1940s Hairstyles for Men

Published By Brooke
Updated 09-1-2016

1940s hairstyles finally started to see some increased length, but the looks were relatively unchanged for men from the previous decades. Short hair was the favored option, with heavy amounts of oil used to keep it in place. Slicked back and parted was still the common look.

Slightly Quiffed

Men in the 40s would slightly quiff their hair in an effort to add some dimension. The spot would only add an extra inch or so of length to the hair, but it was still something. The remainder would be short and straight, appearing unchanged from previous years.


Slicked Back

Hair was still often kept slicked back in the 1940s. The style seemed sophisticated and well-liked, so many men continued with the trend. Some simple oil would be spread through the hair to keep it back in place.


Nearly Medium Length

The length finally started to increase in the 40s. Rather than everyone having super short hair, the length increased nearly to medium. Most styles were still kept low and close, but some had increased length that added some dimension. It only included the top portion of the hair, not the back like many men choose today.


Small Part Only

One 40s hairstyle men chose was to have a small part only. Other styles saw a large, prominent part in the hair. This style had only a small portion of a part visible. It was a simple change, but enough to look like a different style altogether.


Short Curls

Although straight was the look, some men had curls that they could not help. They would be sure to keep their curls short and often matted down, so they did not stand out too much from the crowd. Curls were rarely seen in this and previous decades.


Left Thin

Men with a receding hairline had no choice but to leave their hair thin. Most of the time, there would be no hair on the forehead, and only some sitting at the back of the head. Men today who have a receding hairline that is uneven can cut their back like this so it is less to deal with.


While the 1940 hair style options did not vary greatly from previous years, it did pave the way for longer and more styled hair in the following years. Slight length was finally added to the previously super short look that men had to keep. Men today can use these 1940s hairstyles for inspiration to try out a different look for awhile. Low maintenance is required for all of these looks, which is nice change of pace from many hairstyles of today that require extra effort.

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