5 Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2017

It’s almost time to shed the pea coats and beanies in favor of sunglasses and a fresh haircut. Summer is my favorite time of year because I can rock short and trendy haircuts without freezing my butt off. Here is some hairstyle ideas for summer 2017.

1. Buzzed Skin Fade

buzz cutt

A great look and very convenient when the weather gets scorching hot. Easy to maintain and looks great with stubble or a beard. Make sure you check out our tips for pulling off a buzz cut.

2. Low Fade + Volume Top

hairstyle for men

A low fade on the sides with a ton of volume on top. A great summer look because the weather wont mess up your voluminous brushed back hair!

3. Side Swept

side haircut mens

Keep it clean and classy with a modern side sweep! You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle, keep the top at least 4 inches and have the sides and back tapered and shortened to a 2 or lower.

4. Side Part Pompadour

cool hairstyle summer

A classic men’s hairstyle that requires steady hands and a great barber. If you got a barber that is skilled definitely ask him for a modern side part pompadour with a low fade, it looks amazing.

5. Messy Spikes

summer hairstyle for men 2017

We’re seeing a lot more spiky hairstyles making a comeback thanks to trendsetters like Zayn Malik. Get the sides down to a 1 at a medium high length, keep the top long and make sure you got some long lasting pomade to hold the spikes!

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