26 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Updated 10-2-2022

From ashy blonde lobs to sleek top knots, this season welcomes some of the freshest, most gorgeous Asian hairstyles. Take a look at what's trending and don't be afraid to branch out and try something new – maybe a bright-blue bob or space buns, perhaps?

Regardless of which of these Asian hairstyles you choose, you'll have no problem replicating the look with our tips and recommended products. Here's a glimpse at 16 picture-perfect Asian hairstyles and haircuts that we can't help but share with you:

Highlighted Short Bob

Highlighted Short Bob

Asian hairstyles for women with thin or naturally thick hair are often spiced up with highlighted (usually blonde) hair strands that look contrasting and cool in combination with dark roots.

Caramel Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

Caramel Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

Caramel shades look more harmonious in Asian long hair cuts. Loose waves, face-framing layers and wispy bangs make this long-hair Asian hairstyle incredibly harmonious and fun.

Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Wispy Korean bangs are something that not every Asian girl would fancy. However, this fact is exactly what makes short hairstyles with wispy layers for Asian women so authentic, state-of-art, and unique.

Crimped Asian Hair

Crimped Asian Hair

Crimped long hair texture plus an eccentric hair color make cute Asian hairstyles. Straight Asian hair is mixed with crimped strands that enhance the thickness of this gorgeous hairstyle.

Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails

Classic Asian straight hair offers a brand new vibe when you create a couple of braided pigtails. This Asian hairstyle for women is made by braiding Dutch braids from forehead to the nape and creating fishtail braids down the length to get that pigtails effect. Long braided hair is a beautiful and convenient solution.

Blowout Hair

Blowout Hair

Asian ladies will benefit a lot if they add wispy layers along the length. Following in the footsteps of most Asian celebrities, make a cool blonde ombre gradation from naturally dark hair at the roots to almost white hair tips. The main secret is to pick the shade of blonde that suits your skin tone.

Knotted Low Bun

Knotted Low Bun

When it’s time to go to the gym and take the long hair away from the face or when it’s a special occasion and Asian women wanna rock a female Asian hair updo, you can consider such a basic but unboring knotted low bun that works magic naturally silky strands of Asian ladies.

Pastel Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Pastel Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Asian girls rock peek-a-boo hairstyles to toy around with their long hair color but still be able to hide that eye-catching bright color under the upper section of their glossy hair.

Razored Bob with Bangs

Razored Bob with Bangs

This trendy Asian short hairstyle features cute bangs aka Korean bangs, a messy ear-length classic bob with layers and texture. Short hair Asian hairstyles for women like this one require thick hair, a texturizing product, and blow-drying this trendy short bob sweeping the ends inwards with a round brush.

Dookie Braids

Dookie Braids

Despite dookie braids being more typically associated with Afro hair, this protective braiding is getting more and more favored by Asian girls.

Tousled Lob with Highlights

Tousled Lob with Highlights

Fresh caramel highlights are all over Pinterest lately and pair well with medium-length cuts like the lob. For added volume, run waves through the hair with a 1.25-inch curling wand and spray with a Dry Shampoo Texture Spray.

Ombre Curls

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Ombre Curls | Hairstyleonpoint.com
Posted on Instagram by @hairamberjoy

Smokey colors of gray and charcoal look gorgeous with Asian hairstyles. It's one of the hottest trends and looks absolutely stunning with big, beachy curls. To replicate this, use a 1-inch curling wand and spray with Kenra Light Hair Spray for a strong, but light hold.

Cropped Shag Cut

Cropped Shag Cut

This Asian hairstyle is incredibly spunky. If you're looking to spice up your look – we'd say go for it. Plus, it'll make styling your locks easier and quicker than ever, especially with a product like Fat Boy Perfect Putty.

Ashy Blonde Cropped Cut

Ashy Blonde Cropped Cut

This cropped cut is dainty and mature, but switching up the color of your hair to an ashy blonde like this will keep people on their toes.

Wispy Bangs and Soft Waves

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Wispy Bangs and Soft Waves | Hairstyleonpoint.com
Posted on Instagram by @SALSALHAIR

Take a common cut like this and chop off some bangs, and you've got a trend-setting new look. We love the light-weight fringe paired with soft, tousled waves – it's a dream.

Ashy Blonde and Long Layers

Ashy Blonde and Long Layers

There's no need to go for a dramatic haircut when you can wow everyone with a bold new color. Go for this wildly popular grayish blonde hue to complement icy skin tones.

Gray Ombre with Big Curls

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Gray Ombre with Big Curls | Hairstyleonpoint.com
Posted on Instagram by @EVALAM_

For an edgier take on ombre, try a black-to-white spectrum. Just be sure you have an experienced stylist to pull off this multi-process hair color.

Loose Top Knot

Posted on Instagram by @Natalialsimmons

The secret to an effortless top knot? A little something called PuffMe Volumizing Mist and an Invisibobble hair tie. The texturizing powder makes strands appear thicker and purposefully gritty.

Purple Blunt Cut

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Purple Blunt Cut | Hairstyleonpoint.com
Posted on Instagram by @IAMKARENO

We love nothing more than a blunt cut and hoops – unless it's a purples blunt cut and hoops with a rad headband.

Layered Lob

Layered Lob

It's no secret that we're in love with the lob, regardless of its color. But there's something majestic about this purple-orange style.

Lob with Fringe Bangs

Posted on Instagram by @reichelpotato

Bleaching your hair can tend to leave it damaged and dried out, so one of the best things you can do is chop off the dead ends. These blunt ends can stay perfectly hydrated and healthy with a little Olaplex No. 3 (the miracle worker everyone is talking about).

Periwinkle Bob with Half-Up Braided Bun

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Periwinkle Bob with Half-Up Braided Bun | Hairstyleonpoint.com
Posted on Instagram by @candicemarielv

Mixing braids and buns is a fun, trendy way to create a unique style. And periwinkle? Well, let's just say you have to have a whole lot of confidence and even more patience to pull this one off.

Gray Hair with Braided Double Buns

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Gray Hair with Braided Double Buns | Hairstyleonpoint.com

You have to be an experienced braider to accomplish this look on your own, but we're absolutely drooling over how it turned out. Jump over to this YouTube tutorial to learn how to replicate these adorable braided space buns.

Braided Crown Ponytail

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Braided Crown Ponytail | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Add a delicate braid to your high pony for a feminine, high-class touch. If you know how to braid, it's surprisingly not as complicated as it looks. For a bit more assistance, check out this tutorial.

Ballerina Bun with Long Bangs

25 Picture-Perfect Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts | Ballerina Bun with Long Bangs | Hairstyleonpoint.com

Hold up – if you don't want to chop off bangs like this just yet, we have a solution. Clip-on bangs look like the real thing and give you a chance to try out a dramatic hair change before actually going through with it. Find them from The Hair Shop.

Low Pony with a Bow

Posted by @luxyhair on Instagram

One of the most simple and quick Asian hairstyles is a low pony, wrapped in a bow. If you don't have hair quite this long, however, don't worry. You can fake it with hair extensions.


Can Asian hair be curly?

Yes, East Asians can have naturally curly hair or naturally loose waves. However, the majority of Asian girls have perfectly straight and glossy locks that can be only curled with styling tools.

Can you perm Asian hair?

Yes, if you choose the right type of perm for your Asian hair. The thing is classic ceramic perms and body perms don’t always work for Asian straight hair. However, the digital perm aka hot perm is exactly what your long hair needs. This is a Japanese invention made specifically for Asian hair. It allows you to wear the curls for up to 6 months on healthy hair.

Why does Asian hair grow fast?

The thickness of Asian hair is lower than Afro-Caribbean or Caucasian hair. They have the longest cycle of growth. Asian straight hair grows almost perpendicular to the scalp, the Asian hair cuticles are the thickest, thus, they have the longest cycle of growth (up to 9 years), the strongest hair, and eventually, it grows fast.

What’s the difference between Asian and Caucasian hair?

Asian hair is typically straight while Caucasian hair can be straight, curly, or wavy. The density of Asian hair is lower but it grows faster. As for hair color, Asian hair is usually either black or dark brown; Caucasian hair ranges from dark brown to red and blonde hues. Also, Asian hair goes grey later and sheds less. However, it can be a challenge to color Asian hair compared to Caucasian, also, the first is more prone to split ends and dryness.

Can you dye Asian hair without bleach?

Absolutely. But only if you don’t go too extreme with your new Asian hairstyle color. When it comes to the blonde, you’ll definitely need bleach because of the thicker cuticle and an innermost layer that's rich in dark pigment. However, there are a lot of less expressive but “safer” colors that don’t require bleach on your thin hair.

What hairstyle is best for Asians?

The best Asian hairstyles for women are the ones with tiny but sassy details: side parts and fades work magic thanks to the drastic contrast between the skin and dark hair. The best short Asian haircuts are pixie cuts and bobs with Asian bangs. Longer popular Asian hairstyles feature either wispy layers or subtle highlights that intensify the thickness of fine hair.

What is Korean haircut called female?

Probably, the most popular Asian hairstyles for girls are boyish pixies with side swept bangs. However, sleek fine layers on shoulder-length hair, and ombre or subtle highlights on Asian medium hairstyle are also among the favorites.

Will Asian hairstyles fit any hair type?

Since women’s Asian hairstyles are on top now, many girls wanna try them out. If your hair is similar to Asian texture (soft and straight), it won’t be a challenge. As for the other textures, they might require a dedicated amount of proper extra styling.

What face shape is best for Asian hairstyles?

Any face shape can find a great Asian hairstyle to suit it. Just like Caucasian and Afro-Caribbean hairstyles.

Why Asian hairstyles are so popular today?

Due to K-pop culture popularisation worldwide, everything related to its origins has become demanded, including a variety of Asian hairstyles. Besides, a classic Asian Hairstyle featuring sleek texture is trendy and can be pulled off with ease.

Can Asians have naturally blonde hair?

Since it’s genetically recessive trait, it’s a rare case but still happens. The only reason for Asians being blonde is genetic mutation and it happens at random and in very small numbers.

Does Asian hair need conditioner?

Since Asian hair easily loses moisture and more prone to damage, it's crucial to use hair conditioner and other hair care products to replenish moisture and nourish the hair.


We’ve placed pretty Korean hairstyle ideas, Chinese hairstyle options, and other popular hairstyles from Asia that can work for Asian and other hair types as well if properly styled. All the secrets are also in this guide, so mind them to achieve your perfect K-pop hairdo or a classic Asian style.

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