1950s Hairstyles That Rocked the World

Rock and roll was quickly becoming popular in the 1950s. The music style inspired many people, including those looking for a new hairstyle to try. Short hair was still the mainstream, but newer styles were coming into play. Many of these additional options added a bit of length to the hair, which is a nice change of pace from previous years. These 1950s hairstyles rocked the world.

The Pompadour

The pompadour was made famous by Elvis. The look includes no part. Instead, the hair is simply combed up off the forehead and sometimes styled slightly to the side. The rest of the hair is kept short, but the front of the hair standing up tall makes it appear longer and thicker.


Artful Wave

Many men chose the artful wave as their 1950 hair style. The hair would remain short and straight, with a simple wave added in somewhere. It was typically put within the bangs, creating a wave to the side or towards the back. Oil would make the wave stay in place throughout the day. Today's men can create this artful wave with the help of hair care products, and shave the sides to make the look truly stand out.


Slicked Sideways

Rather than everyone slicking their hair back like they had done for so many years, the new trend was to slick it sideways. This kept a similar look that still looked nice for events, yet it put a slight edge on it. It was just another way to create a more rocker look that was inspired by the music of the time period.


The Ducktail

The ducktail was named as such because of the way the back of the hair was cut and shaped. The back of the hair was kept short with a slightly longer section in the middle that made it resemble a duck's tail. The trend started in the 1940s, but became more popular in the 50s as more and more people began to choose it for their hair style option.


The Flip

The flip was another choice that started gaining popularity in the 50s. This hairstyle option involved medium length hair that was able to be flipped and shaped down and into the forehead. This was another rock and roll look that rockers began using.


Big changes were made in the 1950s when it came to hair. The short and straight styles still remained, but many chose to alter the styles to fit their tastes and inspirations.  Rock and roll was truly beginning to inspire change in a lot of people, including the 50s hairstyle men chose to incorporate in their looks. It paved the way for increased hairstyle risks in the future years, and more daring options.