair dye.


29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Ombre | Hairstyle on Point

If your hair tends to fall flat, an ombre lob may be the answer. The layers and blend of shades make for incredible dimension, creating the illusion of full, voluminous hair.

Bold Color

29 Ways to Style Your Lob Haircut | Lob with Bold Hair Color | Hairstyle on Point

Another big trend in hair color right now is bold jewel tones. Deep purples, blues, and greens look great on brunette lobs. You can ask your stylist for hues that are semi-permanent or designed to wash out after a few shampoos.



If you haven't found the perfect hair color for your lob, we've got your back with some of the hottest hair color trends for you to choose from.