10 Beard Styles for 2021

Published By Brooke
Updated 01-1-2021

Beards are still a huge trend amongst guys and they're only getting better as time goes on. With 2021 here many dudes are wondering what the latest beard styles are and how they can grow similar beards. We've gathered 10 amazing facial hair styles for you to get inspired.

1. Medium Hair & Beard

long hair beard


Nothing looks better with a nice medium flow than a nice thick beard!

2. Long Hair & Beard


Mens-messy-curly-hair1Long hair and beards go together like peanut butter and jelly. Be careful to maintain that mane though!

3. Top Knot & Beard


vikingCan you even rock the top knot without a beard? If a guy puts his hair in a top knot and no one else is around to see it, does he have a beard? Who knows.

4. Man Bun & Beard


Man bun's are the more mature brother of the top knot. They have more experience and are better acquainted with their friends from the south. (The Beard).

5. Thick Beard


If you have those thick beard genetics and are not utilizing them, shame on you! (Just kidding, but no really grow a beard).

6. Smart Business Beard


Who says beards aren't business professional? They well likely can be! Now if I can just convince my boss…

7. Hipster Beard


Legend says every time you shave your beard you can hear a hipster scream. Save the hipster, stop shaving your beard!

8. Winter Beard


Keeps you warm. It's fashion it's function. What more can you ask for?

9. Tattoos & Beard

tumblr_nh0tz5jyEm1u6n0rqo1_1280Nothing says bad ass like some tats and a beard. Are you missing out on potentially raising your bad ass level?

10. Stubble


We get it, not every dude can or wants to rock a beard, but at least go with a stubble man! You will still look manly! Kinda sorta.
Enjoyed these hairstyles? Than you’re sure to enjoy these beard styles!

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