25 of the Best & Beautiful Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars

The beautiful people of Hollywood were out in full force Sunday night at the Academy Awards. Most people will focus on the fashion aspect of the awards, the fancy dresses, flashy jewelry, and unforgettable accessories. But there were more than a few stars who used the occasion to do something bold with their hairstyle. In fact, you can argue that the right hairdo can draw just as many "oohs" and "aahs" from the peanut gallery as a flashy dress. Of all the work that went into hair and makeup before the ceremony, here are 25 of the best hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars.

Glam and Bun - Sofia Carson

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Sofia Carson

This Disney Channel star may not have been a known figure by the entire Oscars audience, but she turned some heads on the red carpet. Her straight black hair looked shiny and gorgeous in the front, with an adorable bun in the back. But what really made her stand out was the diamond, leaf-shaped hair clip in back, which was one of the night's better hair accessories we saw Sunday night.

Big Brown Curls - Halle Berry

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Halle Berry


We've seen Halle Berry walk the Oscars red carpet on several occasions, and she almost always looks amazing. But this year's Oscars could be one of her most memorable appearances, and all because of her hair. Halle just let it all hang out with curls flying every which way, and she totally pulled it off. We're so accustomed to seeing her looking amazing with short hair that she almost hard to recognizable at first (at least I did a double take to make sure it was her). But it was indeed the former Oscar winner looking incredible with an unexpected but memorable hairstyle.

Pulled Back Headband - Ruth Negga


Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Ruth Negga

For her first ever Oscar nomination, Ruth Negga wanted to make a good impression with the Academy, and well, mission accomplished! She didn't try to do anything too extravagant; she just kept it simple and it worked perfectly. The ruby crown she wore in front stood out, as it matched her dress and earrings perfectly, helping pull her entire ensemble together. Even though she didn't win, Ruth looked great during the Oscars, and we can't help but look forward to seeing her on the red carpet in the future.

Elegant English Rose - Felicity Jones

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Felicity Jones

One-time Oscar nominee Felicity Jones didn't appear to be doing anything special with her hair at first glance, but when you saw it flowing off her shoulders in the back you thought differently. If you look at previous award shows, she doesn't always let her hair down, and the fact that she did at the Oscars didn't go unnoticed. Take a good look at her auburn hair cascading down amidst her white dress, and for a second you'll swear she looks like Cinderella on the way to the ball.

Ginger Glam - Emma Roberts

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Emma Roberts

Wow! That may be the word that best sums up Emma Roberts at the Oscars. We're used to seeing her with blonde hair, and there's even been a few times she's had dark hair, but this may be the first time we've ever seen the former Nancy Drew with red hair. It was a little shocking to see at first, but she definitely has the skin tone to pull it off, so she definitely made it work. With bright red lipstick and soft eye makeup, Emma went full ginger for the Oscars, and like it or hate it, it was definitely memorable.

Grunge and Glam - Kirsten Dunst

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Kirsten Dunst

Ms. Dunst certainly took a bold risk with her hairstyle at the Oscars this year. It's not even clear what she was going for with this look, as her hair is wild on one side but a little more conservative and restrained on the other. What saves her is that being bold and adventurous fits her personality, and for much of the night, she wore a fierce look on her face that made this unique hairstyle make sense.

Soft Curls - Taraji P. Henson

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Taraji P Henson

Taraji P. Henson has been crushing it on the red carpet all throughout awards season, and why shouldn't she be with all the attention her film Hidden Figures is receiving? For the Oscars, her dark hair with a tint of red looked fantastic, and she wore it well. Just check out the look on her face in this picture; it's a look of supreme confidence because she knows her hair looks amazing.

Crown on a Queen - Janelle Monáe

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Rather quietly, Janelle Monáe had one of the best years in film, having important roles in both Hidden Figures and the big winner of the night, Moonlight. With that in mind, there was pressure on her to bring it on the red carpet, and Janelle certainly did that. She almost went with a traditional Halle Berry look with her hair short, and to have the gold headband on top of that was spectacular. To be fair, it was hard to look away from Janelle's dress, which had to have been one of the more memorable from the night, but the gold headband definitely helped draw attention to what was one of the best hairstyles from the Oscars.

Platinum Pixie - Michelle Williams

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Michelle Williams

We should all be used to seeing Michelle Williams with short hair, but this may be her most sophisticated hairstyle yet. It was a no-nonsense hairstyle without being uptight, and the platinum blonde color certainly stood out. Sadly, Michelle didn't win the Oscar she has long deserved, but she was sporting the most beautiful pixie haircut the Oscars red carpet has seen in a long time.

Waves of Glory - Emma Stone

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Emma Stone

Long before she won for Best Actress, Emma Stone was already a winner for having one of the best hairstyles from the Oscars. The waves in her naturally red hair were a sight to behold. Seriously, was there anyone else in attendance that exemplified class and grace better than Ms. Stone? From the time she arrived to the time she stood at the podium accepting her award, Emma's hair was picture perfect and secretly the envy of almost every actress in attendance.

Messy Bun - Alicia Vikander

A year ago, so few people knew who Alicia Vikander was, but one after taking home an Oscar, there were a lot of eyeballs on her while she walked the red carpet. Serving only as a presenter on the evening, Alicia decided to keep things simple, merely putting her hair in a bun. Nevertheless, the Swedish beauty pulled it off, as she looked absolutely stunning.

Sassy Faux Hawk - Scarlett Johansson

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Scarlett Johansson

ScarJo is a veteran of the red carpet, so she's not afraid to be bold with her hairstyle, and once again she pulled it off joie de vivre. The hairstyle she chose was truly unique, with her bleached blonde hair spiked up in front, almost like she was trying to emulate Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris. Meanwhile, the sides and the back were cut tight, almost akin to a buzzcut. If she weren't wearing such an extravagant dress and jewelry, you'd almost expect her to jump on a surfboard or a skateboard. Instead, she was at the Oscars, where her hairdo was one of the most memorable.

Crowned Princess - Salma Hayek

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Salma Hayek

Simple and stylish was the look Salma Hayek was going for at the Oscars, and to no one's surprise she pulled it off with flying colors. Salma was one of several women who chose to wear some bling in her hair in the form of a silver headband. In her case, the headband helped give her a stoic look, one that exuded great class and confidence.

Crop Top - Viola Davis

Best Hairstyles of the 2017 Oscars - Viola Davis

One of the night's biggest winners also had one of the more memorable hairdos. We've seen Viola rock quite a few different hairstyles over the years, and this one may be one of her best. The layering in the front is nothing short of magnificent, and the tinge of red in her hair was perfect for complementing her red dress. In a way, her helped give her the perfect look for when she made her emotional acceptance speech.

Double Bun - Hailee Steinfeld

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Hailee Steinfeld

Young Ms. Steinfeld took the hair bun to the next level when she showed up with two hair buns in the back of her head. This was a much different look than what we're used to seeing from the young star, but there's no denying her hair dresser did an amazing job of taking a massive amount of hair and confining it to a small area. For Hailee, her hairstyle at the Oscars was bold and different, but she made it work for her, showing both creativity and some maturity.

Dreadlock Goddess - Ava Duvernay

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Ava Duvernay

Writers and directors don't always get a lot of attention on the red carpet, but you couldn't help but take notice of Ava Duvernay, who was nominated for her documentary 13TH. Her long dreadlocks hanging down were spectacular, especially with a hint of red in them. To be fair, that's her usual look, but even on a red carpet filled with established actresses, Ava managed to stand out.

Sleek and Shiny - Priyanka Chopra

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Priyanka Chopra

If you're not familiar with this Indian actress, you will be soon when she stars in the remake of Baywatch. You also may have noticed how stunning she looked at the Oscars. Her long locks flowed perfectly down her shoulders as she rocked a backless dress. It was a rather simple hairstyle with a deep abbreviated side parting, but it made her look absolutely stunning on the red carpet. A star in the making, people!

Short and Sweet - Brianna Perez

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Brianna Perez

You definitely never heard of Brianna Perez before the Oscars, but you had to have taken note of her on the red carpet. If you caught her in the documentary Joe's Violin, she looks quite young and not at all sure of what to do with the whole mess of hair on her head. But flash forward to Oscar night and she looked all grown up, in large part because of her hairstyle. She kept everything short and layered everything in front, and the results were phenomenal.

Spiraled Curls - Brie Larson

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Brie Larson

As an Oscar winner last year, there was some pressure on Brie to bring it this year now that she's in the spotlight, and she did not disappoint. Her usually straight hair was ditched in favor of amazing blonde curls. Sadly, she swept her hair back a bit to make it difficult to see, but if you caught a glimpse of it from behind or from the side, you would have seen some of the best curls of the night.

Modified Mullet - Charlize Theron

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Charlize Theron

We've seen Oscar winner Charlize Theron with short hair before, but never quite like this. She went extremely short in the front, but still managed to have her blonde hair look wavy, which is an interesting combination. Also, if you look closely, there's a bit of a pony tail in back. In a way, Charlize was almost sporting a modified mullet. Of course, when you've already won an Oscar, you're more likely to get away with things like that.

Hollywood Waves - Karlie Kloss

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Karlie Kloss

As you can imagine, supermodel Karlie Kloss was one of the more stunning women at the Oscars. Her hair is usually a hodgepodge of styles, but the way she wore it for the Academy Awards may be the best we've seen. The way her blonde curls cascaded down to her shoulders was absolutely breathtaking, helping her steal a lot of attention on the red carpet.

Loose and Luscious - Nicole Kidman

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Nicole Kidman

It doesn't get much classier than Nicole Kidman, and her hairstyle at this year's Oscars was no exception. Nicole may have had one of the more versatile haircuts at the Oscars. Part of her hair was tucked neatly away, part was allowed to hang down, and part was wrapped up into a neat bun in the back. As an actress, she can do it all, and the same can be said for her hair at the Oscars.

Free and Effortless - Chrissy Teigen

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Chrissy Teigen

When you show up on the arm of John Legend, you kind of have to bring it appearance wise, and that was no problem for Chrissy Teigen at the Oscars. Her hair was definitely one of her better features at the awards, especially when a little bit of hung down just in front of her eyes. That's a great look for her, and as a model, she had no problem pulling it off.

All That Shimmers - Olivia Culpo

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The former Miss USA and Miss Universe took a little risk with her look at the Oscars. But with her hair in a more sophisticated style, she definitely pulled off a more mature look than the teen beauty queen she used to be. The side-swept bangs ended up being a great choice for her, especially since it seemed to complement her purple eye makeup.

Crown of Braids - Mimi Valdes

Best Hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars - Mimi Valdes

Producers don't usually get a lot of time in the spotlight to show off their fashion creativity, but Hidden Figures producer Mimi Valdes took advantage of her opportunity. She took her gray/silver hair and turned it into a work of art. Her hair was essentially braided into a crown, creating one of the most distinguished hairstyles of the night. Sadly, Hidden Figures didn't win, but Mimi definitely made her presence known on the red carpet with her incredible hairstyle.