41 Trendy Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

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Updated 06-10-2023

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Undercut with Spikes Hairstyles

Undercut with Spikes Hairstyles


Since short sides long top haircuts allow for endless experiments, this V-shaped spiky undercut can inspire you to create your perfectly unique long straight hairstyle.

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What do all trendy and popular male hairstyles have in common these days?Probably, the most obvious and outstanding feature that defines all the best men cuts is short sides and longer hair on top, usually crafted with sharp fade.However, there is another, even more fantastic thing about the undercut: it can be styled in lots of different ways from a classy slick back to a crazy spiky hawk. Moreover, the cut is equally popular among boys, teens, young guys, middle-aged and older men.Just keep short hair on the sides and long hair on the top, all the rest we’ve done for you: the most up-to-date collection of the best short sides long top hairstyles in 2023 is in the gallery below:

Fade on the Sides Long on Top

Fade on the Sides Long on Top@themainfadeAfro hair always works great in any haircuts for men with short back and sides, and a long top, which is supposed to keep some shape and texture. Natural curly Afro locks can look a bit fluffy, so just spread some hair gel all over your airy crown. Textured hair works magic in long hairstyles with mid-drop fade.

Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles

Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles@peppe_hair_stylistRock your “longer hair with short sides” hairstyle in any way, shape, and any color you like. White, black, green, blue, ball-shaped, square… - it’s completely up to you and your creativity. Such black and silver faux hawk with high taper fade can become your best short sides long top hairstyle.

Undercut with Spikes Hairstyles

Undercut with Spikes Hairstyles@hair_by_benjiSince short sides long top haircuts allow for endless experiments, this V-shaped spiky undercut can inspire you to create your perfectly unique long straight hairstyle.

Long Combover with Drop Fade

Long Combover with Drop Fade@sarto_hair_fukuyamaBesides being a cool slicked-back fohawk, this medium-length thick hair long top hairstyle with scissor fade is also a great way to carry out a comfortable transition from a shorter cut to a long hairstyle with natural volume.

Slicked Back Skin Fade

Slicked Back Skin Fade@mercuris_hair_designThis slicked back undercut makes a look with a significant contrast: extremely short and high skin fade and very long hair on the top. The crown is swept back with incredible volume and fixed with hair pomade for a glossy finish.This elegant cut, however, has lots of styling options - that’s why it’s one of the most popular hairstyles for men throughout the world today.

Long on Top Short on Sides

Long on Top Short on Sides@stavros.pap_cutzLook, how harmoniously this undone side-swept loose curls mane complements the traditional fade undercut. A small beard and a mustache can also spice up the undercut hairstyles for men.

Side-Parted Pompadour Style

Side-Parted Pompadour Style@heartcutz_bbsA Side part, faded sides, and perfect pomp makes this short sides long top hairstyle for special occasions. Get the sides shaved into the extreme low fade, throw in some edgy hairlines, and sweep the crown to the side with a comb and some styling product to form a smooth clean pompadour.

Tapered Pompadour Hairstyles

Tapered Pompadour HairstylesdutchbarbersconnectIf you are completely into experiments, you can go further with your pompadour and give it a retro twist with this long taper fade and a hipster mustache. Challenge yourself and create this refreshing style to enjoy your brand-new unique look!

Messy Side Part Men’s Hairstyles

Messy Side Part Men’s Hairstyles@headsupbarbershop.hnThis disconnected medium-length side-part hairstyle is meant to break hearts. Despite it may resemble a bed head, you’ll never achieve this messy but elegant look with dirty and uncombed hair. Wash your hair, blow-dry it, and create movement atop with a texturizing spray.

Textured Hairstyles with Bangs

Textured Hairstyles with Bangsindiman__To get this Caesar-inspired look to sweep the long hair on the top forward, layering it on the forehead. Such extreme long top haircuts look great on slim and well-built men, especially the ones with prominent and strong jawline and cheekbones. Textured hairstyles with bangs are also great for men with high foreheads, and are perfectly complemented with beard styles.

Short Back and Sides Long on Top Haircut

Short Back and Sides Long on Top Haircut@homieshrctHere is another variation of styling you long hair on top of the head. Start it smooth, comb forward, and finish with a disheveled front hawk.

The Modern Bowl Haircut

The Modern Bowl HaircutmanweeLike playing with the shapes and trends? If yes, you should definitely try a modern edition of bowl hairstyle at least once in a lifetime. It works best for men with naturally straight hair.

Short Side Swept Men’s Hair

Short Side Swept Men’s Hair@tandreevriyandiAdd disorder all over your long top hairstyles: partially spiky, partially sleek, a bit undone, with an unusual artistic hairline. The taper fade allows to build whatever shape you want.

Flat Pomp with Side Part Hairstyles

Flat Pomp with Side Part Hairstyles@tuffkan4kIn spite of the fact the flattop was initially invented for curly Afro hair, it has become extremely popular for straight hair styling too. For example, this short sides long top flattop works great for thick straight hair. Of course, European hair requires much more time and efforts to be fixed like this, but it is worth it!

Piecey Bedhead Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Piecey Bedhead HairstyleshairbykedrianaLucky guys with naturally curly hair and wavy hair can do nothing to get this sexy look. However, even if your hair is straight, you can easily get such piecey bedhead undercut. All you need is a curling iron or a flat iron, some styling product, and just a bit of patience.

Short on Sides Medium on Top Haircut

Short on Sides Medium on Top Haircut@alexeasycutBuzzed sides and medium top with long and thick hair can be styled into a high fade with natural texture flow, swept to the front. This easy but trendy haircut will add 100 extra points to your charm and attractiveness.

Brushed Over Short Sides Long Top Haircuts for Men

Brushed Over Short Sides Long Top Haircuts for Men@ciaonew_hairDon’t wanna do anything over and extra? Brush over your long hair to one side and enjoy an everyday casual look.

Faux Hawk with Tip Hairstyles

Faux Hawk with Tip Hairstyles"moohammad_hamzeTo achieve a high volume faux hawk, use a blow dryer and a round brush. Dry the long hair on top of your head up and back to end up with this terrific variant of the trendiest short sides long top hairstyles.Play with color highlights and shaved-in design on the sides for that unique vibe.

Textured Quiff Hairstyles

Textured Quiff Hairstylesfader_cutzWanna add some drama to your bald look? Mess up the hair on top with some texturizing spray, make sure that the sides are not too short, but still edgy enough, ask your barber to play with your beard too - and voila: one of those unforgettable short sides long top haircuts is done.

Wavy Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Wavy Hairstylesfader_cutzAnother appropriate name for this wavy short sides long top cut is “party at the front, business at the back”. The thing is the length of the crown is increasing from the back part of the hawk to the front. Thus, the messiest part is right above the forehead, while the back hair part is classic and short.

The Blown Back

The Blown Back· _hairbybenWith slicked-back hair on top, you have a lot of freedom in terms of styling. You can make a hard part on the side or slick it all the way back. Find the look that works for you.

Long in Front Short in Back Haircuts for Guys

Long in Front Short in Back Haircuts for Guyszigzaghair_towcesterCheck out this super-simple and casual style for daily wear. Have your hair in the back part cut short and sweep it forward while blow-drying.

Short Sides with Bangs/Fringe

Short Sides with Bangs or FringeigorhosouzaBangs can look boring and old-fashioned, but if styled right, such modern Caesar with shaved sides will leave no one indifferent. Moreover, it will come in handy when you’ll find your first bald spots and wanna hide them.

Silky Pompadour with Faded Sides

Silky Pompadour with Faded Sidesbadabing_barbershopGive your pompadour some freedom: fill it with air and movement, but still keep it in shape.

Textured Crop with Wavy Fringe

Textured Crop with Wavy FringemvsonthebarberThere are no rules for this one as it is a freestyle. Feel free to create whatever you want: irregular shapes, dyed highlights, various “uncommon” twists. But do remember that the “short sides long top” hairstyle has much more field for your imagination than any other style.

Short Sides with Brushed Back Front

Short Sides with Brushed Back Front_haircreationz_Buzz sides and brushed back front hair perfectly combines with a well-groomed beard.

Longer Haircut with High Drop Fade

Longer Haircut with High Drop Fadecasperthebarber__This crazy head of curls is cool, natural, attractive. There’s no reason to try to hide your natural curls in super short buzz cuts. This is one of the thousands of great options for curly hair. And it’s amazing!

Shaved on Sides Long on Top Hair

Shaved on Sides Long on Top HairlaurenfinleyhairHere is another one-size-fits-all undercut for a man of any age, with any face shape, and hair type.

Shaved Sides Messy Pomp Hairstyle

Shaved Sides Messy Pomp HairstyletheashparlorThis pompadour is messy in its unique perfectionist manner. Bored of ideal meticulously crafted styles? Change the rules of the game.

Military-Inspired Haircuts

Military-Inspired HaircutsoopshairshopEven though military cuts are generally very short, this longer twist is no worse than a more traditional style.

Trendy Quiff with Dry Texture

Trendy Quiff with Dry Texturefader_cutzWhat makes this upswept quiff with dry texture so outstanding? The hard part on the side and an artistic fade. This element makes the trendy quiff different from others.

Neat Drop Fade with Sharp Line Up

Neat Drop Fade with Sharp Line Updelabaykutz_lbLow ear fade is blending into a long crown full of spikes. This spiky short sides long top hairstyle is great for men with thick and rich hair. Light stubble is another important component of the whole image.

High Fade with Thick Textured Spiky Hair

High Fade with Thick Textured Spiky Hair@angel.the_barberThis spiky green hawk with short sides is a hairstyle for guys who love standing out of the crowd. Trendy taper fade design and a messy crown look cool in full. The only thing to bear in mind is to keep the top hair fresh and spiky all the time.

Short Sides Very Long Top

Short Sides Very Long TopboldisbetterbabyAnd what about this non-classical twist on the classic short sides and long top style? Experiments with the length of the top make the look creative and unique. Adding blonde highlights gives extra brightness. The braid is another refreshment making the old good hairstyle look brand new.

Wild Side Part Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Wild Side Part Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles@ali_bar.berThe sides are trimmed into a mid-fade, the long top is upswept, the double side parting is the key detail that changes the rules of the game.

Mid Skin Fade with Thick Comb Over

Mid Skin Fade with Thick Comb Over@mens.hairstylesWith this thick comb-over hairstyle, you’ll look super cocky! A fantastic sleek comb at the top is highlighted with the sharp buzz line on the side. This hairstyle is a true masterpiece meant for a heartbreaker with long hair.

High Bald Fade with Part and Quiff

High Bald Fade with Part and QuiffmodernfreshfadesThis undercut with high skin fade is full of passion and rebellion. Just look at that big difference the edgy side part makes.

Fade with Long Hair on Top

Fade with Long Hair on TopmemzcutsSalt and pepper hair also looks win-win in an undercut. Keep the sides neat and short, and sleek back the longer top gracefully.

Slicked Back Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Slicked Back Hair with Disconnected UndercutemilydidthathairHaving rocked an extreme cut with high bald sides like this, you have to be ready for more regular visits to your barber. Yes, it’s a challenge to keep those sides always clean, but it’s really worth it. BTW, a creative beard will help to frame a face and complete this wild image.

How to Style Hair Short Sides Long Top?

How to Style Hair Short Sides Long Top?How to Style Hair Short Sides Long Top?As we’ve already mentioned before, short sides long top hairstyles can be styled in lots of different ways. And the huge variety of pictures in our gallery only proves it.So, here is your step-to-step guide for any occasion:
  1. Wash your hair
  2. Blow-dry it (choose the technique basing on the look you want to get: use a round brush to give extra volume to the hair on top for a pomp or a comb-over, comb the hair forward or to the side for a Caesar-inspired look or side part, comb through your crown with fingers in multiple directions if you’re looking forward to a messy finish).
  3. Use the best hair product for your purpose (texturizing spray to visually thicken your hair, add some movement or disorder; hair mousse for tight spiky hairstyles and flat tops; hair gel for side-swept or slicked back smooth and glossy result).
Long top and short sides are the most versatile and multifaceted hair solution you have ever tried. Don’t miss the opportunity to be different every day with this untrivial and unboring haircut.


What is long hair on top and short sides called?

If the hairstyle features one-length closely shaved sides and back and longer hair on top, it’s called an undercut. However, if the short sides fade gradually, the hairstyle can also be called a high fade haircut, low fade haircut, mid fade, or taper fade. Also, a hairstyle can be called based on the top style: a classic pompadour, a faux hawk, etc.

What hairstyles are best for men with cowlicks?

Men with a cowlick often look for a sharp contrast in their style, so that they opt for short sides long top hairstyles. The central section is rather long and features the desired texture, while the sides are buzzed into a very low-maintenance neat look.

What should I tell my barber if I want short sides and back and long top?

Don’t just say something like “short on the sides, long on the top.” - that’s not enough for a hairstylist to give you your dream haircut. Be specific about how you want your hair to look. If you know, mention the specific number of the clippers or inches of hair length, also, say if you want a natural or blended transition on shorter hair, what outcome do you expect to get on top. If you’ve saved some pics of mens haircut short sides long top from the gallery, show them as a reference.

How do you blend long top with short sides?

Generally, it’s much better to entrust the blending of long top with short sides to a professional barber. Although there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube, we would insist on you getting your trendy style at the barber’s.

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