20 Beard Styles To Get You Through Winter 

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Updated 12-1-2018

A man's got to survive the winter somehow, right? Keep your face warm and look like a 10 all season long with these 20 trending beard styles. It's for the love of fashion and sensibility.

Pompadour with Short Beard

Posted on Instagram by @mattyconrad

What we love most about this look is that it's not too groomed. It's a little scruffy, a little sculpted, but it never looks like he's trying too hard. Ever.

High Fade with Long, Full Beard

20 Beard Styles To Get You Through Winter | High Fade with Long, Full Beard | Hairstyleonpoint.com
Posted on Instagram by @beardedlife_style

The high fade is one of the best looking men's hairstyles since the pompadour, but it looks even better with a well-groomed, thick beard.

Pro tip: If you have a rounder face, this look is for you. The height of the hair and the length of the beard work together to create the illusion of a longer, more defined face shape. No one has to know what you're hiding under there.

Man Bun with Medium-Length Beard

Posted on Instagram by @jake.taavi

We're convinced the man bun will never go away, so long as you pair it with a nicely-groomed beard, that is. It's up to you whether you stick with a little stubble or a full-blown Santa stache, but either way, we're all for it.

Red Hair with Beard

Posted on Instagram by @gwilymcpugh

You don't have to rock red hair to pull off this look, though it is a nice bonus.

Slicked Back Hair with Full Beard

Posted on Instagram by @barbersandbrews

If you've seen photos of Jake Gyllenhaal without a beard, you'll see exactly why it is so essential for men to at least test out the bearded life. It can take you from a baby face to a chiseled masterpiece, and who doesn't want that?

White Beard

Posted on Instagram by @scooby75

There's something distinguishing about a mismatched beard and haircut. It shows confidence and wisdom while still making a fashion statement. Well done.

Short Quiff with Long Beard

Posted on Instagram by @javi_thebarber_

Not everyone was blessed with thick tresses and an even thicker beard, but if you were, this look's for you.

Long Hair with Scruffy, Long Beard

There's nothing "pretty boy" about this look, which is probably why we love it so much. All we really have to say is if you've got a flow, let the beard grow.

Curly Long Hair with Short, Groomed Beard

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Want to know a secret? This is the same guy featured above with the man bun? He's a hair god, obviously.

Shaved Sides and Long, Thick Beard

Posted on Instagram by @ericbandholz

This look is an acquired taste, but we're all about the long, grizzly beard and man bun. And even if you can't (or don't want to) grow your beard that long, the shaved sides and long top haircut looks killer no matter what.

Short Cropped Cut with Disconnected Beard

Posted on Instagram by @maxvisual

The disconnected beard and fade is a chart-topping duo right now, creating a fashion-forward, yet masculine appearance for anyone who dares to try it. We love it with this short crop, but it looks just as good paired with any bald fade or buzz cut.

Messy Bun with Sculpted Beard

Posted on Instagram by @loriskarius

It takes some serious kahunas to rock a full-fledged messy bun like this, but with a full, sculpted beard, you really can't go wrong.

Short Slicked Back Cut with Full, Long Beard

Posted on Instagram by @christos.nakos

We recommend this slicked back do for guys who have receding hairlines. You can't tell in the photo, but it's buzzed on the sides and shorter than the average combover on top. The lack of hair looks intentional, not like a mid-life crisis.

Pompadour with Thick Mustache and Beard

Posted on Instagram by @adamjosephchase

It's all about the stache, right? This classic beard style pairs perfectly with a (barely) disconnected pompadour.

French Crop with Shaped Mustache and Beard

Photo credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

It's serious, it's distinguished – it's the French crop with a big ol' beard. Seen all over the runway in men's fashion, this haircut and beard style takes a certain amount of confidence and fashion sense to pull off, but we believe in you.

Just a Little Stubble

Posted on Instagram by @hawkinsbarbershop

Maybe you can't grow a full-blown beard or maybe you don't want to. Either way, the barely-there beard is never a bad idea, and some may consider it more professional and presentable if that's what you're into.


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