12 Dye-Worthy Hair Colors For Winter 2019

Winter means hunkering down in your favorite pair of PJs and waiting until the snow stops falling before the stepping foot outside. And, while we love a good sweatpant, we know that by May we're all going to be looking like pasty-skinned vampires. So if you want to avoid the dreaded winter washout, we suggest changing your hair color to something that compliments your winter skin tone a little better.


1. Ombré With a Subdued Twist

Dark coloring fades into lighter tips with this ombré, but the ends are just a few shades lighter than your starting shade. The color at the ends adds warmth and interest to your winter look in an understated way. There are so many shades of hair color to choose from that autumn, winter, spring, and summer skin tones can all look equally fabulous with this versatile look.


2. Honey Blonde

Posted by Beyonce on Instagram


Largely made famous by the likes of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, honey blonde is a surprisingly versatile hair color. It works for natural blondes who want to go darker but not brunette, and it's a natural choice for brunettes who want to go lighter but not platinum blonde. For warmer skin tones, honey blonde is an especially flattering choice.


3. Platinum Blonde

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The long-time choice of fashionable women around the world, platinum blonde always makes a bold statement. Celebs who have worn this shade run the gamut from Christina Aguilera all the way to celebs with warmer tones like Kim Kardashian and Zoe Kravitz. With platinum blonde as your chosen hair color, you'll have an instantly polished look.


4. Chestnut Brown

Posted by Glenn Francis

Chestnut brown is a staple hair dye color across skin tones and ethnicities because frankly, it works. It's not too harsh so it flatters virtually all skin tones from the very deep to the very pale while easily accommodating individuals who want to add highlights or to dye their hair again in the spring. What's not to like about this shade brown?


5. Balayage

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If you're unfamiliar with the term "balayage", rest assured that you're in good company. Balayage is the word that celebrities and hair colorists use to describe highlights that are so subtle they could have come from spending time in the sun. Not everybody wants to make a bold hairstyle changes in the winter, and that's okay. Balayage is a winter trend that allows you to refresh your hair without making a total overhaul.


6. Blonde Highlights

Posted by Ciara (@ciara)

Who says that you have to wait until summer to go all out on the blonde highlights? This high contrast look helps frame the face while adding an added dash of color. Plus it has the added advantage of never going out of style throughout the year.


7. Good Old-Fashioned, Black


While past trends saw women dying their hair an unnaturally deep jet black, in the winter of 2017, don't be surprised if you see more and more people opting for a more natural-looking black color. It makes the dye job less obvious while also flattering skin tones that would otherwise look washed out with the jet black hair. If black goes with everything, this natural black hair shade makes it easier to experiment with darker colors.


8. Reds and Coppers

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As far as hair colors go, red hair is as distinct as it gets. With bold and brassy undertones that flatter warmer skin tones as well as cooler hues that complement cool skin tones, there are shades of red and copper to suit everyone. This is a color that instantly infuses color and excitement into your everyday look. If you do opt for reds and coppers, it is recommended that you have a professional do the color for you unless you're very experienced. We wouldn't want you to accidentally dye your hair pink!


9. Deep, Dark Brown

Posted by Selena Gomez on Instagram

These glossy and deep brunette colors are often just a few shades lighter than black. As has been amply demonstrated by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Mandy Moore, and Selena Gomez in the past, this hair color is rich and complementary to a wide range of skin tones while being particularly striking on its own merits. This dark brunette is a sure way to turn heads this winter. Plus, we are just completely crushing on Selena's new haircut.


10. Babylights

Posted by Chrissy Rasmussen on Instagram

Babylights are a quick way to update your hairstyle for the winter with frosted highlights and a splash of color. The difference between these and regular highlights is that babylights have two or more highlight shades over top of a single color base. This style will refresh your overall look for the winter and is guaranteed to complement your look because the highlight shades never stray too far from the base shade.


11. Blue Highlights

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As far as unusual highlight colors go, dark blue is the shade that has been picking up momentum in recent months. For starters, the relative rarity of blue highlights allow this particular look fall firmly under the "non-conformist self-expression" category. At the same time, the choice of dark blue is still subdued enough against black that it can be worn in a variety of personal and professional settings. This unusual combination makes the dark blue highlights a refreshing hair color option across skin tones and ethnicities.


12. Go metal... lic, metallic

Going metallic means a few things:

  1. Your hair will be shinier looking than ever - so say goodbye to dull winter locks.
  2. It's hard to wash out your complexion with a color so shimmery.
  3. I mean. Just look at it.
  4. It comes is dazzling colors that are reminiscent of Disney Princesses that are impossible to find without going metallic.

There is nothing about this new hair trend that we don't love. In fact, we love it so much, we wrote an entire guide on metallic hair dye.


When it comes to selecting hair colors, the options are endless. However, during the winter months, it's not unusual for skin tone changes to require special considerations where hair color is concerned. Combine any one of these hair colors with a flattering haircut for a flawless look this winter.