19 Amazing Beards and Hairstyles For The Modern Man

Published By Brooke
Updated 10-30-2014

Hey guys! Here I've gathered 19 inspirations of men with awesome beards and hairstyles. Below you will find everything from Man buns with beards to Undercuts with beards and many other hairstyles modern guys are pulling off. I hope it inspires you, enjoy.

1. Salt and Pepper Beard


A great looking "salt and pepper" colored beard with an amazing hairstyle. Make those greys work for you!

2. Wilderness


Man of the wild? You can't be a wilderness nut without a beard! This look is for all the true lumberjacks out there.

3. Cool as Ice


Ice cool and ready for anything. This great slicked back long hairstyle and beard will make you look bad, in a good way!

4. Silver Fox

6ac67bfc0a5ffda93361385b3bd2b88dRemember the salt and pepper beard? Well it's time for the full on salt now! Grey is a great and mature color, don't hide it, flaunt it!

5. Young and full of Soul

20bc29c0c1c73ec582ee27d322084b62Young guys are quickly learning the effects a nice bit of facial hair can have on the ladies. Don't pass this opportunity up guys!

6. Modern Lumberjack

39f6c7654148c503445dff7192e4f4a9Wanna look like a lumberjack but not do any of the wood work? The modern lumberjack is a look adopted by guys everywhere!

7. Man's Best Friend

53e71812992db6f48f5e403b77f4c2feNothing says manly man like a full bearded man with a suave slicked back haircut and in the company of man's best friend.

8. Wild

54adbb10debc5ae280964008e6e22675Wild and in style! Untamed beard and hair combo can look great, if it's intentional! Don't let it get too wild or else you will look unclean!

9. Buns and Beards

99fa9ca99d7455b91a5121c67b5b5745Man buns? Beards? Go together like peanut butter and chocolate – or jam, whichever one you prefer. Point being they go together GREAT!

10. Edgy

970d63f36c87cceeb994e7674da18d98Stone cold eyes and tattoos? Only one thing can make you look more of a bad ass…. a beard.

11. Biker


The modern cleaned up biker look. Sure to drive all the ladies crazy!

12. Hipster


Hipster at heart? This is an amazing look that not many guys can pull off! But if you can, you will look awesome.

13. Modern Man

315619777dc0d09e826ac33b674fde1eAre we going backwards in time? The modern man is shying away from clean and tidy to a rugged and wild look. We like it.

14. Country


Release your inner country boy with a cleaned up hairdo and a full thick beard. The best of both worlds!

15. Modern Man


Ladies does your "modern man" not have a beard? Than he's not very modern is he!

16. Samurai Bun


Is there a more bad ass warrior than the Samurai? Maybe the Viking. Coincidence they both have beards? I THINK NOT!

17. Dark and Denim

cf9d6b18096ed83cb72146bca2e052e6Beards just aren't for the wilderness nuts or the lumberjacks, fashionable guys are loving it to!

18. Business Ready


Take it easy on this one since not many business's love the beard. (But they'll come around – I hope!)

19. Billionaire



Nothing says Billionaire bad boy like a Dan Bilzerian style beard.

Enjoyed these hairstyles? Than you’re sure to enjoy more Beards!

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